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By Shira Sorko-Ram

It was with great interest that I read Lou Engle's account of the vision God gave him for the Call - which he describes as a series of "mass gatherings and sustained movements of united fasting, prayer and repentance for spiritual breakthroughs in the nations."

Engle's Call to the youth of America is that they seek the face of God until justice is done. The Call, explains Engle, is not only spiritual. Its aim is to change history, to change court systems, to bring not only love but justice back to America.

His heart’s cry is to see justice regained by changing the courts through prayer and revival. Christians in America are aware of the desolate list of anti-God court decisions: ruling out prayer in the public schools, ruling out the Bible in public schools, legalizing abortion that has allowed the murder of 43,000,000 innocent babies; ruling out the Ten Commandments in public buildings, and even forbidding children to give a prayer of thanks for snacks.

And now, the Supreme Court has declared a constitutional right to consensual sodomy. CBN has voiced concern that by the language in its decision, the court has opened the door to homosexual marriages, bigamy, legalized prostitution, and even incest.

What Lou Engle is saying is that it is not enough only to pray for individual salvation. The behavior of the nation, and by extension other nations, must be changed - in fact, revolutionized by prayer, awareness and action. The end goal is that justice in the land be restored.

It is for this same purpose - justice - that we continue in the Maoz Israel Report to write about the injustices being done to Israel by the Islamic world, together with sympathetic help from most of the nations of the world.

Yes, we are praying continually and persistently, with faith believing, for revival in Israel and for her surrounding neighbors.

However, the great injustices being perpetrated against Israel - to kill her people, to tear away her land, and then to be rebuked and mocked by the nations of the world for "creating a cycle of violence" must be squarely faced by Christians.


The world is absolutely bombarded with propaganda that is in direct opposition to the Word of God, whether it concerns convincing the average citizen that God and justice demand total acceptance of rights for homosexuals to spread their way of life, or freedom for women to destroy their own unborn children.

Paul Rondeau, longtime sales and marketing consultant for corporate America, has documented the strategies used by the leaders of the homosexual organizations to make homosexuality acceptable in American society. Their plan of attack was to "desensitize, jam and convert." (

Desensitization means subjecting the public to a "continuous flood of gay-related advertising." Their techniques include making preposterous claims with straight faces: Jesus, David and Abraham were homosexuals. The main thing is to talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome. "Then," say the gays, "your battle for legal and social rights is virtually won."

Jamming means smearing anyone who disagrees with their agenda. Jam "homohatred." Associate those who oppose the homosexual lifestyle with images like "Klansmen demanding that gays be slaughtered, or hysterical backwoods preachers. Equate Old Time Religion with the backwaters, badly out of step. (see interview by Craig von Buseck, Make sure their opposition comes out looking ugly, dim-witted or hysterical.

Conversion means "converting the average American's emotions, mind and will, through a planned psychological attack in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media." CBN points out the endless TV shows with "right-guy type" homosexual characters. "Homosexual activists envision that a decision is ultimately made without society ever realizing that it has been purposely conditioned to arrive at a conclusion it thinks is its own." (ibid.)

The aims of these strategies are opposed to Scripture, and manipulative of society. More-over, in painting all opponents as bigots, their aim is to take away the civil freedoms of those who oppose homosexual behavior as it touches their workplace, the schools of their children and even their churches.

I find that the Palestinian propaganda has used similar strategy.


Desensitization: When I moved to Israel in October 1967, no one, including the many Arabs I knew from Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) ever talked about Palestinians or a Palestinian people. They simply didn't exist. Certainly, the Arab nations had already tried for 19 years to destroy Israel by invasions and continuous attacks along her borders and inside the country. But this was an Arab-Israeli war. To the Arabs, the Middle East belongs solely to Muslims and therefore there was and as no room for Israel.

However, immediately after the Six Day War in 1967, Yasser Arafat formed his Fatah movement and created "the Palestinian people" and "the nation of Palestine." They had never existed before. Nevertheless, through incessant talking about the "Palestinians," and boundless access to the media, the Fatah movement created a Palestinian people and a Palestinian nation out of local Arabs - many nomadic - living in and around the Holy Land.

Jamming: The Arab Islamists have many friends throughout the nations that now consistently portray Israel as callous, cruel and malevolent. For example, the BBC World Service constantly recycles malicious falsehoods that have been documented and independently disproved.

Daniel Seaman, director of the Israel Government Press Office, explains the power of the media:

"Undermining the credibility of sources by implying doubt, by questioning and conditioning is disingenuous, especially when it is applied to only one side of an issue. Israeli sources reported by the BBC almost always 'allege,' while Palestinians 'report.'

When hard evidence is presented by Israel such as the photo of an infant Palestinian dressed as a homicide bomber, its authenticity is questioned. Yet Palestinians leveling the most ludicrous of accusations against Israel are quoted verbatim.

"Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is often assigned a militant adjective such as 'extreme right-wing' or 'former general,' something that is almost never done when describing a Palestinian leader."

Seaman states that "the use of camera angles, hidden cameras, cinematographic techniques of insinuation and innuendo, intonation - even rhetorical questions - can create a sinister, even diabolical image of an interviewee, cast doubt on his point of view and raise unofficial concern about his character and intention." (Jerusalem Post July 15, 2003)

Converted: The BBC, which is reported to have the budget of a small country and has a virtual monopoly on serious news and current affairs coverage in Great Britain, and great influence in many other English-speaking countries, has become a ready agent of the Islamic propaganda machine. It has been converted and is now being heavily used to convert masses in Great Britain and other lands who are being brainwashed by this network.


Consider these examples:

In April, 2003, Palestinians claimed Israel massacred 500 innocent, unarmed Palestinian men, women and children in Jenin. (Other spokesmen alleged thousands.) That lie made its way from the screens of CNN to the UN security council. The UN cleared Israel of the charges (52 Palestinians and 23 Israelis were killed) and actually blasted Palestinian "militants" for operating inside civilian refugee camps and termed their methods "breaches of international law that have been and continue to be condemned by the United Nations." The terrorist groups in Jenin intentionally used women and children as human shields and created a bomb-making facility in Jenin which produced over two tons of explosives, according to a new study by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Dore Gold, of JCPA stated, “The myth of a massacre at Jenin was the ‘crown jewel’ of a sophisticated effort to delegitimize the State of Israel.” Yet even now the BBC still implies that perhaps there really was a massacre. The BBC has adopted the language of the Palestinians. It goes out of its way to state that the Temple Mount is called "Haram al-Sharif" by the Arabs, implying an Arab claim to the site. However, it never states that the West Bank is known by the Jews as Judea and Samaria. The BBC accommodates the Hizbullah terror organi-zation. The UN recognizes the Israeli border with Lebanon, but to Hizbullah and the BBC, the border is "disputed." To the BBC, (and most of the world media), the settle-ments are "illegal" and the territories "occupied" rather than disputed.

Now, as people of the Bible - Christians and Messianic Jews - what do we do with the Scriptures?

The Bible says that God will spiritually graft the Jewish people back into their own olive tree, ( Hebrews 11:24) The Bible also says God will physically bring the Jewish people back to their own land (Ezekiel 39:28) in the mountains of Israel, which is exactly the West Bank, called Judea and Samaria in the New Testament. The Bible says that the nations are to help bring the Jewish people back to their own land. (Isaiah 49:22) The Bible says to declare that the God who scattered Israel to the ends of the earth is bringing her back home. (Jeremiah 31:10) The Bible says that God will restore His people to their land, the land of Israel, where he will then wash them with clean water and give them a new heart and a new spirit. The Bible says that "all Israel shall be saved." (Romans 11:26)

The people who follow the God of Israel must know the truth. That is why we continue to write and carry articles about the injustices being done to Israel, about the propaganda lies that have been created and manipulated by Islamic strategists who are still determined that one day they will finally throw Israel into the sea. This propaganda that creates facts, however false, is being published throughout the globe by the news media.

It will become increasingly difficult for Christians and Jewish believers of America, Canada, Great Britain and the world to demand justice for Israel. But if Christians and Jewish believers stand up for truth, then God’s promises to bless them will also be true. There must be a strong continuous call to stand with Israel for what we call Biblical and moral reasons, and what the world calls political reasons, no matter what the price. As followers of Messiah, we must be followers all the way.

So Let's summarize the results of today's anti-Jewish, anti-Israel sensitizing, jamming and converting:

There are a Palestinian people and there is a land of Palestine. The Jews have illegally settled in the land of Palestine. The Jews are illegally occupying the land of Palestine and have stolen from the Palestinians the land that is rightfully theirs. Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian state, and Israel, which never before occupied this city, is an intruder which must be driven out. Militants who blow up buses are not terrorists but freedom fighters who are ready to give their lives in order to push out the invaders and liberate their ancient land. If it weren't for the Jews, there would be peace in the Middle East.

What will God's people in the nations do about this?

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By Ruth Wisse

JERUSALEM - The day after Israel's failed assassination attempt on Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a "deeply troubled" President Bush let it be known that he did not think such attacks helped Israeli security. He was concerned lest the strike undermine the momentum he is trying to create for a "two-state" solution to the Palestinian crisis, part of his larger effort to extend peace and democracy in the Middle East. In response, the Jerusalem Post declared itself deeply troubled, too - by the failure of the said operation to eliminate the man who directs terror operations in Gaza. Post believed that the American president would have done better to recognize the threat Rantisi represents to American security.

The Jerusalem Post has a point. President Bush may understand more clearly than his predecessors the nature of the threat to Israel's security. The attacks of Sept. 11 brought home to him the similarities between the two democracies. Along with most Americans, the Bush administration now grasps how the freedoms of an open society leave it vulnerable to assault. If America is duty-bound to strike their bases of those who threaten its security, no matter how far they are from its shores, then Israel, too, which constitutes the fighting front line in the war against terror, must root out the terrorists within and along its borders.

Yet the White House still cannot bring itself to admit the true nature of the aggression against Israel. It still tends to treat the regional crisis as "a conflict of two people over one land" that can be resolved by the creation of a Palestinian state. According to this view, since Jews and Arabs both lay claim to the same territory of Israel-Palestine, some division of the territory between will bring about a peaceful resolution.

Unfortunately, the Arab war against Israel is no more a territorial conflict than was al Qaeda's strike against America, and it can no more be resolved by the "road map" than anti-Americanism could be appeased by ceding part of the U.S. to an Islamist enclave. From the moment in 1947 when Jewish leaders accepted and Arab rulers rejected the U.N. partition plan of Palestine, the Arab-Israeli conflict bore no further likeness to more conventional territorial struggles. Arab rulers defied the U.N. charter by denying the legitimacy of a member state. Arab countries refused to acknowledge the existence of a single Jewish land.

Arab rulers did not object to Israel because it rendered the Palestinians homeless. Rather, they ensured that the Palestinians should remain homeless so that they could organize their politics around opposition to Israel.

At any point during the past 55 years, Arab governments could have helped the Palestinian Arabs settle down to a decent life. They could have created the infrastructure of an autonomous Palestine on the West Bank of the Jordan and the Gaza territory that Egypt controlled until 1967, or encouraged the resettlement of Palestinians in Jordan, which constitutes the lion's share of the original mandate of Palestine. Rather than fund the Palestine Liberation Organization to foment terror against Israel they could have endowed Palestinian schools of architecture, engineering, medicine and law.

What Israel did for its refugees from Arab lands, Arabs could have done much more sumptuously for the Palestinians displaced by the same conflict. Instead, Arab rulers cultivated generations of refugees in order to justify their ongoing campaign against the "usurper."

This is hardly the first time that the Jews have served as the pretext for a politics of opposition. To cite only the most notorious example (whose outcome President and Mrs. Bush witnessed during their recent tour of Auschwitz), Hitler used the supposedly illegitimate presence of the Jews as the excuse for tightening control over all the instruments of state. His promise to rid Germany of "the Jewish vermin" ushered in an assault on democratic culture that gained popular support by targeting an unpopular minority. Anti-Semitism camouflaged the Nazi will to power and the imposition of totalitarian controls: In the name of limiting the "influence" of the Jews, Hitler delimited the power of the courts, the media, and the educational system. As a young German named Sebastian Haffner noted at the time, "[the Nazis] provoke a general discussion not about their own existence, but about the right of their victims to exist." Suddenly, the Nazis had everyone debating the question of the Jews rather than questioning the legitimacy of the discriminatory laws against them.

In almost identical ways, the autocrats who govern Arab societies have used the "Zionist entity" to deflect attention from the worst aspects of their rule. The unwanted presence of the Jews became the rallying point for internal dissatisfaction with the mounting problems of Arab regimes.

The drumbeat against Israel invited the world to debate the iniquities of the Jews rather than question the legitimacy of the attacks against them.

This comparison is not intended to equate the Germans with the Arabs, except in the ways that both exploited anti-Semitism to achieve broader political goals. Both used the alleged threat of "the Jews" to excuse their own failures. Anti-Semitism in both situations linked otherwise warring groups of the Left and Right.

The problem with anti-Semitism in its older and newer varieties is that it seems to serve its patrons so well. Without question, Arab rulers successfully deflected attention from their offenses by their decades of war and propaganda against Israel.

Even the liberal Western media that might have been expected to support a besieged fellow democracy have long since focused on alleged Israeli abuses instead of on the abuses of their Arab accusers.

But, just as happened in Europe, the Arab obsession with Israel grew increasingly destructive not only of its Jewish targets but also of the sponsoring regimes. Attacking Jews consumed energy that should have been directed at alleviating the misery of Arab subjects. Blaming the Jews postponed democratization, which begins with people taking responsibility for themselves.

Moreover, anti-Semitism metastasizes very quickly; its culture of hatred and its appeal to violence cannot be contained. Although Arab governments tried to direct the war against Israel according to their political needs, Islamist and nationalist groups espousing the same ideology sprang up independently, sometimes in defiance of government control.

Anti-Semitism morphed into anti-Americanism - not because America supported Israel but because America represented the same challenges of an open, democratic, competitive society.

The Jews' function as a bulwark of democracy was determined by the despots who tried to crush them. America did not so much fight on the side of the Jews as find itself forced to tackle the anti-Jews.

It goes without saying that President Bush must subordinate other considerations to America's security and interests. And Americans obviously would be better served if there were no conflict in the Middle East. Yet until Arab leaders give up the crutch of anti-Semitism they can make no real progress toward responsible self-government, and it is futile to pretend that obsession with Israel is compatible with Palestinian independence.

Rantisi greeted the "road map" by organizing major attacks against Israel, which he calls "our land, not the land of the Jews." America can't hope to win its war against terror while ignoring some of its major perpetrators and propagandists.

Ruth Wisse, a professor of Yiddish and comparative literature at Harvard, is the author of "If I Am Not for Myself: The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews" (Free Press, 2001)

Printed by permission of The Wall Street Journal

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Asaf was your typical Israeli soldier who had been assigned to a fighting unit in the Golan Heights. But because his mother was confined to a wheelchair and his father had left home due to her medical condition, Asaf asked to be stationed near his home in Jerusalem. The army granted his request and he was sent to Beit El, the site of ancient Bethel. He had been at his new army base a few weeks when the army allowed him to take leave one afternoon to visit his mother. It was December 2, 1999.

He was given a lift in a civilian Mitsubishi headed for Jerusalem when only a few hundred feet from his base a gang of Palestinian rock throwers began pelting the vehicle.

One went through the window and hit Asaf on the head, knocking him momentarily unconscious. The driver jumped out of the car and ran back toward the base to call for help. However, he left the vehicle running which continued traveling in the direction of a Palestinian hotel and towards more Palestinians. Soon a great mob surrounded the car and set it on fire. They pulled Asaf out of the car and attempted to cut his eyes out while continuing to brutally beating him. When they pulled his rifle off of him, he realized that for a few seconds, their attention was diverted to that rifle. Though he had broken ribs and two broken knees, and was bleeding from the eyes and head, he pulled himself up and began running, he knew not where.

By this time army vehicles rushed from the base and broke up the mob. It had been a planned ambush because the Palestinians had called in four foreign TV network cameramen who patiently waited an hour and a half until the Palestinians found a suitable target to attack.

In the weeks to come, the army berated Asaf for not defending himself in a better manner. The total experience spun him into posttraumatic syndrome. Asaf closed himself up in his bedroom for one year; he did not leave his house for two years. He wouldn't eat normal food but lived on chocolate and chips, until he literally rotted all of his teeth to black nubs. Then his jaw bone began to deteriorate to the extent that he now needs facial reconstruction.

Asaf's mother, Lisa, is a born-again Jewish believer and has been praying for her son since he was born. Meanwhile, she has received a very outstanding healing and Lisa is now out of the wheelchair and walks normally.

Lisa believes that God has obviously kept her son alive for a purpose, although Asaf does not yet know the Lord. He needs healing - physically, spiritually and emotionally. At the trial of one of the Palestinians who beat Asaf, a film was reviewed of the actual beating.

When Asaf was asked to identify one of those who beat him, the defense said, "Oh, you recognize him because you saw just now someone who looked like him in the film." He replied, "No. I see him every night in my nightmares." Asaf continues to have terrifying dreams and headaches and vomiting.

Two years ago, he gathered himself up, and found a job in a Jerusalem restaurant called the Moment Café where the kindly proprietor took Asaf under his wing. Then, on March 9, 2002, he was duty manager and sitting near the front entrance. He got up to go outside for a few minutes and walked to the back exit door. At that moment a suicide bomber exploded himself leaving 11 killed and 50 injured. Where Asaf had been sitting seconds before was where most of the dead lay. In fact, many people who knew where Asaf had been sitting thought he too was dead.

But his mother continues to pray. Asaf is still working at the Moment Café and about five months ago, he began to improve psychologically and emotionally. has given a gift to Asaf of $10,000 to replace his teeth and to help rebuild his life and help give him a second chance to live a full life.

When Lisa opened the envelop with the check she sent this email:

"To all those on the board: Many many thanks to yourselves and your donors for this overwhelmingly generous gift to my son Asaf. I have phoned him at work and told him. He was speechless. Only last night he was miserable with his teeth aching and said 'Mother, help me!' I had no answer... so our thanks just cannot be put in words.

This is the beginning of a new era for him, and another step forward into life. May the Lord draw him unto Him, may He speak to him and just remind him of His love for him."

And to our istandwithisrael.comcontributors, may we add, as the Lord leads you, pray for Asaf's recovery, body soul and spirit.

July 2003

Dear partner,

Today's paper says that in the last couple of years more than 200 soup kitchens have opened up in Israel.

This week Israelis have watched their TV screens as single mothers across the country march from Tiberius, Galilee, Ashdod and the Negev - some of them pushing children in strollers and sometimes wheelchairs - all headed for Jerusalem.

"We are on the brink of despair. People are going hungry; they have nothing to live on. We've just had it," said one protestor. They are demonstrating against welfare cuts which the government is making in order to stave off national bankruptcy. Because of Israel's serious economic depression brought on by the Intifada, many people simply can't find jobs and are hopelessly in debt with no where to turn.

Jewish and Christian charitable organizations are doing all they can to help the Israeli people, but few are touching the Israeli believers in Yeshua.

During this time it is with great thanksgiving that we are able to distribute your contributions through to the needy Messianic Jewish believers in Israel. Together, we are blessing single mothers, families struck by sickness, and believers who have lost their jobs or have fallen onto hard times.

Furthermore, ISWI is helping believers help themselves. We are paying tuition for Jewish immigrants from Russia, South America and elsewhere to learn the Hebrew language - which in turn will help them find better jobs. ISWI is paying for others to take new career or university courses to give them a better chance in the job market. ISWI is helping to raise the standard of living of some of the Israeli families who represent the kingdom of God in Israel.

Believers who have jobs and who are not weighed down with extreme financial woes are able to bear more fruit, to labor among the lost with singleness of mind. When we financially bless these believers, we are blessing the combined work of the Body of Messiah in the land. Furthermore, we have also contributed to born-again Palestinian families who are suffering under economic stress.

Lastly, for every dollar that you give to ISWI, 10¢ (or 10% of every currency) goes to Israeli victims of terrorism whose lives have been shattered by loss of limb, emotional trauma and the death of close relatives. Family members have been amazed and confounded to find that the Messianic Jews of Israel and their Christian brothers and sisters around the world have extend their love and their finances to them.

This is our God-given opportunity to continue standing with and supporting the needy Israelis believers and victims of terror in their time of trouble and distress.

          For the lost sheep of Israel,
Ari & Shira Signature
          Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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