Monthly Report: December 2015
Kislev - Tevet 5776
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1215 - Top - Katzir youth camps
Katzir youth camps take place 3 times a year in Israel. It is a time when many Israeli
teenagers make a solid, lifetime commitment to serve the god of Israel and his Messiah Yeshua.
Maoz has been partnering with Katzir for many years to help every teenager who wishes to attend.


Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram

This issue of Maoz Israel Report is about you. How God has used you to change lives and help grow the Messianic Jewish community. And it is about how you have enabled Israel’s Christian Arab community to obtain the tools to evangelize among Muslims and nominal Christians.

And as a result of your generosity we have been honored to reach out to the most desperate among mankind - Muslim Arab refugees.

Through IstandwithIsrael, our humanitarian outreach, Maoz has channeled your gifts to those who need it most - Israelis with impossible debt or expenses for many different reasons. Or simply because they are immigrants who have arrived with nothing.

You also blessed students with scholarships, young people and children at Messianic camps and conferences, couples with help on their mortgage down payment, and the only Messianic Hebrew day school in Jerusalem.

And because Israel’s appointed commission is to be a light to the nations, when we see the horrendous needs among refugees, we also see unequaled opportunities with Jewish and Arab evangelists and pastors. Together with you, our Maoz partner, we cannot but say, “Here we are. Send us!”

Celebrate with us the fruit of your giving! The family of God has given to all these people, programs and plans, more than $771,144!

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Israelis make about 55% of American Israel reports that 1.7 million Israelis live under the poverty line. It goes without saying that Israel’s Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs in Israel fortunately know the way to be free of addictions and abusive living which greatly enhances their standard of living. Yet, there are always believers who have met with misfortune - sickness, loss of jobs, etc. Many new immigrants, not having the Hebrew language, find that they struggle for years to make a living wage. Once people fall into debt, it may take them years - or never - to climb out. They lose the right to a bank account and all the amenities of what is considered normal life. We are fortunate, blessed of God, that Maoz can give a one-time gift to help pull these believers out of perpetual poverty.

1215 M&MY

My wife and I are very grateful to you for your help and financial contribution. Due to the donation, we were able to pay a large part of our debt and clear out most of the Writs of execution against us.

By the grace of God, my wife will be allowed to open an account or to be involved in my account; the Writ of execution on her insurance policy will be closed. Thank God for getting us out of slavery to our debts.

M.&M. Y.

This couple saw their small grocery store go into bankruptcy. They have been struggling to pay off their debts for 11 years. They appealed to IstandwithIsrael to help them begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


1215 - V.K.

I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for the financial help you gave us during this hard time. I have no words to express my gratitude to my own congregation Kehilat Haderech for their ministering to my family. Even though we have health and financial issues, we continue to see answers to our prayers. Thank you IstandwithIsrael!


V.K. came to faith and recovery from drug addiction through a Messianic Rehab Center. He has reunited with his wife and three children and is searching for a job.






1215 - V.M.

The funds came exactly at the right time. It lifted an enormous burden for me, lightening my financial stress. As a single parent, I have been under much financial pressure. The gift enabled me to close out numerous debts and reduce a few three-year loans to one year remaining. I am very happy that God raised up such an organization to help people in need like me.



1215 - Yaffa Sapir

I am writing this in the name of my mother Yaffa, who came to faith after the war (WWII). I wanted to let you know how much the support you gave helped my mother. She really wanted to be among brothers and sisters. I thank you for your support which allowed her to be with believers in her elderly years.

Yaffa & Rafael

Yaffa Sapir (right) is a holocaust survivor who immigrated to Israel at an elderly age. Yaffa has been living off of social security and her health has deteriorated so much, she is now living in the Messianic nursing home called “Ebenezer Senior Citizens Home” in Haifa. It is not subsidized by the government, but has a high rating from the Ministry of Health. She was in need of funds for entry into the home.


1215 - I.L.

I would like to thank the partners of IstandwithIsrael from my heart for the dental treatments for my daughters.

Thank you for your being sensitive and caring about my situation. When we received your gift, it gave us the opportunity to care for our family with dignity.







1215 - Y.L.

I thank you very much for your help. It was greatly needed. I am glad that you exist and are able to help people like me. We make mistakes and you direct us, with the Lord’s help, to the straight path. Your deeds are a light of the Lord, which is so important. It’s good to have people like you.


Immigrants from Kazakhstan, this mother raised her two boys by herself after alcoholic husband left them. For years, she slowly paid off many loans and debts from the lifestyle of her ex-husband. Nevertheless much debt still remained. She underwent a back surgery last year and has had a temporary disability. She came to faith a year ago and is a member of Israel Chai congregation. IstandwithIsrael has been able to help this family have a new start!


1215 - A.S.


Thank you for the financial help you gave me during my time of need. With this money from IstandwithIsrael I am happy to be debt free.

Thank you for everything. What a relief!


A. immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia in 1999. She became sick, and permanently handicapped, and was abandoned by her husband. Not only did we help her eliminate her debt, we also provided financial counseling to help her going forward to live within her meager means.

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Helping Israeli Messianic Jewish young people obtain a college education is one of the most powerful ways to build a healthy and prosperous next-generation Messianic community. Young people who are spiritually established and successful in careers and jobs can be active and generous in their congregations. They are representatives of the Messiah’s promise of abundant life in this world and Eternal Life in the world to come. By helping them, they in turn will be able to help others. [Note: All applicants must be approved by their pastors as a true disciple of Yeshua in order to receive IstandwithIsrael aid.]


1215 - Shilo Ben Hod

I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me through your financial support to begin my B.S. studies at the university. I recently finished the army, and felt God was calling me to study. So I turned to you believing God would use you to help me with this calling and I was not disappointed. Thank you for your support, for me and for many other young believers who wish to strengthen the body of Messiah in this land, through their talents and careers.

Shilo Ben Hod

Shilo and Sarah Ben Hod. Shilo is one of Israel’s rising young Messianic musical artists.



1215 - Ayelet Zobrava

I would like to thank IstandwithIsrael from the bottom of my heart for the financial support for me during my time of trouble (when looking for work some months). You really supported me and stood by me when I needed help. Your donation saved me and gave me hope - hope that I can continue my studies. Without your help I would have had to leave school next year. Thank you so much that you exist and that you care about the hardships of students in Israel. Without your support I would not have the opportunity to do what I do - to study to be an educator in Israel!

Ayelet Zobrava

Ayelet Zobrava made aliyah alone from Ukraine when only 17 years old. Later her family immigrated. She is studying to be a kindergarten teacher.



1215 - Tali Haifetz

My banking job requires me to study and receive a bachelor’s degree in business administration. With your generous scholarship I can study and work a regular job and also see my children, without having to take two shifts to pay for school. Your help also made it possible to pay off past loans and debts due to my studies.

Thank you from my heart and from my entire family.

Tali Haifetz





1215 - Avi Asher Hyde

With your help I was able to complete my martial arts instructor course at Wingate Institute of Athletics and since then I’ve been actively training and teaching many believers and non-believers alike while being a light (I prayerfully believe) to many men and women in the sport. I’ve also married in the time since to a strong believer and we’re living in Jerusalem.

Avi Asher Hyde

Twenty-two-year-old Avi Asher Hyde made aliyah with his family at age 11. He started training in martial arts immediately, knowing that it would help him physically and mentally to become a better soldier.


1215 - M.F.

Thank you so much for your generous and meaningful gift. This donation will enable me to study for an English degree and to become an English teacher.

I am very blessed to have encountered the “IstandwithIsrael” organization to help and support not only me but also other Messianics who want to build their future and study in university.






1215 - Avishag Hadar

Four years ago I began my studies for a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy at the Tel Aviv University and this year I successfully completed it – much thanks to your gifts which helped me to concentrate on my studies while working only a part-time job. Today I started working as a physiotherapist in a daycare center for Autistic children, and I thank God who guided me to this profession, which really compliments my aspirations and allows me to contribute back to society.

For me and my husband, thank you for your help. It allows Messianic Jews like us in Israel to fulfill God’s purpose for us and become professionals in key positions in the Israeli society.

Avishag Hadar

Ariel and Avishag Hadar both serve on the Tiferet Yeshua worship team.


1215 - Michael Elady

I would like to thank all the wonderful people at ‘IstandwithIsrael’ who financially assisted me with starting my first year of Bible study at the Israel College of the Bible here in Israel. I think it’s incredible that God has put it in your heart to aid student believers here in Israel who are fighting the good fight while seeking to grow here and make an honest living.

Michael Elady

Michael Elady is in charge of the media department of Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv. Two years a believer, he is very active in God’s Kingdom.





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1215 Makor HatikvahMakor HaTikvah Messianic School in Jerusalem, Grades 1 through 9.

I want to thank Maoz Israel for their financial support over the last two years while studying for my teaching credentials. The most important thing for me is to become a qualified teacher in accordance with the demands of the Ministry of Education in Israel. The support which Maoz has given has made it possible to continue studying toward obtaining the degree and certificate I need in order to fulfill this goal.

Renataya P.

1215 - Odelia I.

As a young mother of two who teaches at Makor HaTikvah, it was so helpful to have financial help with my education in order to receive my degree and teaching certificate. The core values of the school promote educating and equipping the students with Biblically based teaching, high moral standards and an excellent academic program. With the help of IstandwithIsrael, I have been able to receive a scholarship for my professional training. As a mother and a teacher this financial help is crucial and extremely significant for us to be able to establish our home in Israel.

Odelia I.



1215 - Itsik L.

As a teacher in Makor HaTikvah, I would like to express my full appreciation for your financial support. It wasn’t long after my early retirement from the army that I was invited to join the staff of Makor HaTikvah and offered the chance to obtain my teaching degree. Although starting in my mid-forties, I really enjoyed the challenge and possibility of contributing to other children aside from my own seven.

Since that time, I have discovered that the school is not only a place for believers who are strong and solidified in their faith, but it also provides a warm, homey environment for each family who wants to educate their children in the ways of the Lord. Another great challenge is the school’s effort to become officially State recognized. Part of that process is the demand for all teachers to be properly educated in order to meet the State’s teaching qualifications.

It is through your generous giving, towards that end, which has allowed me to complete this training and obtain my degree and, shortly, my teaching certificate as well. I have no doubt that this will also raise the academic standards of our school and facilitate our becoming funded by the government. In the end, I know it will bring more students to our school as well, so thank you for investing in us and helping us to become the first recognized Messianic institution in the State of Israel.

Itsik L.

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1215 Making Music for Kids23 children in “making music for kids” program


1215 - Vladimir K.

I am very grateful to you for helping me purchase a professional marimba. Without your financial help, I would not have been able to get it.

The instrument is almost 3 meters long. I had to throw out my bed to make room for it! Thank God for sending a blessing through IstandwithIsrael.

Vladimir K.

Vladimir, an immigrant from the Ukraine, earned his M.A. in musical studies in the Ukraine, a music teacher’s diploma from Bar Ilan University in Israel, and studied at the Music Academy in Copenhagen. As an accomplished musician, he has performed with numerous symphony orchestras and taught at several music conservatories. With a professional marimba Vladimir can increase his livelihood through solo performances.


1215 - Yaron

The fast response of IstandwithIsrael to my request to receive a scholarship for my studies definitely changed the outlook of the school year that just started. As a student, the knowledge that there’s financial backing behind me, relieves a lot of pressure and worries that occupy the average student in our country, where both cost of living and a great load of studies together with work and progress – each in its field – are our portion.

As a professional musician I have to invest much time in rehearsing and practicing music, and for this time I do not get paid. These are hours and days which I, as a musician, have to dedicate to playing so that I can progress and so that when I perform in a concert or write a musical piece, my performance and the quality of my work will be excellent and professional.

I serve on the worship team at my congregation in Jerusalem, and I write new worship songs in Hebrew, as well as developing an ethnic-Jewish-Israeli style of music with eastern instruments – all things that demand time to do in a high-quality and professional way.

For this, my mouth is full of thanksgiving for your faithful help and your support for me as a student and a disciple of Yeshua.

I bless you with much peace and wish you a year blessed with rain and fruit.


Yaron Cherniak is one of our finest Israeli Messianic musicians and composers. Maoz is currently producing a music video with Yaron.

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1215 - Vladislava & Gennady Shihovtsov

We are a young family of two years. Two months ago we became parents. Rather than pay heavy rent, we gathered all the funds we could from family and friends, plus the loan available to new immigrants to buy a small apartment, but we still did not have enough for the down payment. Your gift helped us greatly in purchasing the apartment. It is our desire to be established in the Land, contribute to the Israeli society and the local congregation here in Haifa to which we belong. We thank you from all our hearts. [Note from editor: Often once a down payment to purchase an apartment is made, the monthly payments are equal or even less than monthly rentals.]

Vladislava & Gennady Shihovtsov

They have the plans and now they can start building!




1215 - Robert and Sandra Glasser

Dear friends in Messiah,

We are so grateful for IstandwithIsrael which allowed us to fulfill our dream of establishing ourselves in the Land. From the age of 13 it had been my desire to live among our people in Eretz Israel, but my wife and I only arrived at its shores when I was 61 years of age. The Lord has provided us with employment, a loving congregation, children and grandchildren living in the Land. However, purchasing even a small apartment was out of our reach. Now, thanks in large measure to your support, we have a lovely apartment in the mountains of northern Galilee - a place where people can meet for a home fellowship, and temporary housing for those making aliyah or helping out in Israel, and with 2 1/2 bedrooms this will be possible. May the Lord richly bless you for your kindness and generosity.

In His love,

Robert and Sandra Glasser

Apartment of their own in Galilee.


1215 - Yoel and Liel Davis

We wanted to express our gratitude to IstandwithIsrael for the financial support we were granted to purchase our home in Israel. The gift helped us with our equity we had to get in order to obtain a mortgage. We are very excited about this opportunity and thank God for the countless blessings He’s pouring on us. Thank you for opening your hearts to us.

Yoel & Liel Davis





Being part of and allowing our kids to grow up in a Messianic community is our dream. When we were approved to be part of a building project in Yad Hashmona, the only Messianic Moshav in the country, we were very excited. But then when we went to the bank to get our mortgage we were short several thousand shekels. The bank manager told us “go ask your family.” And that’s what we did! Thank you IstandwithIsrael family for standing in the gap for us and helping us reach our goal!


The husband comes from an Orthodox family whose family disowned him. The wife’s family does not live in Israel.

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1215 Pastor AsherPastor Asher Intrater


1215 - Ron Cantor
Associate pastor ron cantor

We are so grateful for Maoz, how you and your partners support us each and every month. We recently renovated our old fellowship hall into a Coffee House. Every month we will be hosting concerts, featuring young Israeli Messianic artists - such as Shai Sol and Jeremiah (who have been featured in Maoz Media). This will be a great place for Israeli believers to bring their unbelieving friends. We believe Israelis are going to find Yeshua in this Coffee House! We will see salvations!

Recently we hosted a fellowship meal in the new Coffee House after our weekly meeting. Honestly, no one wanted to leave! When unbelievers come to visit they always say the same thing: “We have never experienced so much love!” Thanks to you and Maoz partners, God is doing an amazing work! Thank you!


1215 Tiferet Yeshua Ribbon CuttingTiferet members celebrate at the Ribbon-Cutting of the New Coffee House at the Congregation

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By Katy Smith

1215 ELAVAt Elav 2015 in Jerusalem, 600 Messianic jews, Israeli arabs and palestinians
gather to worpship God and fellowship with one another.

Jerusalem. Thursday morning. Hot summer day. Our media team walks into a large pavilion in the heart of the city. Bright light is shining into the welcome area. The music is loud. It’s coming from the inside. It’s in Arabic. On the screens placed around the hall you can see the worship team on stage and the crowd with hands lifted up. The Holy Spirit is here. His presence is undeniable. We part the black curtains separating the meeting place from the entrance, and the feeling of overwhelming love comes over me.

I have heard about the ELAV conference and read about it, but no account came close to what I’m feeling right now. It feels so much like what I imagine worship in Heaven to be. In the crowd there are mostly young people - different colors and backgrounds. An Israeli soldier in uniform catches my eye. He is standing with his hands toward the heavens, and next to him stand Arab, Asian, and Ethiopian believers. Together, they are worshiping the God of Israel. I soak in God’s presence and my heart is filled with joy.

When the worship time comes to an end, Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel, the organizer of this conference, comes on stage with an Arab brother. This man gives his testimony of how worship drew him to Yeshua. It’s powerful and encouraging. God knows how to catch our attention, and He is preparing a great revival for Israel and the entire world. Including the West Bank. Including Gaza.

The main speaker for this session is Oded Shoshani. He talks about King David and the people who influenced his life - the prophet Samuel, who recognizes David’s calling and instructs him in wisdom; King Saul, who was an example of how David should not rule; Jonathan, his best friend in every sense of the word; and prophet Nathan who was not afraid to rebuke David’s sin and show him the way to repentance. “Who are the influencers in your lives?” the speaker asks. You should find them and learn from them. The message is simple, but it speaks to the heart of every person in the audience.

An altar call is given and as the worship team begins to play, young believers come up for prayer. I see Jews praying for Arabs…. Arabs praying for Jews… the Holy Spirit is moving, breaking chains, healing, strengthening, encouraging…

It’s during moments like this that you realize each one of us is born with love of God planted deep in our DNA, and this love is ready to burst out - if we let it - for all human beings, no matter how different we are. This love is what the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, and conferences like ELAV are beating him down, letting that love shine forth, breaking the barriers of hatred which seem to be filling the region and the entire world.

For three days, about 600 young Messianic Jews, Israeli Arabs and Palestinian Christians from the West Bank gather for this conference. Together they worship, pray, hear teaching, and have fellowship - in Hebrew, in Arabic and in English. They get to know each other and they become friends - against all odds given to them by the world in this day and age. They leave forever changed by the presence of God, returning to their homes determined to bring that change to those around them.

In this world where “peace” has became a word that means so little, our Father in Heaven is creating opportunities for believers in Israel to experience His meaning of the word. And it’s the best experience ever.

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1215 NepalOne of the 10 homes Maoz partners built. Husband was in his fields working.

Because of your generosity and that of your readers, we were able to achieve substantial relief for the people of Nepal.

We delivered over 13 tons of food such as rice, lentils, cooking oil, and salt to 18 villages affected by the earthquake. In addition to food, we were able to provide temporary shelter, mosquito netting, and bedding for several of the villages. For 13 of these villages, we were the first responders on the scene; some had still not seen any aid 3 weeks after the first earthquake.

We’ve been able to fully reconstruct 10 homes for families who lost everything and had no funds available to rebuild. We were also able to build a temporary school building for a school that was destroyed in the 7.8 magnitude quake.

Thank you for impacting the lives of so many in Nepal!

Kirby Trapolino - Executive Director & Founder
Peace Gospel International

1215 Building Lives in NepalRebuilding lives in Nepal after the earthquake.

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1215 - Rev. Bob
Last december Rev. Bob brought food
and goodies for Christmas to
Iraqi christian refugees in Jordan.

1215 - Iraqi Christian Refugees

By Rev. Bob

A doctor and I will soon be traveling to Mount Sinjar, located on the western mountain range of northern Iraq, where we will deliver food and Jesus! At this present time, half of this area is occupied by ISIS.

This is my most dangerous mission yet! Genocide is still happening in this region, yet the press says not a word.

I have been guaranteed a personal audience with the second highest “Holy Man” of the Yazidi people. (The number one man does not see anyone at all…ever.) Since I am a reverend, I am coming as a “Holy Man from America!”

I will distribute food and money to the Yazidi people, as appropriate. While in the outposts of Kurdistan, I will meet with several leaders to help determine the most effect way to help the Yazidis, and what can be done next. I will also meet with the mayors and others who are directly involved with “boots on the ground” to develop effective strategies going forward.

For 2-3 days I will actually be in a War Zone. I will, of course, have an agency guarding me with AK-47’s. Even though the Holy Spirit has told me to go and I am ultimately protected by HIM, I still must make prudent security decisions.






1215 Praying with RefugeesPraying with christian and muslim refugee children in Lebanon before their meal.


1215 - Iraqi Christian Refugees in Jordan
Iraqi christian refugees in jordan.

Of course, our main objective, assisted by Maoz Israel Ministries, is to provide food and basic physical necessities to help the malnourished bodies there. We will also have the opportunity to provide education for battered and raped Yazidi women through giving them a thumb drive filled with hygiene training for the raped women, teachings to build back self-esteem, basic educational skills, a Bible in their language, and also the “Jesus” film in their language. It is amazing that, as poor and needy as the people of this region are, they still have some access to laptops!

As I have in years past, our team will also sponsor “Christmas for Refugees,” providing a holiday meal for displaced refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

Thank you, Maoz, for partnering with me to bring hope to the refugees fleeing from the barbarity of ISIS. As we provide a safe, clean and loving environment for them during this holiday time, with a meal and some warm clothes, we are YOUR hands impacting the lives of those who are hurting and need the love of God in action.

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1215 Distributing FoodDistributing food to syrian refugees in lebanon.


1215 - Iraqi Children
Iraqi children in Jordan hold a food certificate
made possible by Maoz donors.

The largest effort globally in Evangelism to Muslims today is the ministry among the refugees. The war has caused Muslim refugees to see Islam as the source of their pain and displacement. They see Christianity as a solution to their crisis as Christian volunteers come and serve refugees for free. They respond positively to the act of love in action demonstrated by the Christian workers. The opportunities for Arabic-speaking Christian workers who are able to travel freely without a need for a visa to Europe is mind boggling. The wars have led thousands to leave Islam and follow Christ.

In our ministry among the Syrian Kurdish refugees there is a growing Kurdish home Church in Turkey.

(Anonymous for security)



1215 Kurdish Home ChurchA Kurdish home church in Erbil, Kurdistan.

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1215 Muslim Refugees in GreeceSYRIAN children living on the street in front of the Greek parliament.

The situation of the refugees in Greece is the worst ever. I have seen with my own eyes thousands of people living and sleeping in the streets of Athens especially across the street from the Greek parliament and mainly in the Island of Kos. They use public parks to sleep and for toilet. Greece is their first station to freedom from the Islamic world but with the country’s economical crises, the Greek government is not doing anything at all for them. As far as I know, no ministry presence in Athens is yet working with the refugees there. Opportunities are endless, especially with the freedom we have there for preaching the Gospel.

I wish to help feed the children and adults as well bring warm clothes, medical help, and help the children overcome the trauma they experienced in Syria or by traveling via boats to Greece. The ultimate goal is to share the Love of Jesus with these dear Muslim refugees. We will partner with Greek Churches and ministries, planning to establish a ministry presence there. (This evangelist is an Israeli Arab who can speak the language of these refugees.)

1215 - Ahmad
Ahmad, found the True God - and a place to live.

Ahmad is a young man from Syria who was homeless and sleeping in the street right outside our hotel. He ran from the war as many of the Syrians did. One of our team took him to a barber shop, bought him new clothes, fed him and asked him to spend the day with us. While there we met a home group of 45 people - most of them Kurdish Syrian believers and others from Egypt and Morocco. Ahmad was with us and heard amazing stories of how Muslims are coming to faith! That shocked him. The love he received from us was overwhelming to him. He said, “You Christians helped us while the Muslims killed us and kicked us out.” That evening, an Egyptian former Muslim asked me if I could baptize him and I said of course. Eleven people went to the beach including Ahmad and on the way a Morrocan believer testified to him. Before we went to the water to baptize the Egyptian brother, Ahmad said that he wanted to receive Christ! After Ahmad prayed with tears, I asked him if he wanted to be baptized too and he said yes! I ended up baptizing two dear brothers who left the darkness of Islam into the light of Jesus! Then, the Egyptian brother offered Ahmad a place to stay. Ahmad is following Christ now! Pray for him to be a living testimony and grow in the Lord! Ahmad is a real testimony of the work of the Lord in Turkey.

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1215 - Happy Hanukkah

December 2015

Dear Maoz Partner,

Happy Hanukkah!

With all the chaos in the world today, we who are here on earth with a holy mission are looking for the city whose builder and maker is God! No suicide bomber can enter there!

Therefore our joy is in things that matter most: seeing God answer our prayers and obeying God through every opportunity He gives us to grow His Kingdom.

As you have partnered with us this year, we as a team have truly been able to help people in need - where it counts!

Together we have presented the Gospel in so many different ways to those who are lost and without hope. How can they hear unless we tell them what the Son of God has done for them!, Maoz’ humanitarian outreach, has helped the sick, the single moms, the elderly, Holocaust survivors, new immigrants from Ukraine and believers who are climbing out of the consequences of their past lives.

We have helped the next generation - those young people who want to do something with their lives - to help society and to make a spiritual impact on their network of influence - inside and outside of their congregation.

Together with you, we are helping to bring more and more quality music into Israel’s Body of Messiah! As we said, music is in our DNA. We know the power of music to the human soul - for good or for bad. Not only do we invest in the most talented Messianic talent today, we are committed to training the young - the Messianic musicians of tomorrow.

Maoz has also continued to support the congregation we founded 22 years ago, Tiferet Yeshua. The continuing high costs to maintain the congregation are a result of astronomical rent and taxes in downtown Tel Aviv. But we believe there must be lights in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel’s largest metropolitan population.

Associate pastor Ron Cantor is doing a great job in the day-to-day administration and leadership of the congregation and it is growing! Growing with young people, and families with children and new believers.

Furthermore, we must thank our partners who have had a significant role in influencing Israeli Messianic youth through Israel’s yearly youth conferences and camps, plus assisting young Messianic Jews, just out of the army, to broaden their spiritual eyes by being with a thousand Jewish believers at these special gatherings.

And now, RIGHT NOW is the greatest opportunity in the history of the world to reach Muslims. Many refugees are fed up with Islam. It has brought them nothing but sorrow. They are so willing and anxious to hear a message that offers them HOPE.

Through a combination of humanitarian aid and the wonderful Message of the Gospel, our opportunities to see Muslims find the true Messiah Yeshua are without limitations. History tells us that spiritual windows of opportunity must be utilized at once. And we are committed to use all possible means to reach them while this window is open.

This coming year the Lord will present us with many more opportunities to bless the Messianic Jewish community in Israel, the Arab Christians in Israel, the Palestinian believers, and the thousands of refugees fleeing ISIS.

This month, let us do all we can to bring the Gospel and meet the basic human needs of the Yazidis and the hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees in Greece. These are our opportunities right now - to meet the needs of the suffering and help the Arab and Jewish workers risking their lives to minister to them.

Again, thank you for being a part of the Maoz team. Words cannot express our joy in producing fruit and harvest in these last days.

          Your Maoz team,
Ari & Shira signature
          Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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