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Monthly Report: December 2013
Kislev - Tevet 5774
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1213 - Top A.S.


During the past 12 months, our Maoz partners have given us the opportunity to distribute $424,500 to 131 families and individuals from 34 congregations.*

Your gifts to Maoz and IstandwithIsrael are helping real people - believers who are part of the growing Messianic Jewish community in Israel. You will see from their testimonies that your help has made a huge difference in the direction and success of their lives. As you read, enjoy and celebrate with us the fruit of your giving! *($424,500 does not include the special projects.)


Recently my family and I have received the generous help of IstandwIthisrael and wanted to express our deep gratitude for the difference it made for us in a difficult time.

We are new immigrants. My wife is unemployed and I am the sole breadwinner in our family. The financial burden fell on my shoulders until I suffered a severe fracture in my leg that left me unable to move. Our financial situation became even more difficult as a result of my injury.

We turned to Maoz for help, and thanks to your generous assistance, we were able to cover our family expenses for the whole period of my convalescence. My family and I are grateful for your care, generosity and sensitivity in reaching out a helping hand in a difficult time for us.

Many blessings!



Helping the Needy

1213 - Ariel & Yael Ben David

We thank you very much for your financial help for us during a hard time in our life. Your assistance really helped us to not go deeply in debt until Yael was able to finish her chemotherapy treatment.

Right now Yael prepares for the next step - radioactive treatment for about two months. She will live in Tel Aviv (we are from Eilat).

Thank God, my job is much better now than a few months before and we can go on.

Again, we thank you so much. You were a real blessing to us and we bless you and wish only the best in your help to people in need and who are going through their hard seasons.

In Yeshua’s love,

Ariel & Yael Ben David


1213 - Hagit Dreifinger

I want to thank you for your generous donation. I don't have enough words to thank you for your great help.

Since I got sick with cancer I have not been able to work, and my income from the Bituach Leumi (Social Security) is very meager.

Your donation enabled me to continue to pay the rent and the basic needs. It encouraged me and strengthened me.

God is good, and He has a purpose in everything. I pray for health, and until then He is with me and He promised never to leave me.

God used you as a source of blessing in my life.

Hagit Dreifinger


Helping Small Businesses

I greatly appreciate the contribution your donors have made to help me start my business selling organic fruits and vegetables in a new shopping mall in Ramat Ishai, which has a huge potential.

Truly it is a blessing for me to have the financial assistance to help me build my store. Without your help I would not have been able to start this project.

I pray my store will prosper and be able to provide the people of the Jezreel valley and surroundings with quality health products, a livelihood for my employees and myself, and be able to give and bless others in our Messianic community.

I am thanking God for the support He provided through you, and request you keep the new business and myself in prayer.

Yoel Ellis

1213 - Yoel Ellis


Ohalei Rachamim * Tents of Mercy
September 16,2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Maoz,

You are an incredible support to so many, especially during this holiday season!

I want to thank you again for helping our congregant, Yoav Ellis, with the generous funds of 36,000 NIS to start his business of selling locally grown organic vegetables here in the North. I am excited to report that we have transferred your funds to Yoav and he is off and running. The business is now open and we believe God will grant Yoav much success with this expansion.

The Ellis Family has done an outstanding job of breaking into a difficult market and staying pro-active in developing new business plans like this new shop. We are standing by as faithful customers and offering our undivided support.

Again, I want to thank you and all the faithful friends of “I Stand With Israel” for making this dream become a reality! It is truly incredible and encouraging to see more believers becoming strong entrepreneurs in the greater Israeli market. All of us here at Tents of Mercy believe in the Ellis’ vision for this new business adventure.

Please know you are an important part and we appreciate you rendering the necessary help. Together we stand as a mighty and united community!

Blessings from Above,

Avishalom Teklehaimanot
Congregational leader & Humanitarian Aid Director


Scholarships for Education

One of the goals of IstandwithIsrael is to help raise the standard of living in Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian communities of Israel - through financial help for the needy, educating Messianic youth, providing language and career courses for new immigrants and helping with small business ventures. Our motivation is to help the community became a stronger voice for Yeshua the Messiah.

1213 - Tamar Rafaeli

I really want to thank you for your help in covering my tuition fees. I am currently studying my second year to become a nurse. Eventually I want to work in an Israeli hospital. I want to help people, and to be an example of Yeshua among my people.

I am a single parent. It is difficult for me to manage all the expenses of the family by myself. Without your help with my study fees, I would not have been capable of continuing my studies and fulfilling my task as a mother to my children and provide them with food, clothes, and a warm home.

I am full of thankfulness to you and to God Who is always faithful and provides us help in need. May God bless you as you continue to help, support and bless the needy.

Tamar Rafaeli


1213 - M.E.R.R.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much and all your sponsors and donors for helping me with my Tour Guiding Course in 2010.

Thanks to your generosity I have accomplished my studies and today I am a licensed tour guide of Israel.

In addition to this, I would like to thank you also for your gift towards my M.A. program now in 2013. I plan to obtain my Masters degree in Archeology.

From the bottom of my heart to all IstandwithIsrael sponsors and donors, THANK YOU! This would not have been possible without your generosity.

In Messiah,



1213 - Adi

The generosity and support shown to me by IstandwithIsrael has blessed and encouraged me to continue trusting the Lord in this season of my life.

The blessings that came from your ministry enabled me to begin my third year as a student of social work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

I appreciate the support very much and do not take it for granted! It has blessed me beyond measure!

Thank you very much,




1213 - L.R.

I want to thank you for giving me the chance to flourish, grow, and feel like a person of significance!

After years of lack of confidence regarding studies, and having financial problems, you gave me the opportunity to receive education, to find a suitable framework for me to study, and guidance and tools needed to start moving on.

I want to thank you for helping me to cover my study fees. For many people, getting an education is a simple thing, but for me it was a big challenge. Without your support, I would have continued to just dream of getting an education and developing in the business field.

I feel like a special person, and not only because Yeshua is in my life, but also because I have brothers and sisters in the Lord who love me, and help young people like myself to reach goals and accomplishments without seeking reward. This deeply touches my heart, and gives me great joy every day of my life!

L. R.


1213 - Valerie, Youval, Children

I would like to thank you very much for your very kind support for my studies beginning this year. I am studying to be a midwife assistant (dula in Hebrew).

My heart’s desire is to help mothers in Israel to have a peaceful delivery and a holy and sanctified time of birth. This study will certify me to monitor pregnant women and assist mothers in giving birth.

Thank you again for being used by the Lord to help me in my calling.

Valerie, Youval. Children: Yonadav, Alonah, Elad & Shirel.


Helping Put Roots Down

Purchasing an apartment plants another Messianic Jewish family in the land. Yet prices are very high, even for the smallest of apartments, and a person must pay 1/3rd of the price in down payment. When it makes a real difference for acquiring an apartment, IstandwithIsrael contributes up to $10,000. Furthermore, for needy families who fit the ISWI criteria, we help with the down payment of an automobile - the cost of which is around double the price in other Western countries.


1213 - Shehovtsov Family

We want to thank you for helping us in our need. We purchased an apartment and had to take several different loans.

Your support helped us to pay the requested sum for the down payment. Thank you very much! It was a miracle for us - an answer from God to our prayers.

May the Lord bless you and help you in your work for His glory.

Shehovtsov Family


1213 - A & S A.


We want to thank the whole staff of IstandwithIsrael for your generous donation. We are speechless! We were left with our mouths open! This is a very generous donation and it will really help us to complete building our home at Moshav (Village) Yad HaShmona. We’re planning to use the funds for kitchen cabinets and bathroom.

Especially during this period of time, when it is hard to purchase/build a home in Israel, God has given us miracle after miracle in our lives, and with His help we can build a home. As a young couple with a baby, this is a wonderful testimony of the goodness of God. All the wealth, savings, loans, and the donation are a gift from God, and they show us how much He cares for us and protects our family.

This donation blesses us greatly, and we thank God for all of you at IstandwithIsrael, and all the donors who made it possible to aid Israelis to build a home in Israel.

Blessings in Yeshua our Messiah,

A. & S.A.


Helping with Legal Aid

The Makor HaTikvah (The Fountain of Hope) elementary and middle school is the only Messianic Jewish school in Jerusalem. Through a technical matter the municipality has demanded the school be shut down. The school, today with 85 students, has been in existence for 24 years. Part of their mission statement states: “To provide [the students] with an excellent Hebrew education that is both academic and spiritual, with an emphasis on the shared culture, history and values of our people; to promote a love for God and His Word, to encourage a personal walk with Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, respect for others and accountability for one’s actions.” The staff and parents of the children are praying fervently that the city will reverse their decision and allow the school to continue to do the excellent job it has been doing for a quarter of a century.


1213 - Makor HaTikvah School

Dear Ari, Shira and Maoz Team,

Thank you!

On behalf of everyone at the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, thank you for your support! Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your friendship!

We pray you are blessed also with wisdom, health, peace, growth and joy.

It is because of your partnership with JIJ that we are able to assist with this discrimination and legal case.

Much love from all of us,

Calev Myers
Founder, Jerusalem Institute of Justice


1213 - Makor HaTikvah Children

Dear Ari and Shira:

I was notified by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice that your $10,000.00 donation was received by Calev’s law firm for legal fees associated with our appeal for official State recognition as well as the hearing concerning our request to overturn the order we received to shut down the school.

We want to express our deep appreciation for your very generous help at this time. We remain grateful you are standing with us and believing for a victory in overturning this decision.


Cookie Schwaeber-Issan
Principal, Makor HaTikvah Messianic Day School


Special Projects

As you know, Jewish people are very enterprising. Even when they are experiencing hardship, they usually look for a way to pull themselves out of their difficulty. Therefore IstandwithIsrael receives many applications for help to improve their economic status through education and business opportunities.

However, Yeshua told us that the poor would always be with us and followers of Yeshua have always been generous to help. There will always be people who because of sickness or misfortune need help from the Body of Messiah to make it through.

We have instituted a number of programs or have partnered with other ministries here in the Land to do simply that - HELP the POOR. And we rejoice that IstandwithIsrael is able to provide for those in need.



1213 - Joseph Project Truck
Joseph Project Truck (Artist design) being purchased this month with the help of IstandwithIsrael.

This truck is being purchased this month by the Joseph Project in Israel, founded by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. The Joseph Project ships boatloads of goods given to them by businesses all over the world directly to Israel.

They have 40 distribution centers throughout Israel. Last year, our partners through IstandwithIsrael outfitted a second warehouse in the south of Israel for $50,000 with palletized shelving which holds 42 cargo containers, a mandatory anti-fire sprinkler system and a forklift. The truck, which costs $90,000, will carry the supplies from this new warehouse to the distribution centers.

1213 - Joseph Project Warehouse

Maoz donors have contributed $45,000 while another MJAA contributor matched our donation, supplying the full price of the truck.



1213 - Music-Making for Kids
Three students who receive the opportunity to study music through aid from Maoz' Music-Making For Kids program.

This is a chance of a lifetime for these young Ethiopian believers.

Maoz’ Music for Kids program gives children who excel in musical ability, but whose families do not have the financial wherewithal to give their children music lessons. Many of these children, by faith, will grow up to be worship leaders.

At this time 24 children from four congregations, including two Ethiopian and one Russian congregation, have received scholarships, totaling $19,000 for the school year. Many children from other believing communities are waiting to be received into the program as funds are available.



1213 - Ari & Pastor Umar
Ari Sorko-Ram greets Umar Mulinde in Israel.

Pastor Umar Mulinde is a Ugandan pastor who converted from Islam and became a pastor and evangelist and a powerful advocate for Israel in his nation.

1213 - Note from Pastor Umar's Children

In his church and in campaigns He preached of God’s love for His Jewish people and God’s plans and promises for Israel. He also became a strong voice against the creeping thrust to establish Sharia law in Uganda.

For all the above, Muslim extremists threw acid in his face, blinding his right eye and disfiguring his face.

Israel’s Tel HaShomer hospital has given him free medical treatment for two years, showing great appreciation for his stand as a friend of Israel.

Maoz has helped over these last two years with gifts totaling $48,000 for living quarters, food, and airfare to bring his wife and two of his children to Israel. He is our brother and he has paid a heavy price for his commitment to Yeshua.

1213 - Pastor Umar with his children
Pastor Umar Mulinde with four of his children he visited recently in an undisclosed African country,
and who await the conclusion of their father's operations in Israel.



Each year at Passover, we travel to Kiryat Gat, a city of mostly Russian immigrants who, because of their lack of fluent Hebrew, are unable to make a living wage.

Here we presented 150 families - among the poorest - with vouchers to buy food for their Passover Holiday meal. This year we blessed this city, always on the alert for rockets coming from Hamas, with $13,800.

1213 - Kiryat Gat
Immigrants gather in City Hall to receive holiday food vouchers from IstandwithIsrael.

During this last year we took on a community project in Kiryat Gat by participating in the building of a recording studio for teenagers. The aim is to take them off the streets and give them an opportunity to learn to play and record music - something that these underprivileged youngsters could only dream of. IstandwithIsrael donated $45,000 for this project.

The mayor has become a good friend and is very appreciative of what our Messianic Jewish organization has done for his city!



1213 - Firefighters
Firemen present a plaque to Ari Sorko-Ram (second left) and CFO Itsik Issan in thanks
to IstandwithIsrael for outfitting their fire station with exhaust-removing equipment.

Another opportunity to serve the people of Israel came when the fire department in Haifa asked if we could donate exhaust-removing equipment that would keep the living quarters of firemen free of cancer-causing exhaust emitted from fire engines when their motors are running in-house.

This year we outfitted a second fire department in the Carmel Mountains for $20,000. The firemen were incredibly grateful to see that Messianic Jews and their Christian partners were interested in their needs, stating that this equipment saves lives.


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1213 - Happy Hanukkah

December 2013

Dear Maoz Partner,

First, we wish you a very Happy Hanukkah as we honor the Light of our lives, Yeshua!

We believe these testimonies speak for themselves.

You, our partner, have invested in the lives of Israeli believers and have affected their destinies forever.

Through you we are helping individuals, families and ministries see their dreams and callings come true.

That “cloud of witnesses” surely rejoices when one person has been touched and changed.

Yeshua revealed to us that one person, one soul, is worth more than the whole wide world!

Yeshua values each person. And so do we. And so do you!

Every child, every adult, every family suffering want or asking God to help them get ahead in life through hard work and trust in our Messiah, is worthy of our help.

This month we wish to say “yes” to all those who have sent in applications for help and are waiting to hear from us.

During this joyous month of festivals and gifts between family and friends, let us together give to “the least of these,” but not the least in God’s sight!

          Happy Hanukkah!
Ari & Shira Signature
          Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram
          From IstandwithIsrael

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