The Youth & Children of Congregation Tiferet Yeshua - Tel Aviv, Israel

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In 2003 our Congregation Tiferet Yeshua (The Glory of Yeshua) in Tel Aviv grew from about 90 adults to 160 adults a 78% increase! The majority of our congregation are locally-born Israeli, with a good number of Russian and South American Jewish immigrants. The number of children and youth has grown several hundred percent.






Every week, members of our congregation are out on the streets of Tel Aviv evangelizing. Much seed is sown. But most of those who come to salvation are friends and relatives of members of our congregation. They are receiving Yeshua in our small groups and through fellowship at our congregation.

 Our young adults get together every chance they have in their homes, on trips, or just hanging out at cafes or at the beach. Here a home group takes a trip to a cave in the desert! Visitors see the difference and want what we have! Nearly every week, Israelis come forward for salvation at our main service.

Since we don't have indoor water for immersion in Israel, we use the sea or other outdoor facilities for new disciples of the Messiah. Here in the hills of Judea, on a cold rainy December late-afternoon, eight brand new believers of different life styles followed the Messiah Yeshua into the waters of immersion. Somehow the rain made the event even more wonderful. Afterward, we all celebrated at a local restaurant!


The goal of is to help raise the financial status of the Messianic Jewish believers in the land of Israel. Bringing help to those in financial difficulty will certainly enable believers to be more involved in building the Kingdom of God. In the last 16 months we have distributed $310,000 to the believers in the land and another $37,500 to victims of terror. has blessed widows and their children struck by tragedy, families under the poverty line and yet others hopelessly in debt often not of their own fault. and our associated aliya fund has sent new immigrants to Hebrew-language school so they can support themselves and their families and have funds left over to share with others. We have help young and old take career courses, acquire Highschool diplomas, receive help for college education and career retraining courses and even drivers licenses very expensive in Israel in order to gain better employment. In these 16 months we have helped 150 families from 33 Messianic congregations throughout the country.

Our Bible courses are forerunners of what one day will be a full-fledged Leadership Training Center. And by videoing these classes, we can reach Israelis throughout the nation. In many small towns and villages, there are Messianic believers who are not near any congregation at all. These videos will be vital to helping sustain these isolated believers spiritually. We now have 100 hours of video teachings in Hebrew on basic Biblical subjects so vitally important for discipling Israelis and preparing them for bringing other Jewish people to faith in Yeshua.

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Furthermore, Maoz Publishing has translated into Hebrew and published 33 Gospel Books and we are working on another ten. We regularly distribute these books to 21 congregations, Bible bookstores and evangelism centers.

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This is YOUR work!


We have been your hands and feet your eyes and ears and mouth.


It has been your contributions and your prayers that have made possible this work in Tel Aviv reaching throughout Israel.


It will be your contributions and your prayers this coming year that will bring an even greater harvest of precious Israelis into the Kingdom of God.


That will bless the poor and needy among Israeli believers and among terror victims.


That will give Gospel books and video teachings to Israeli believers throughout the country.


That will help us make disciples and leaders out of a new generation of Israelis who have not yet found the God of Israel.


Their future is in our hands. Together we will press toward the goal on God's heart: All Israel shall be saved!


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