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Iyar 5774
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0514 - Top - Map
Map shows the 22 Arab members of the Arab League. Note the size of Israel in comparison.
Inset: 57 States belonging to Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


By Shira Sorko-Ram

I will bless those who bless you
and the one who curses you I will curse.
(Genesis 12:3)

The neighboring countries which are enemies of Israel have turned on themselves. Syria, always considered the fiercest and cruelest of all the surrounding nations toward the Jewish state, is literally destroying itself brick by brick and stone by stone. A total of 2,600,000 Syrian refugees have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Kurdish Iraq; a total of 9,500,000 men, women and children have fled their homes - nearly half the country.

Al-Qaeda gangs launch missiles against Hezbollah, allies of Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad, while Assad discharges “barrel bombs” from helicopters upon his citizens. The president of Syria is intentionally starving whole communities, including Palestinians who live there. Mothers and children are picking weeds for something to cook.

Lebanon, which harbors Hezbollah, a terrorist organization whose raison d’etre is to destroy Israel, finds that suicide bombers are blowing up the Hezbollah side of Beirut, killing hundreds, while rockets from Syria are fired into their country. Most devastating of all for Lebanon’s 4,400,000 citizens: they have just registered their millionth Syrian refugee. (,4Apr2014)

Jordan, whose late King Hussein made peace with Israel, is not suffering physical disaster. However, this very poor desert country of 6,000,000 souls is now “hosting” over 600,000 Syrian refugees.

Egypt is a nation of 85,000,000, and is currently in a fight for its life. In 2012, the strongly Islamic population voted for Prime Minister Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood, then, with help from its offspring, Hamas, teamed together to turn Egypt into a state completely under the draconian laws of Sharia rule. Morsi’s followers began the serious business of slaughtering Egyptian Christians and burning down their churches.

But Morsi’s rule began to unravel when he tried to force a very heavy dose of Sharia rule a little too quickly. Through a coup, Egypt’s military - cheered on by many young Egyptians who learned about freedom through the Internet - arrested Morsi and hundreds of leading Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

Yet the stability of Egypt depends first of all on economic growth among the 85,000,000 poverty-stricken populace. Meanwhile, Bedouin terrorists, encouraged by a very angry Hamas, are attacking Egyptian targets throughout the Sinai desert and bombing has now spread to the cities.

It is true that Egypt made a peace agreement with Israel in 1979, but has maintained a cold peace and regularly votes against Israel in the UN (as do all Arab countries).

Libya, which received the “gift of freedom” given to it by the West, (through dethroning the mad-man Muammar Gaddafi) is now for all practical purposes a failed state with local gangs patrolling personal fiefdoms at will.

Turkey’s Tayyap Erdogan arrests his political opponents, including politicians and journalists who accuse him of corruption, and has cut off YouTube and social networking from its citizens, the better to win elections. The president has broken off a once booming relationship with Israel as he has moved toward a more fundamentalist version of Islam. Protests against his authoritarian and corrupt leadership keep popping up around his country.

With all the human abuse and suffering going on in Muslim countries, the Arab League, an organization of 22 Arab countries, continues to wage diplomatic warfare at the UN against the “human rights abuses” of Israel. They have found their tactics incredibly successful as most of the world follows right along under their leadership.

A few days ago, the Arab League passed a resolution whereby they completely rejected Israel’s condition for peace. What is that condition? To be recognized as a Jewish state!

The chutzpah! The arrogance! The audacity! The gall! Twenty-two Arab states. Twenty-two Arab Muslim States.

And they completely reject one single tiny Jewish state.

Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East where human rights are protected under law. Israel, inhabiting a tiny strip of land, of which 60% is desert. Israel, the nation of Jewish refugees who helped settle floods of more Jewish refugees who fled from oppressive countries, including virtually all Arab lands.

Contrast Israel with the 22 Arab countries encompassing vast areas of unpopulated land. They could so easily give citizenship to the Palestinians, their children and their children’s children, who have lived among them as “permanent refugees” for several generations.

Yet through the leadership of the Arab League, Israel has become the single most prosecuted, persecuted and targeted country in the UN.

Yes, Palestinian Chief Mahmoud Abbas calls “the Jewish state” an apartheid state! An apartheid state even though 20% of its citizens are Arabs who work side by side with Jews in hospitals, schools, universities and factories - who are policemen, judges, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, diplomats and clergy.

The same Abbas has declared that when he controls his own Palestinian state, not a single Jew will be allowed to live in his free Palestine.


0514 - UN Human Rights Council
The Human Rightous Council based in Geneva, Switzerland (Photo: APIMAGES)

In the early 20th century, many diplomats from around the world saw a need for a world-wide peace-keeping mechanism. And in a very real sense, the UN is a world government. It was created to reconcile disputes between nations and maintain international peace and security.

To deal with specific human rights abuses, a new UN Human Rights Council was established in 2006 - after a former UN Human Rights Commission was deemed so morally bankrupt as to be likened to a jury that includes murderers and rapists. Its obsession with incessantly bashing Israel was so blatant that the U.S. and other Western countries finally said, “Enough.”

The resolution establishing the new UN Human Rights Council states, “members elected to the Council shall uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights.” (UN General Assembly Resolution 60/251.8)

What these world powers did not and do not understand is that man is fallen, selfish and greedy. Yeshua the Messiah revealed that the god of this world is evil and his operatives are working to deceive mankind 24/7.

With this viewpoint we can now understand the UN’s activities and why it acts as it does.


First a short explanation of the makeup of the United Nations. The 193 states are divided into five blocs - Africa, Asia, Eastern European States, Latin America and Caribbean States, Western European and Other Groups (WEOG).

All member states naturally fit into one of these blocs. That is, all except one! (Guess!) Yes, although Israel is geographically located in Asia, the Muslim countries would not consider including Israel in their circle. So for years, Israel was the only nation in the world that had none of the benefits of belonging to one of these groups.

Last year, Israel was finally given permanent status with the WEOG.

The 193 member nations of the UN General Assembly choose 47 members for the Human Rights Council - for a period of three years.

13 from Africa
13 from Asia
6 from Eastern European States
8 from Latin America and Caribbean States
7 from Western European and Other Groups (WEOG)


Alas, today’s UN Human Rights Council has exactly the same DNA as the former “Commission.” Of course! Because the participating countries are the same ones!

As you can see, the 26 votes from Africa and Asia are a majority and most of those nations are Islamic. The god of Islam is spearheading the actions and intentions of the UN.

So in the 25th session which took place at the end of March, 2014, ten resolutions were passed which censured the actions of specific countries. Five of those were leveled against Israel!

The other five resolutions which concerned specific countries criticized North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. But none of these condemnations gained the near-unanimous support of those against Israel.

Indeed, the UNHRC saved its wrath for Israel. Its 47-member council voted 46-1 in favor of four separate resolutions condemning Israeli treatment of Palestinians (only U.S. voted against).

Three of the resolutions censured Israel for human rights violations in the “Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem” [which of course includes the Western Wall] and criticized the existence of Jews living in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem] “settlements,” etc., etc.

In truth, each of the UNHRC condemnations of Israel every session are basically the same. Here are some samples:

  • “Demands that the occupying Power, Israel, stop the targeting of civilians and the systematic destruction of the cultural heritage of the Palestinian people…” [Palestinians claim Yeshua (Jesus) and Biblical personalities were Palestinian.]
  • “Condemns the recent announcement that Israel would add al-Haram al Ibrahimi in Hebron [where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were buried] and Bilal Mosque [Tomb of Rachel] in Bethlehem and the walls of the old city of Jerusalem to its list of [Jewish] national heritage sites…” [Note how the world’s emotions are stirred up when Biblical sites are claimed by Israel.]
  • “Demands that Israel, the occupying Power, immediately cease all diggings and excavation works beneath and around Al-Aqsa mosque…” [Here they are hallucinating.]
  • “Demands that the occupying Power, Israel, release Palestinian prisoners…” [Fails to mention that the prisoners were convicted of murdering Israeli civilians.]
  • “Demands that Israel, the occupying Power, immediately lift the siege imposed on the occupied Gaza Strip, and that it open all borders and crossing points…” [Fails to mention that Israel’s navy searches vessels coming to Gaza because of weapons smuggling on the part of Hamas.]
  • “Deplores the recent Israeli announcements of the construction of new housing units for Israeli settlers in and around occupied East Jerusalem…”

(In above resolutions, all phrases in brackets are editor’s additions.)

The fourth resolution of the 25th session - the harshest of all - decreed that a mandatory debate on Israel’s behavior must be held at every single UNHRC meeting. Israel is the only country on the Council’s “permanent agenda.”

But perhaps the most masochistic resolution ever produced by the world body was the fifth resolution condemning Israel for not giving the Golan Heights to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, the butcher of 140,000 of his own citizens. This resolution passed 33 for, 1 against (again the U.S.) and 13 abstentions.

In other words, the nations of the world demanded that Israel give the Golan Heights to warring Syria - knowing that would certainly mean the slaughter of hundreds and perhaps thousands of Druze now living peacefully and securely in Israel. It says to me that the nations do not care about the well-being of the Syrian people. Not at all.

0514 - Execution in Iran
Iran executes 500-600 citizens each year - mostly by hanging (Photo:APIMAGES)


As the UNHRC considered the five proceedings against other nations, 32 members voted to censure Syria’s grave deterioration of human rights and the humanitarian situation, with 4 against doing so [China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela] and 11 abstentions.

Can you imagine? Four votes against any kind of censure of Syria, and 11 abstentions! More nations demanded, by their vote, that Israel hand over the Golan Heights to Syria (33) than those who voted to censure Syria’s war crimes (32). One Israeli official said it looked almost like a bad joke.

The resolution condemning human rights in Iran garnered only 21 votes, with 9 against and 16 abstentions. [Against the condemnation of Iran: China, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, Venezuela, and Vietnam.]

Iran has been executing between 500-600 people a year, mostly by hanging. As the West lifts sanctions on Iran, human rights agencies are protesting that nothing is being said or done about Tehran’s human rights record.

Equally depressing is the fact that not a single European country - not England, Germany, or France - had the guts to stand up for Israel. In four of the resolutions, they all voted against Israel, and only in the resolution to force Israel to give the Golan Heights to Syria, did a few European countries decide the insanity was so grave they would simply abstain. Not vote against it, heaven forbid. Just abstain.

Said one Israeli official, “It’s a pity they did not use that moment to demonstrate moral leadership; instead they became part of the travesty. They became partners in a cynical one-sided farce.”

Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki welcomed the council votes against Israel. “This vote confirms the world’s clear condemnation of the systematic human rights violations committed by Israel, the occupying power, against the Palestinian people and their fundamental rights,” he added.

Yes, the world is turning, ever so swiftly, against Israel.

Behold, a people who dwells apart,
And will not be reckoned among the nations.
Numbers 23:9 (NAS)

In a nutshell, the Human Rights Council since its creation in 2006, has condemned Israel 50 times - exactly half of the total of 100 resolutions censuring specific nations. The Jewish nation received as many condemnations from this renowned World Body as did all the rest of the world put together!


Important to note is the fact that the U.S. contributes 22% to the UNHRC budget. Countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, and Pakistan contribute less than 1% each, yet vote against the U.S. an average of 79% of the time.

But since the world body is dominated by Islamic states and their autocratic friends, what else can be expected?

One could say the UN is the West’s Frankenstein!

Has the venerable Human Rights Council ever condemned the 3,000 innocent Israeli civilians killed by terrorist attacks over Israel’s short lifetime? Or the 10,000 rockets fired at Israeli cities from the Gaza strip - meant specifically to kill civilians?

Has anyone from the UN Council asked the leader of the Palestinian Authority why the PA Charter is still committed to the destruction of another UN member? (Ynetnews; 24Dec2012)

0514 - Aleppo, Syria
The destroyed city of Ancient Aleppo which Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad bombed into rubble. It is one of the
oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and was Syria's largest city, with a population of 2.4 million citizens.
It is also a UN world heritage site. One report stated half of the citizens have fled. (Photo: APIMAGES)


In regular diplomatise language, the U.S. representative to the UNHRC, Paula Schriefer, ridiculed the recent resolution concerning the Golan Heights: “To consider such a resolution while the Syrian regime continues to slaughter its own citizens exemplifies the absurdity of this agenda item.”

She continued, “None of the world’s worst human rights violators, some of whom are the object of resolutions at this session, have their own stand-alone agenda item at this council. Only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy, receives such treatment.”

“This Council continually singles out Israel for criticism without acknowledging the violent attacks directed at its people, nor the obligations and difficult steps of both sides to resolve the conflict,” protested Schriefer.

During the sessions’ discussions, the U.S. repeatedly stated that these resolutions against Israel “work against our collective efforts to advance a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

What does that really mean? The answer is so very easy. What possible motivation would the Palestinian Authority have to lower their impossible demands in order to seek peace with Israel when the UN has made the Palestinian cause the darling of the world? It is clear to Israel that the Palestinians believe they and the Arab League will be able to lead the UN to impose ever stronger sanctions against Israel, until one day her economy collapses. Just one more way to destroy the Jewish nation.


The Anti-Defamation League warned that Resolution Four “contains veiled threats of financial repercussions for those doing business with Israeli settlements.” The organization pointed out that the European members of the UNHRC “willfully turned a blind eye to the amplified demonization of Israel contained in the resolution.”

ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman wrote in a statement after the vote that it was “sad that there was not one courageous European voice to say no to this UN infamy.”

“The passage of this anti-Israel resolution demonstrates that the UNHRC’s single-minded focus on Israel and willingness to escalate attacks against the Jewish State is boundless,” Foxman continued. “The resolution will undoubtedly serve to bolster advocates of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and their illegitimate hateful campaign against Israel.”

Essentially Resolution Four was a call to boycott and divest from all Israeli settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights or else be prepared to be held criminally accountable. (; 28Mar2014)


The Special Rapporteur (a person appointed by a committee to carry out an investigation) on the question of Palestine since 2008 has been one Richard Falk, who has compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians with the Nazis’ treatment of Jews during the Holocaust. His mandate, he reminded everybody, is to “investigate human rights violations by Israel only, not Palestinians.” He recently posted on his blog a cartoon depicting a bloodthirsty dog with the word “USA” on it wearing a Jewish yarmulke.

Now his term is up, and the U.S. and the UNHRC vetting committee unanimously recommended a Georgetown University law school lecturer Christina Cerna, believing she would be objective and impartial. However the Council president from Gabon decided instead to appoint UK academic Christine Chinkin as she is known for her strong pro-Palestinian views.

The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing;
He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect.
The counsel of the Lord stands forever,
The plans of His heart to all generations
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.
(Psalm 33:10-12)

And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written:
The Deliver will come out of Zion,
And He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob
This is My covenant with them,
When I take away their sins.
(Romans 11:26-27)



0514 - Yael Hutchens
Yael Hutchens has departed
to accept her reward.
She is survived by her
husband and three children
and their families.

We mourn the passing of our friend of 40 years, Pat Mercer Hutchens. Wife of U.S. Brigadier General Dr. James Hutchens, they have always been Yael and Ya’acov to us.

They were some of the earliest Messianic Jewish pioneers in Israel in the 1970’s and have spent a lifetime standing for Israel among the military and political leaders in Washington D.C.

Yael was a well-known artist, with many paintings of Jewish subjects, including a series on concentration camps. Her paintings have been exhibited in the U.S. and throughout Europe. We will miss Yael.

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0514 - Saudi Arabia

At one session of the 25th Human Rights Council, an update was given concerning the “excellent progress” Saudi Arabia was making with human rights. Nation after nation praised the “progress” of the human rights record of Saudi Arabia, ad nauseam.

Then NGO UN Watch, Hillel Neuer took the podium and pilloried the council for whitewashing the true extent of human rights abuses in the Sharia law-run state.

“The truth is, ” he refuted, “[in Saudi Arabia] there are zero women’s rights, zero religious rights, zero minority rights, zero human rights in Saudi Arabia. The truth is that Saudi Arabia has an entrenched system of gender apartheid. The truth is that Saudi Arabia should never have been elected as a member of this council.”

Neuer further protested the Council’s mandate to investigate only “Israel’s violations of international law” in the territories, while completely disregarding human rights abuses against women, Christians, and dissidents that are being committed by Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and others. (Jerusalem Post, 26Mar2014)

King Abdullah has 38 children by tens of wives. For unknown reasons he has locked up four of his daughters who say they are in captivity. Their mother, now divorced from the King and living in London, claims the girls have been captive for 13 years. A few days ago one of the daughters spoke to Britain’s Channel 4 News by Skype saying they are being held against their will in a royal compound in Jeddah.

After they spoke to the news channel, they claim they have not been given food for several days and are now down to one meal a day, with very little available water.

However, living in what the daughters call a “gender apartheid” country, it does not look hopeful they will be rescued any time soon against their father’s will. Who will challenge a king floating in black gold? All this, in spite of the fact that Saudi Arabia is an honored member of the UN Human Rights Council. (, 30Mar2014)

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0514 - Women under oppression
(Photo: The Washington Post)

  • 125 million women and girls suffered female genital mutilation in Africa and the Middle East since 1989.
  • Over 60 million child brides have been forced to marry - often older men - mostly in Islamic countries.
  • The UN records 5,000 honor killings of women per year, but an expert on Fox News’ Kelly File said that is just the tip of the iceberg, as many killings are not reported.

Incidentally, presenter Megyn Kelly mentioned how the “moderate” American Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR has succeeded in pressuring a number of U.S. Universities to cancel the movie “Honor Diaries,” documenting women’s rights abuse in Muslim countries, claiming that the film is islamophobic.

In fact, Kelly noted that she herself has been intimidated by CAIR’s aggressive demands that she not speak about the subject on cable TV. (Fox News, Kelly’s File, 31Mar2014)

The UN estimates that between 100 and 140 million girls and women alive today have undergone genital mutilation, mainly in Africa and some Middle Eastern countries.

It is estimated that up to 200,000 girls and women in the United States are at risk of FGM and that the number is growing. (, 16Mar2013)

Perhaps it is quite easy to understand why the UN Human Rights Council does not have one minute to deal with such issues. The Islamic majority won’t hear of it.

For UN and Care articles visit:,

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0514 - The Maldives

For most humans, a place like the Islands of the Maldives will be seen only in one’s dreams. There in the aqua-transparent water, a string of 1,192 islands lie in the Indian Ocean. Of them, 192 are inhabited by some 328,000 citizens. The average ground level is a mere 1.5 meters, and a forecast of Maldives’ inundation is of great concern for the Maldivian people.

After many centuries of Islam, Umar Nasheed, a pro-democracy, pro-Western candidate was elected president in 2009. He maintained close relationships with India and the West, and he encouraged and developed tourism to his paradise oases.

However, in 2012, Abdulla Yameen ousted Nasheed in a coup. He accused Nasheed of being a friend of Israel and the “Christian West” and of undermining Islam. Yameen’s top priority, according to his Ministry of Islamic Affairs is to block all religions except Islam in the nation, ensuring that all laws and regulations adhere to Islamic principles, and strengthen the Islamic Academy to issue fatwas.

Several American Christians have been caught with Christian literature in the country and have been deported.

For now, the Maldives ranks high on the list of governments that restrict religious freedom. The Maldives would be a great prayer project for a praying group who has a passion for the world’s lost.

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0514 - MJAA 2014 team from Israel
The group of 32 Israelis attending the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America Conference, June 29-July 5.

The MJAA and MAOZ are sharing the cost of bringing 32 Messianic Jews to the yearly MJAA Messianic Conference. The cost for each participant is $3,200. The MJAA is generously assisting their trip with $51,200. Maoz is committed to raise the remaining $31,900. The participants are themselves paying approximately one-fifth of the cost.

0514 - MJAA 2
Our team leads the praising and dancing into the night at the "after-service" worship.

Israel’s young Messianic Jewish believers, coming from 11 congregations, are being given a priceless gift of a trip to attend the Messiah Conference and to meet other Jewish believers in the United States.

Time and again I have seen that when Israeli youth have attended the conference, they returned enriched, encouraged and motivated - with a broader vision to reach our nation with the Good News! For some of them it is life-changing. This is a dream for many, and we can participate in making their dream come true!

Ari Sorko-Ram

0514 - MJAA 1
Last year, the Maoz worship team led the praise on Israel night
with the whole audience singing and dancing and praising the Lord!


I have been attending Messiah Conference as a part of our Israel Worship Team for several years.

It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many believers in the United States and the world, who love and pray for Israel - especially for those of us, Israelis, who believe in Yeshua. Knowing that I am a part of someone’s prayers really encourages and strengthens me in my walk of faith.

During one of the meetings, I received a word from the Lord, that He is giving me a new ministry, and I already see it happening in my life!

Testimonies of ministers and their strong teaching about praying in the Spirit built me up and filled me, and I feel that I was able to bring this “fire” of the Holy Spirit with me back to Israel, and continue on to share it with others.

Tanya K.

0514 - MJAA 4
Israelis taking part in round-table discussions at the conference.


For several years my husband and I wanted to become parents. After a period of over a year, when that didn’t happened, we started checking whether there was a problem that prevented a pregnancy and found out that I would have to have IVF fertility treatments.

I went through several cycles of treatment, which were very hard on me physically and emotionally. A short time before the Messiah conference I decided to take a break from the treatments, go to the conference, then plan to resume treatments after we came back.

During the conference two women prayed for me, and told me that the Lord was clearly showing them that I would, without a doubt, become a mother really soon. After we returned to Israel, I resumed treatments and got pregnant immediately! Eleven months after the conference, on June 3, 2013 we became parents of two healthy and sweet boys!!! God has answered our prayers and given me so much more than I ever expected.


0514 - MJAA 3
The team is introduced each year from the stage so that Americans and Israelis can meet
one another - many times making long-lasting friendships.


This wonderful conference blessed me in so many ways - I met new people, experienced a new culture and I got to see the love people have for Israel… but the greatest blessing was the great gift I received from the Lord - of praying in tongues, in the Spirit!

I am grateful to each and every one of you who gives an opportunity to young people like me to attend this special place… and looking back I see many changes in lives of many people who participated in these teams over the years - people meeting and falling in love, people getting married, people having children…

So, in short, THANK YOU for helping the young people of the next generation advance toward their destiny!

Lia R.

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0514 - Happy Independence Day!

May 2014

Dear Maoz Partner,

Youth around the world are ready to take their stand! We see it every day in our news, social networks, and media. They have a voice, and they are using it!

And we, as believers, know that this Millennial Generation must step up to the plate to lead in the spiritual battle now on the horizon - the battle between the God of Israel and the god of Islam. Their future depends upon it!

Israel is in the dead center of this war. Destroy Israel and the battle is won - for Satan. Concentrate our prayers, our activities and our support for Israel - and we will see God’s victory as we watch the Kingdom of Heaven expand.

Whatever we can do to help train, mentor, bless and encourage this generation is well worth it. We will see “dividends” now, in the years to come, and for eternity.

Indeed, as you have read in our report this month, we see it as a privilege to help the “Now Generation” of dedicated Messianic Jews in Israel have this opportunity to be a part of the 2014 Messiah Conference - the largest Messianic Jewish gathering in existence today.

The cost for their 10-day stay in the U.S. will be $3,200 per person, including airfare. And this year 32 are going! The Messianic Jewish Alliance is so generously donating half the cost. The 32 participants themselves are paying one-fifth towards their trip. Maoz has committed to contribute the rest - approximately $32,000, and with your help we will succeed!

We are confident that this is a “God-thing” - a project that furthers the Kingdom of God in Israel - among the Jewish believers in the United States and the other countries which are sending delegates.

We bless you, our partner, with whom we share our common vision: to have a part in the revival that is promised to the people of Israel.

That vision causes us to partner together in prayer and in financial support so that these young people will be able to attend the Messianic Jewish conference next month!

          “All Israel shall be saved!”
Ari & Shira Signature
          Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

P.S. Remember, your gift this month will enable 32 young people to experience the MJAA conference - where they will be inspired and equipped to reach their fullest potential in the Kingdom of God. Help us send them!

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