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Tishrei - Cheshvan 5775
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1014 - Top - ISIS vs Hamas
Islamic terrorist groups murder in public and in private. Left: ISIS; Right: Hamas


By Shira Sorko-Ram

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood beside the U.N.’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and declared, “Hamas is like ISIS, Hamas is like al-Qaeda, Hamas is like Hezbollah, Hamas is like Boko Haram.”

The most significant element of this statement is that Netanyahu is the only world leader who has dared to point out this obvious fact. Strategically, ISIS has a united ideology, a clear belief system and a common goal. It is the same ideology and belief system as that of Hamas.


Not long ago ISIS was much smaller in numbers than Hamas and its range of operations matched its strength. Now that it has grown exponentially, so have its aspirations. The original name, AQI (al-Qaeda Iraq) became ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), then became ISIL (change the word “Syria” to “Levant” which includes all of the Eastern Mediterranean) and finally has become IS, the Islamic State - meaning the entire world.

But how did it all begin? The founder of what has become ISIS or the Islamic State, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was simply a street thug, a free agent looking to create his own terrorist organization. When the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq began in 2003, Zarqawi commanded a campaign of suicide bombings against Shiites across Iraq - with the same tactics Yasser Arafat used in the Second Intifada against Israel. Zarqawi then joined up with al-Qaeda and formed the AQI, (al-Qaeda Iraq).

Zarqawi was killed in June 2006 when the U.S. Air Force hit his hideout, 20 miles north of Baghdad. His foreign militants, demoralized by Zarqawi’s death, melted away with President George Bush’s surge in Iraq.

It was only in 2011, when American troops left a vacuum in Iraq, that the AQI’s new leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took advantage of the Sunni’s feeling of resentment against the Iraqi Shiite-dominated government.

Baghdadi’s vision was and is to take over all Arab nations - as a start. Hamas’ vision is to take over all of “Palestine” - the Holy Land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River for now. The Biblical Holy Land does also include parts of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Sinai. However, Hamas is concentrating first on conquering “the occupied territories,” i.e. the area of the Holy Land where the Jewish people now live.

Though both terrorist groups are Sunnis, the ISIS and Hamas dislike each other. Hamas likes to portray itself as a victim of Israeli aggression and usually hides its terrorist acts from the cameras while ISIS glorifies its terrorism with gory video clips and pictures. Moreover, both have the same goal to conquer and control the Holy Land.

1014 - Al Zarkawi
Abu Musab Al-Zarkawi, founder of AQI later to become ISIS


Hamas is an offspring of the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. And no one can say that the Brotherhood doesn’t have global aspirations for a Sharia governed Caliphate. It has over 2,000 branches throughout the world including in Western countries!

The only reason Hamas is not also spreading like a cancer across the Middle East - as is ISIS - is because of Israel’s powerful army and the Jewish people’s will to survive. Israel knows it cannot leave a vacuum or grow lethargic or Hamas would metastasize in every nook and corner of Israel.

For this reason, there are no free and open border crossings from Gaza into Israel. Even though the nations howl, Israel has not allowed an airport or seaport in Gaza, for the simple reason they would be used to ship in weapons to destroy the Jewish state. Israel believes what Hamas publically declares: that Hamas’ goal is to kill every single Jew in the world. (Google Hamas Constitution)

ISIS’ immediate goal is to wipe out the Christians of Syria and Iraq plus minorities like the Yazidi people, either by converting them to Islam or killing them. This is a call for genocide. ISIS and Hamas agree on one major point: Both groups want to eliminate an entire people group.

1014 - Al Baghdadi
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS or the Islamic State


The actions of the United Nations demonstrate they deeply sympathize with the aspirations of Hamas, and are working night and day to isolate Israel, threatening to destroy her economy, convict her leaders of war crimes and cut off weapon deliveries to the tiny state.

During the 50-day war with Gaza terrorists, U.N. boss Ban Ki-moon arrived in Israel to experience for himself some of the 4,565 Hamas rockets exploding throughout the country, but had little to say about Israel’s “inconvenience.” It was like, basically, “What’s the problem? Don’t you have the Iron Dome?”

However, he did have extremely tough language - not for Hamas, but for Israel. He called Israel’s actions to protect herself from Hamas’ attacks of war “a moral outrage,” a “criminal act,” “reprehensible” and a “gross violation of international law.”

Ban Ki-moon never used such language for even the likes of Syrian President Bashar Assad when he gassed 1,700 of his own people with chemical attacks. Actually the UN leader has never used that kind of language to describe any other nation. Not Iran, ISIS, or Putin who is busy conquering parts of the Ukraine and killing several thousand citizens.

Notes author Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Ban Ki-moon has harsh and condemnatory language solely for Israel. In fact, most of the world’s leaders claimed “outrage” against Israel, not against Hamas. Cries of “war crimes” are already abounding.

So what did they want Israel’s prime minister to do? Ban Ki-moon demanded that Mr. Netanyahu sit down with Hamas and negotiate a peace agreement.

That seems like a reasonable idea. Or does it? Why doesn’t he ask Iraq to work out a peace agreement with ISIS? Or perhaps America could negotiate a settlement with al-Qaeda.

Did Ban Ki-moon urge Nigeria to meet half way with Boko Haram terrorists, who burn down churches and the Christians in them and kidnap hundreds of young girls, forcing them to convert to Islam and then selling them as sex slaves?

NO to all of the above!

Then why do the United Nations and Western countries insist that Israel “stop fighting and start talking” with Hamas terrorists?

These world leaders say if Israel would only give the Palestinians hope for a better life, then perhaps they would make peace with Israel. These same leaders ignore all the reasons this won’t happen. First of all, the UN and the Western countries have given the Palestinians billions and billions of dollars with which they could have built a Middle Eastern Singapore. Until today, the UN feeds them, and the Hamas leaders have become lavishly wealthy. Unfortunately, instead of building neighborhoods and businesses, Hamas leaders steal the money to create the largest business in Gaza - constructing attack tunnels and building weapons to destroy Israel.

The fact is there are many similarities between all Islamic terrorist groups. Their fundamental Islamic religion drives them to seek to conquer the world, ultimately to force all human beings to convert to Islam and accept Sharia law as their way of life, and to destroy whoever disagrees with them.

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By Shira Sorko-Ram

1014 - Arafat
Yasser Arafat

Do you remember when modern terrorism was birthed? Yasser Arafat, the man who won a Nobel Peace Prize, is known as the father of modern terrorism. He was the first to perpetrate hundreds of massive terrorist attacks against civilians in Israel and abroad.

It was in the late 1950’s that this Egyptian-born man co-founded an organization called Fatah, the “Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine.”

By 1965, his gangs were targeting and bombing Israeli villages, water pipes and railroads. Fatah destroyed homes and killed Israelis. This was, by the way, before the Six Day War (1967), before Jerusalem came into Israel’s hands, and years before a single Jewish family settled in the West Bank.

Soon after the Six Day War, Arafat’s Fatah joined and became the dominant member of the PLO, an umbrella organization of Palestinian terrorist groups. A few months later he was appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee. The PLO then entered the international arena.

On February 21, 1970, he blew up a SwissAir flight bound for Tel Aviv, and killed all 47 people aboard. A second plane he bombed on the same day was able to land without crashing.

Without so much as taking a deep breath, Arafat went after Israeli school buses, killed nine children and three teachers, high-jacked two more planes, and continued his killing spree. He dispatched members of the Japanese Red Army to Tel Aviv’s Lod Airport and killed 27 people.

In 1972, his terrorists attended the Olympics in Munich and killed 11 athletes. He had found his calling: 21 children killed with hand grenades beside the teachers in a small town in Galilee. Raging through the streets, the terrorists killed other civilians at random, including 2 Arab women; more killings in the town of Beit She’an, 6 shot in a coastal hotel, 21 dead after Fatah terrorists took over a bus on the Haifa-Tel Aviv highway.

In 1985, terrorists boarded the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro, shot a wheelchair-bound elderly Jew, and threw him and his wheelchair overboard.

In September 1993, Arafat wrote a letter to Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin stating his PLO accepts Israel’s right to exist and commits itself to the Middle East process and a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the two sides. This process was called the Oslo Accords and held great hope in Israel.

However the terror attacks did not cease. Encouraged by Arafat’s belligerent speeches against Israel, the Palestinians understood that Arafat’s life calling was still intact - to destroy Israel. The PLO continued their pursuit of terrorist attacks against Jews - their goal to utterly destroy them.

Near Bethlehem, Arafat declared, “We know only one word - jihad, jihad, jihad, jihad. Whoever does not like it can drink from the Dead Sea or from the Sea of Gaza.” (Yediot Ahronot; 23Oct1996)

He continued to proclaim jihad: “O my dear ones on the occupied lands…intensify the revolution and the blessed intifada…we must burn the ground under the feet of the invaders.” But all that was in Arabic. In English he preached peace. In Arabic he declared war to the bitter end.

1014 - Bloody Hands - Intifada
Under the leadership of Yasser Arafat, Palestinian waving his bloody hands after the lynching of two Israelis.
Displayed on YouTube, this picture became a symbol of the Intifada.

In the year 2000, under the auspices of President Bill Clinton, Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak made a serious offer to give Arafat 92% of the West Bank and half of Jerusalem to make peace.

Arafat said NO. Arafat didn’t want to found a Palestinian state. This statement must be repeated constantly. He wanted to destroy Israel. Many years later, his wife, Suha, revealed that he had told her at that time to remain in Paris because he was about to start a new Intifada. In her words, Suha said: “Camp David had failed, and he said to me, ‘You should remain in Paris.’ I asked him why, and he said, ‘Because I am going to start an intifada. They want me to betray the Palestinian cause. They want me to give up on our principles, and I will not do so.’”

“‘I do not want Zahwa’s [Arafat’s daughter’s] friends in the future to say that Yasser Arafat abandoned the Palestinian cause and principles. I might be martyred, but I shall bequeath our historical heritage to Zahwa and to the children of Palestine,’” Suha quoted her late husband as saying. (; 29Dec.2012)

And so Arafat plotted and planned a war that went on for four years, murdering 1,053 Israelis. The Israeli government says somewhere around 2,124 Palestinian combatants were killed, 55% of the total Palestinian deaths. Of those, over 500 Palestinians were killed by the Fatah forces. (

It was a terrible time in Israel. Buses and restaurants blowing up. Israel’s emergency volunteers picking up body pieces from the floors and streets…Only when Israel built the West Bank Protection Barrier (a wall in some places) did the killings stop.

Arafat left his legacy - thousands dead and tens of thousands wounded and maimed. He also left in Arab banks an estimated US$1.3 to $6.5 billion to his wife and child - taxpayers’ money from the West, of course. Besides the dead, he left his people nothing. (

At anytime when Arafat was downing planes or blowing apart Israelis, the democratic nations could have easily stopped the operations of this terrorist organization. Any single nation could have ended Arafat‘s career back then. Indeed the UN made sure that Israel didn’t destroy the PLO.

Since he was fighting the Jews, he was seen as a “freedom fighter,” and had much favor with not only the Arab world and its friends but also the “enlightened” world. After all, he won the Nobel Peace Prize. The world sowed the wind and is now reaping the whirlwind.

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1014 - ISIS crucifixion
ISIS: Killing by Crucifixion

Former deputy director of the CIA, John McLaughlin, observed: “The dilemma for Netanyahu is one that world leaders have always faced when battling extremists like Hamas or the Iranbacked Hezbollah. The extremists don’t have to win to win - all they have to do is not lose. In other words, if they are still standing at the end of the battle, they will claim they stood up to Israel and then rally recruits for another fight on another day.” (; 1Aug2014)

In the near future, McLaughlin says, the U.S. president will not be able to return to the “obsession of U.S. presidents” - trying to force Israel to negotiate a “peace process” with Islamic Jihadists who simply want to possess the land on which Israel exists.

Things have really changed, McLaughlin remarked. No one believes anymore the old argument that “settling the Israeli-Palestinian dispute would be a game changer” in the Middle East. The region is now so troubled that no one, not even the U.S., can give the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the attention it once demanded.

But like ISIS, Hamas is not content with standing still. As long as they are not destroyed, they will continue to fight towards their goal of destroying Israel. In fact, another round could start at any time - because the world will not allow Israel to destroy the destroyer. Already the Israeli government has warned that Hamas is rebuilding its tunnels and manufacturing more rockets.

Hamas has fallen on temporarily hard times because its ally, Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi of Egypt was kicked out, and the new President Abdel el-Sisi has closed most of the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza through which they brought weapons and raw materials. Nevertheless, Hamas is an extremely dangerous terrorist organization, which clearly is preparing for the day of mass killings of Israelis.

Neither will the Islamic State disappear anytime soon. As of now, there is no political will for the kind of commitment western forces would have to make to totally obliterate the Islamic State. To destroy this terrorist organization, there would have to be a large and determined army of boots on the ground which would utterly destroy the head of the serpent in Syria and Iraq. (; 4Sept2014)

Europe, with millions of Muslims now citizens in their countries, have to walk softly. The United States president, coming from a family of Muslims (on his father’s side) is not able to discern that the god of Islam wants to destroy western civilization.

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1014 - Hamas - dragging
Hamas: Killing by dragging a man behind a motorcycle

The new “in” word for brainwashing is “radicalization.” People, especially the young who are more susceptible to being brainwashed, join cults and become slaves, chattels and victims. Islamic Jihad, on the other hand, usually attracts young men who are violence-prone, and who are gratified by the prospect of torturing, murdering and maiming. Their consciences are numbed by being told this is the will of Allah.

Radicalization does two things: it creates both a delusional pride and super-abhorrence towards anyone on the outside of its cause and philosophy. This opens up an insatiable appetite for depravity. The power to watch others suffer, the power to snuff out lives and the power to sexually pervert feeds their adrenaline and gives them a high they must constantly replenish.

Critical to the steps to radicalization is the LIE. The LIE must rewrite history. Children are taught the LIE from birth. It is in schoolbooks, reinforced daily on TV, in books, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, in pictures and billboards, in speeches and in ceremonies.

The LIE says the Palestinian nation has always existed in Palestine since time immemorial and Palestine will belong to the Palestinian people eternally. The LIE says the Jews have never before stepped foot in Palestine and are intruders. The LIE says Allah loves martyrs and is pleased for Muslims to die driving the hated Jews out of their land.

All of these suppositions are lies. Yet they make up the ideology that manipulates and shapes the Arab Muslim people’s hearts and minds - and actions - concerning Israel. Incredibly, throughout the Arab world, the poor man, the rich man, the day laborer and the doctor, historian, archeologist - virtually all actually believe these lies. They have rewritten history.

We who know the Bible are well aware there is a massive unseen world with evil spirits directing evil people who accept this path of death. The greatest tragedy of these terrorist groups is the fact they take small children and make them into monsters born only to murder, rape and torture.

It is incredible to learn that 16% of all French people sympathize with ISIS. It does show the growing strength and influence of the some 6,000,000 Muslims living in France. The ruling spiritual undergirding of Islam is death. As the French - and all Europeans - are seduced into believing Israel deserves destruction by the hand of the rightful owners of the Holy Land, they become advocates and defenders of terror against Israel. From there, it’s all downhill. (; 26Aug2014)

For Islamic believers, the god Allah creates the future. The world will become a Caliphate, ruling all peoples who will become Muslims and live according to Sharia law. This, then, is a goal worth giving your life for, especially when you can kill, rape and torture the infidels - anyone not like you. But the greatest incentive to these young Muslim men is their belief that whatever is forbidden in this world will be approved in heaven. Seventy-two virgins will be waiting for those who kill and are killed.

1014 - Hamas - public execution
Hamas publicly executing men. Note three bodies already on the ground. The man in the striped shirt
is waiting his turn while many men and children watch the executions.


Satan, the god of this world, uses many different devices. In the West, atheists and many of those leaning to the extreme left, have left the standards of the Bible. Therefore they have no compass of right and righteousness. They wander in confusion, but end up being tolerant of everyone except those who follow the One True God.

Those who are of the extreme right such as the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis or Islamic Jihadists have a strong compass, but a false one. Their philosophies are built on the absolute certainty of their flawed theology and a fierce hatred of those different from themselves - both attributes are the fruit of the god of this world.

As Europeans have moved away from their foundational belief in God, they have moved both left and right - into tolerance of Islamic terrorism and hatred of the Jewish people.

It is amazing to note that Israel, which is the center of Satan’s plan to destroy the human race, is often attacked first. When the nations who have the ability to help Israel don’t, they then find themselves having to deal with the same issue - but this time it threatens them.

There is little doubt the world is falling into chaos and through technology evil will increase exponentially. And so will suffering. How terrible it will be to live in the coming darkness and hopelessness, worshiping the wrong god.

ISIS’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gives praise to his god:

“In the name of Allah the merciful
We swear allegiance
To the prince of the faithful
And the caliph of the Muslims
Allah is Great.”

As will all the nations, Israel will feel the hatred of the god of this world. But the Lord has said, and so shall it be:

“For God will save Zion
And build the cities of Judah,
That they may dwell there and possess it.
Also, the descendants of His servants shall inherit it,
And those who love His name shall dwell in it.”
Psalms 69:35-36

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1014 - Ismail Haneyeh
Ismail Haneyeh, former prime minister of the Palestinian national authority

Here’s a puzzle for the world’s leaders who demand Israel make peace with the Palestinians.

Mahmoud Abbas was voted in as President of the State of Palestine on January 15, 2005. He was to serve four years until January 9, 2009, when new elections were to be held, but that didn’t happen. Abbas is still in office.

He did hold parliamentary elections on January 15, 2006. Guess who won? The Hamas party. As conflict in Gaza grew between Fatah and Hamas, Hamas took over the entire Gaza strip by force, killing, maiming and expelling Fatah civil servants.

Today, after the recent 50-day war with Hamas, professional polls reveal that if elections were held today, a Hamas terrorist leader would be the next Palestinian prime minister, receiving 61% of the vote, while Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah would get only 32%. In fact, Hamas’ popularity is higher in the West Bank (66%) than in Gaza (53%)!

Also, if elections for the Palestinian parliament were held now, Hamas would win again, hands down. Furthermore, a majority of Palestinians - 53% - say they support armed struggle against Israel, while 20% say nonviolence is the best way to achieve statehood. (; 3Sept2014)

1014 - Khaled Mashal
Hamas leader Khaled Mashal, political leader of Hamas, lives in luxury in host country Qatar

Translation: According to this poll, when the next Palestinian democratic elections are held, the Hamas terrorist organization will become the new rulers of both Gaza and Judea and Samaria - the West Bank. As terrorism would spread throughout Judea and Samaria (just as it has in Gaza) Israel’s existence would be in mortal danger. No civilian planes would fly into Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, tourism would come to a dead stop, and Israelis would be living in bomb shelters throughout the entire country. Letting Hamas rule in the West Bank would be the same as ISIS moving into Baghdad, or Boko Haram into Nigeria’s capital, Lagos.

But that’s not all. Former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy says at least 10 Israeli Arabs have volunteered to fight with ISIS and, he says, they pose a greater threat than the possibility of ISIS threatening Israel’s borders. The danger that Israeli Arabs will be attracted to this new thug on the block is of considerable concern to Israel’s security officials.

In fact, Egypt is already facing ISIS fighters in the Sinai Desert, and ISIS flags have been seen in some of Israel’s Arab villages and in the West Bank.

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Christians in Gaza: The Christians in the Gaza Strip are a tiny minority; most of them live in Gaza City. There are only about 1335 Christians left, and the majority of them belong to the Greek Orthodox Church; 150 are Catholic, and the born again Christians number around 70 - some of them belong to the Baptist Church. There are more than 30 Gazan believers who have come to faith from different backgrounds.

A few years back the Baptist Church had around 200 members, but many have left after the murder of the Bible Society’s leader by Islamic militants in 2007. Others have been “advised” by the Hamas government to leave Gaza for their own safety.

There is an ongoing campaign to convert the Christian families and individuals to Islam. Muslims use verses from the Quran, describing Christians as infidels. Others, under severe threats, have actually converted to Islam over the past 15 years. Several church members have become casualties of violence between warring Palestinian factions, and two were killed in the recent war.

The Christian families’ economic status is similar to the rest of the Gazan population - some are poor, workers, educated, merchants, doctors, engineers, etc. After the last conflict, many of the Christians are really thinking seriously to find ways to move to the West Bank, USA, or European countries. Most Christians living in Gaza are against war.

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1014 - Book 1

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Five Love Languages - Teenagers

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The Hidden Power of Praying and Fasting

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Intimate Friendship with God

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October 2014

Dear Maoz Partner,

The terrorist organizations in these last days will continue to expand and grow more vicious. But this is not the most important issue in our lives. Not at all.

The most important issue in the whole world is this: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

The pain and suffering in this life for many is indescribable.

The horror of the next world is unthinkable - for most of the people of this world.

We don’t talk much about it in this 21st Century - but hell has its mouth wide open to swallow every man and woman who goes into eternity.

Unless someone acts to deprive the gates of hell of it’s prey.

Unless someone reaches out to his or her lost friends, neighbors, family or those far away.

Unless someone prays for more laborers.

Unless someone gives of his own livelihood to reach the lost.

Unless someone uses every method and media possible to point the Way.

Books are one of the greatest vehicles to reach the lost, to instruct, to mentor, to help believers augment their understanding - so that they can grow more quickly in their walk with the Lord.

Books are also great to interest the non-believer in the Truth. For example, we are preparing to publish for the first time a novel “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. We believe this will be a fantastic eye-opener to Israelis who do not yet understand why they, like all human beings, must be redeemed by the God of Israel.

But once a person receives redemption, he or she cannot stand still. Spiritual growth and character building is critical. For that reason, we continue to publish books - even though translating, editing, proofing, typesetting and printing in Hebrew are very costly.

But it is so worth it! For what will it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

And so we turn to you, our partner, to help us publish the books you see in our Maoz Israel Report.

And we cannot pass up this opportunity to thank everyone of you who has helped us publish these life-changing books in the past.

Our next step will be to use another type of technology - to get our books on the web as eBooks. We want “whosoever will” among the Israeli people to be able to get their hands on these books in the Hebrew language that will lead them to the Fountain of Life, and onward to Eternal Life!

          For the Lost of the House of Israel,
Ari & Shira Signature
          Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

P.S. Help us this month to touch more Israelis through publishing life-changing books!

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