June 2018: Evangelicals and Israel
May 2018: A Jew, a Christian and the Emperor: How a Picture and Providence Changed History
April 2018: A Jew and a Christian: How Together They Changed History
March 2018: God's Greatest Sign to This Generation
February 2018: Israel's Most Controversial Film: "A New Spirit"
January 2018: Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel
December 2017: IstandwithIsrael: Helping to Build Israel's Messianic Community
November 2017: Birthing Israel, Changing History: The Balfour Declaration
October 2017: Is President Trump a Cyrus?
September 2017: Ending the Famine
August 2017: My Meeting with Moses, an Ultra-Orthodox Jew
July 2017: Everything You Need to Know About Jerusalem!
June 2017: Celebrating Jerusalem's 50th Year Jubilee
May 2017: How to Destroy the Struggling Arab Christian Community: Create a Palestinian State
April 2017: Anti-Semitism: Where Did it Come From?
March 2017: Is God Giving America a Second Chance?
February 2017: Settlements: The Truth, Not Fiction
January 2017: Trump, God and Israel
December 2016: A testimony of a gentile Church Standing with Israel
November 2016: The Miracle Of Israel
October 2016: Aide to Hillary Clinton Huma Abedin's Other Life
September 2016: Celebrating 40 Years of Ministry in Israel
August 2016: When Islam Doesn't Fulfill The Need: A Tale Of Two Brothers
July 2016: Messianic Jews in the Market Place: A Modern Day Miracle In Israel
June 2016: "Christ at the Checkpoint" Palestinian Christians Target Western Evangelicals
May 2016: Messianic Soldiers in the Israeli Army: Bolder than ever about their Faith
April 2016: A word for America in 2016 "Return to your Calling"
March 2016: Where did the Palestinian People come from?
February 2016: Britain's Muslim Population to be 26 Million by 2051
January 2016: It's Not Isis, It's Islam
December 2015: Let's Celebrate!
November 2015: A New and Different Europe
October 2015: How Should We Respond? The Gay Life
September 2015: Iran: The Great Debate
August 2015: Can the War Against America Be Turned Around?
July 2015: One more weapon in the war against Israel BDS
June 2015: Hours after the Earthquake...Israeli first responders rush to Nepal
May 2015: Six Nation Treaty with Iran: What Does it Mean?
April 2015: Is It a Religion of Peace? Original Islam
March 2015: Muslims Invite Christians to Come Together
February 2015: The Goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in America
January 2015: Islam In the American Government: The Plan
December 2014: A Modern Day Miracle that Saved Tel Aviv
November 2014: United Nations Humanitarian Aid: It's NOT all the Same
October 2014: Hamas Is ISIS... ISIS Is Hamas
September 2014: How Hamas Wins the War - Every Time
August 2014: The Middle East is Burning
July 2014: Why Negotiate?
June 2014: Why Middle East Peace Talks Broke Down... Again
May 2014: The UN and Human Rights: A Kangaroo Court
April 2014: Israel and the Church
March 2014: "Through Fire and Water, Canada Will Stand With You"
February 2014: Who Lived In the Holy Land First?
January 2014: The Prince of Persia Rises Again
December 2013: Because of You - There Is Hope!
November 2013: The Death of the Jewish State?
October 2013: Muslim Arabs and Democracy
September 2013: Palestinians Deserve Justice
August 2013: Oh No! Not the Middle East Again!
July 2013: Have You Ever Thought About All the Jews Who Did Follow Yeshua 2000 Years Ago?
June 2013: Ari - A Father In the Faith
May 2013: The Article I Didn't Write
April 2013: Understanding the Holocaust Is Understanding Israel
March 2013: Our Number One Reality Show: Israel's Democracy
February 2013: Hamas' Covenant With Death
January 2013: According to International Law: Is Israel Illegal?
December 2012: What to Buy Yeshua for His Birthday?
November 2012: Israel's Dilemma: To Strike Or Not To Strike - That Is the Question
October 2012: Banning Circumcision: The Strangest Weapon Yet Against the Children of Israel
September 2012: Yes You Can! Fighting For What's Right
August 2012: In Israel: Yeshua Is Never Far Away
July 2012: Who Dunnit? Greatest Cyberattack Ever
June 2012: The Tests and Trials of Benjamin Netanyahu
May 2012: Former Muslim Bears the Marks of the Messiah
April 2012: The Latest Weapon Against Israel: Palestinian Christianity
March 2012: Why Syria's Assad Can't Stop Killing His Own People
February 2012: Doing what is Right in One's Own Eyes: When Religious Law Becomes Lawlessness
January 2012: The End of the Age
December 2011:
November 2011: In the Middle East: Severe Mistakes
October 2011: What Does the UN Have Against Israel?
September 2011: How to Lose and Still Come Out a Winner: Palestinain State
August 2011 - Should Sunday Become a Day of Rest for Israelis?
July 2011 - When Israel Becomes a Light to the Nations
June 2011 - Palestinians Gear Up to Obtain Their Statehood From the U.N.
May 2011 - Of Tragedy and Punishment: Why Japan?
April 2011 - The Strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood: Not Just Egypt
March 2011 - The Quest: Seeking Democracy, Heading for Caliphate
February 2011 - Former Gang Members, Drug Addicts and Abuse Victims Lead Us to the Feet of Yeshua
January 2011 - A Fire on Elijah's Mountain
December 2010 - Practical Issues: How to Pray for the Apple of His Eye
November 2010 - You Can't Fight an Enemy that Doesn't Exist
October 2010 - Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?
September 2010 - Around and Around we go Again: The Battle of the Tree
August 2010 - A Palestinian Goes Rogue
July 2010 - The Hamas Peace Activists
June 2010 - God, the Western Wall and the Volcano
May 2010 - America: Israel's Last Ally. Or Was.
April 2010 - Latest Islamic Strategy: Shout Them Down
March 2010 - From the Heart of Israel
February 2010 - Obama's Call for Settlement Freeze: Heating Up the Boiling Pot
January 2010 - World Jewry's Greatest Threat Yet? Assimilation
December 2009 - Alleged Terrorist Arrested, admits Placing Bomb at Ortiz Home
November 2009 - Goldstoned
October 2009 - My Lebanese Love Story
September 2009 - When Fear is no Longer There
August 2009 - Where did Michael Jackson go?
July 2009 - Barack Obama Sees Jewish Settlements as Key to World Peace
June 2009 - Spain: One More Nation Takes on Israel
May 2009 - Bibi's Mission Impossible
April 2009 - I Remember!
March 2009 - Israeli Politicians try to Put Together a Coalition
February 2009 - This War has been Infuriating
January 2009 - Maoz Annual Report
December 2008, The Tragedy of George W. Bush
November 2008, An Israeli View: Explaining the Economic Crisis
October 2008, Soldier's Stories
September 2008, Israeli Journalist Infiltrates Tiferet Yeshua Congregation
August 2008, But he shall be Saved out of it... "Jacob's Trouble"
July 2008, The Best Self-Improvement Program I've Ever Had
June 2008, Persecution Against Israeli Believers Turns Lethal
May 2008, Israel at 60: Blinded in Part, Sees in Part
April 2008, Earthquake. The "Big One" is on its Way
February 2008, What was and what will be: Israel in 2008
January 2008, U.S. says Teheran is not making a bomb. Iran: As Israel sees it.
December 2007, A Hanukkah Story
November 2007, Another International Peace Conference: What Will Be the Outcome?
October 2007, My Meeting with Prime Minister Golda Meir
September 2007, Demographics: It's All About Numbers
August 2007, It's All About Worship
July 2007, Israel's Generals Are Asking: Is Syria Planning to Start a War?
June 2007, Jerusalem: 40 Years in the Hands of The Jewish People
May 2007, Searching for No One
April 2007, The Bridge to the Mount of God
March 2007, Israel: The State of Affairs
February 2007, The Battle Over Civil Rights in Israel: Can Messianic Jews Own Businesses?
January 2007, Israel in Preparation for Her Day of Salvation - One Year Closer to the Coming of Our Messiah
December 2006, Why is Meir Smiling?
November 2006, Special 30 Years Anniversary Edition
October 2006, The Nahums - A Family's Journey to Messiah
September 2006, Lebanon Photos: You Can Hardly Believe Your Eyes
August 2006, Will Israel Succeed?
July 2006, Impeccable Logic, Clear Intentions
June 2006, Seven Deadly Sins That Will Bring Judgment Upon Israel - Part III
May 2006, Israel's New Goverment: Where is it Going?
April 2006, Seven Deadly Sins That Will Bring Judgment Upon Israel
March 2006, Who is Hamas?
February 2006, Ex-Fatah Fighter for Yasser Arafat Asks Forgiveness
January 2006, As The World Turns... Against Israel
December 2005, Finding Yeshua in the Holy Land
November 2005, Public Persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel Most Serious Since Founding of the State
October 2005, Are They Related? Judgement & Catastrophe - When the Earth Experiences Your Judgments
September 2005, How We See It
August 2005, Leaving the Dream Behind
July 2005, "Disengagement" Q & A (From the Bible and Facts on the Ground)
June 2005, Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods
May 2005, A Muslim from Galilee Meets Another Galilean
March 2005, Cleansing Streams Flow in Tel Aviv
February 2005, Mahmoud Abbas Wins the Palestinian Election... Now What?
January 2005, A new Generation of Messianic Leaders in Israel
December 2004, Bin Laden's Inspiration
November 2004, A New Challenge for the U.S. President: A Different Europe
October 2004, The Most Powerful Man in the World: What Power Does He Really Have?
September 2004, Why Hollywood Hates Christianity
August 2004, Multiplication Through Small Group Study Trip
July 2004, God Has Not Forgotten the Arabs!
June 2004, Praying for Israel: How?
May 2004, Why Does the World Hate Jews?
April 2004, Why Jews are Afraid of Jesus
March 2004, Have You Ever Thought About All The Jews Who Did Follow Yeshua 2000 Years Ago?
February 2004, Israel and Her Friends: "Now Everything Has Changed"
January 2004, The Youth & Children of Congregation Tiferet Yeshua - Tel Aviv, Israel
December 2003, Yes to the Fence
November 2003, Some Tough Numbers
October 2003, Miracles can come in beautiful packages
September 2003, Christian Zionism: Israel's Best Weapon?
August 2003, The Psychology of Bombardment: WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?
July 2003, The death of a Road Map
June 2003, A Watchman for a Nation
May 2003, War with the Ghost of Nebuchadnezzar
April 2003, Why is God Allowing this War?
March 2003, Speaking of the Unspeakable
February 2003, All Eyes on Iraq While "Quartet" Make Plans to Divide Up Israel
December 2002, Evidence for the Existence of Yeshua?
November 2002, Israel's Reality Checks and Israel's Reality Friend
October 2002, My Story: To Hell and Back
September 2002, Birthing
August 2002, Making Peace in the Middle East: Whose Capital, Jerusalem?
July 2002, Locked Up in America
June 2002, Why Not Investigate?
May 2002, Here it Comes Again: The Latest Form of Anti-Semitism
April 2002, War-Weary Israel:A Nation Losing Ground
March 2002, Better than Hollywood
February 2002, Understanding the Language of Islam
December 2001, Loving the Muslims, Hating the Spirit of Islam
November 2001, What could God be Saying?
October 2001, What the Free World doesn't know about Terrorism
August 2001, The UN: the Arab's Latest Instrument of Choice for Israel's Demise
July 2001, When Bombs Explode Around You...
May 2001, The Rewriting of Jewish History Palestinian Style
April 2001, Why There Will be No Peace
February 2001, Israel- A Thorn in the Side of the World's News Media
January 2001, Palestine is a Myth
December 2000, Israel: God's Blueprint for The Nations
November 2000, The Nightmare of War Closes In
August 2000, A Story of Two Widows
December 1998, God is Alive and Well in Tel Aviv!
November 1998, What Went Wrong with the Oslo Accords?
October 1998, The Intricacies of Passing a Law in Israel
September 1998, Preparing for a Palestinian State
August 1998, Inside the Israeli Soul
July 1998, New Israeli Bill Before the Knesset: Three Years in Jail for Preaching
June 1998, Israeli Newspapers Carry Ads of Messianic Jews
May 1998, The 50th Year:The Year of Jubilee
April 1998, The Palestinian Authority: Getting Ready for War with Israel
March 1998, Strategy for the Final Battle: The Soul of Israel
February 1998, Evangelicals Donate Millions to Jewish Agency
January 1998, Vision For the Future
December 1997, Israel's Messianic Jews are Increasing Despite Persecution
August 1997, Israeli Parents Grieve For Children "Lost to Orthodox Judaism" (Continued from last month)
July 1997, Orthodox Jews Become Aggressive Missionaries to Israelis
June 1997, Israel Moves Closer to the Day of Her Salvation
May 1997, Israeli Orthodox Delegitimatize 90% of North American Jewry
April 1997, Israeli Believers Threatened - Attempt to Outlaw Messianic Jewish Faith
December 1996, What Jewish People Don't Know Verses That Every Jew and Christian Should Know
November 1996, The Battle for Jerusalem has Begun
October 1996, One Year Old and On the Way!
September 1996, A Personal Appeal for Intercessors
August 1996, What is Lacking Before Revival Can be Sustained in Israel?
July 1996, We Have a New Prime Minister!
June 1996, Attacked from an Unexpected Source
May 1996, War Again in Israel
April 1996, The Despair Deepens
March 1996, It's time for another wave of Messianic Jews to Immigrate to Israel
February 1996, Israel Media Reminds Arafat: "Jesus Belongs to Us"
January 1996, Israel's Generation X Being Prepared for Revival
October 1990, Living 250 Miles from Saddam Hussein
August 1990, Personal Victories in Our Lives
July 1990, Questions that Christians Ask About Jews
June 1990, Should Jewish Believers Immigrate to Israel?
May 1990, What Socialism Has Done To Israel Part II
April 1990, What Socialism Has Done to Israel
March 1990, The Making of an Israeli Learning Institute for Messianic Jews
February 1990, The Right of Messianic Jews to Immigrate to Israel
January 1990: Who Will be the Greatest in the Kingdom of God, Israel of the Church? Part II
December 1989, An "80's Report"
October 1989, Who Will Be the Greatest in the Kingdom of God - Israel or the Church?
September 1989, Why Christians Should Help Israel
August 1989, The Ingathering of Russian Jewry to Israel
July 1989, Prying Open the Gates of Israel to Receive All Jews
June 1989, The Gravest Danger Facing Israel Today:
May 1989, A Letter to My Kinsmen in the Flesh and to my Spiritual Brothers who Love the Jewish People (Part II)
April 1989, A Letter to My Kinsmen in the Flesh - and to my Spiritual Brothers Who Love the Jewish People
March 1989, Ministry Update and Tour Information
February 1989, The Disappearing Christian Arab of the Holy Land
January 1989, Israel's Next Government
December 1988, Happy Hanukkah!
November 1988, Short Biblical "Handbook" on Israeli - Arab Conflict
October 1988, Short Biblical "Handbook" on Israeli-Arab Conflict - Has The Church Replaced Israel?
September 1988, Letters To Us
August 1988, Greetings from the United States!
July 1988, Report of Messianic Jewish Conference Shavuot '88
June 1988, Handbook for Israeli-Arab Conflict - Palestinian Believers
May 1988, Handbook of the Israeli-Arab Conflict - Jewish Refugees
April 1988, Short Handbook on Israeli-Arab Conflict - The Palestinian Refugees
March 1988, Short Handbook on Israeli-Arab Conflict
February 1988, Short Biblical "Handbook" on the Palestinian People
January 1988, Happy New Year from Tel Aviv!
October 1987, Messianic Jews Go To Court
July 1987, Messianic Jewish Concerts in Zion
June 1987, Cults in Israel
April 1987, Planting Messianic Congregations
March 1987, Shimon's Story
February 1987, Edging Toward the End of Times
January 1987, Raging Storm of Events