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  Monthly Report: September 2002 Click for PDF
Nataly and her children are one of the families Gregg supports $500 a month


We did not know Gregg, and as we considered his request, we wondered how we could ever locate two needy families with such precise specifications. However, there was one obvious avenue to pursue and that was to put a notice on the Internet network of the Israeli Messianic leadership and describe the families we were looking for. The two families Gregg is supporting with $500 per month We received five responses from pastors and we sent all of them on to Gregg. He chose two.

One was a lady from a Messianic congregation in the north of Israel. She and her husband, pillars in the Messianic congregation, had emigrated from Siberia, along with their two children, a boy and a girl. Then last October her husband was killed in a plane shot down over the Black Sea, along with her mother. Since this tragedy, this single mother has carried on, raising her children and remaining active in her congregation. She is now being trained to help in a home for troubled women which her congregation is hoping to open soon.

The other family was also originally from the former Soviet Union. Both parents were pillars in a congregation here in Israel she serving as head of children’s ministry and he as a deacon. Then, suddenly, at age 35, the husband died without warning in his sleep last year, leaving behind his wife with three small children.

The $500 that Gregg is giving each month is pumping new life into these two families! It is helping to put food on the table for the children and giving hope to both mothers who can spend a little bit more time with their children and with their congregation, rather than working night and day to financially survive.

During this same period of time, we began to receive letters, emails and phone calls from other individuals who asked how they might financially help the Israeli people believers and terrorist victims in particular in this perilous, almost unbearable time in the life of the nation of Israel.

We began to talk about the creation of a much greater benevolence outreach that would have the potential of making a substantial difference throughout the land to help the believers of Israel and to touch in a practical way, some of the families, believers and non-believers, who have been devastated and decimated by fundamentalist Islamic terrorists.


This is where comes in! Beginning this month of September, after 24 straight months of constant attacks, killing and hurting Israelis and terrorizing Israel’s economy, we are launching a massive campaign to help the orphans, the widows, the poor and the oppressed among the besieged believers in the land. And we will help terrorist victims and their families throughout Israel in their greatest time of need., will partner with many other Messianic organizations that are ministering to believers and unbelievers. We can assist them with what they are already doing by helping them expand their capacity to bless and heal. We can help pastors channel funds to the poor in their congregations. We can give to believers who are hoping and praying for a chance to better themselves through retraining or education. Yes, together we can help the orphans, the widows, the poor and the oppressed.

And we most certainly will reach out financially to the survivors among the growing number of victims in Israel killed and maimed literally every day of the week for the last two years. Every day! Even when there is not a suicide bomber, there are shootings, knifings, stonings, ambushes and attacks scores of them each day, every day.

We believe that the many Christians and Messianic Jews who desire to help these victims and their families, wish to do so in a way that will bring glory to the God of Israel. The Jewish people need to know that there are followers of Israel’s Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) both Jew and Gentile, who love them, pray for them, and want to help them in a practical way at the time their enemies are trying to destroy them.

Not only can the Messianic community bring physical aid and relief to Israeli believers and unbelievers, they can also bring great glory to the Messiah Yeshua!


First, let us tell you what MaozIsrael Ministries, the parent ministry of has been able to do. For many years we have given to the poor among the Messianic believers of Israel. In the last 12 years we have distributed over $650,000 through our Israeli benevolence fund.

We wish we could have done more! MaozIsrael Ministries has helped the poor with medical and dental bills, the unemployed with temporary rent subsidies and even helped some immigrants with down payments to purchase modest apartments. (If an Israeli can put together a small down payment for a modest apartment, his monthly payments may be the same or less than monthly rental payments which are very high in Israel.) This encourages better stewardship and helps new immigrants put down roots in the land.

We have provided financial help to families with many children and to the elderly who cannot find work. We have helped Russian and Ethiopian immigrant families and singles with scholarships so that they could attend Hebrew language school. Acquiring the Hebrew language enables them to move from menial jobs, to jobs in their own fields. This ministry has enabled others to undertake new career education such as computer or technical schools.

Obviously, trained Israeli breadwinners will be far more effective members and witnesses in their local Israeli communities. Still other immigrants from Brazil, Eastern Europe and around the world have been assisted by MaozIsrael as they wrestled to be absorbed into the nation of Israel. MaozIsrael helped Oleg,an oil company engineer from Russia, to retrain in a nine month course to become a computer network mangager MaozIsrael has paid for troubled or retarded children to undergo counseling.

Our partners have blessed worthy Israeli believers with college tuition; soldiers who do not have parents to help them, or do not have parents living in Israel; children who wish to go to Messianic summer camps or special events but have no money to do so. MaozIsrael has paid for the legal fees of several women and children in distress because an unbelieving spouse or ex-spouse attempts to legally take children away from a mother because she is a follower of Yeshua.

We have also assisted in the legal fees of Messianic Jews who have been harassed by Orthodox authorities or who are threatened with deportation because and only because they are Messianic Jews. We have blessed children and the elderly with gifts for the Jewish holidays. We have aided the addicted as they go to a believing rehabilitation center. We have helped secure lawyers for strong, steady believers who, before they came to the faith, had fallen into bankruptcy with absolutely no way of ever legally working again in the land because of the draconian laws concerning debt in Israel.

Three such mature believers are all moving towards resolution of these debts because of the help of MaozIsrael. One of several humanitarian aid stores for the poor in Tel Aviv organized by Daniel Lichtman and supported by Maoz Ministries We give monthly support to a former alcoholic who now has a beautiful ministry of mercy to street people.

We believe that will increase our ability to bless the poor and oppressed in Israel exponentially. The potential to make a real difference by helping the Israeli Messianic believers and terrorist victims has never been greater. There is no doubt that we are now facing a monumental financial and humanitarian crisis in Israel as the threat to our Jewish nation’s very existence deepens and widens. You may be asking what you can do to help.


Before answering that question, we ask you to look at these facts:

Many wonderful Christians and Christian organizations have given millions of dollars to the Israeli government, to Israeli charities and other organizations. Jewish Orthodox charitable organizations have also benefited by gathering many millions of dollars from Christians and channeling these funds to Israeli Orthodox and secular organizations. On the other hand, the Messianic Jews as well as the born-again Arabs of Israel, have, for all practical purposes, received absolutely nothing from these gifts from Christians. In fact, these same Orthodox or other charitable funding organizations have done all in their power to keep Israeli believers from receiving any benefit whatsoever.

Many of the Orthodox institutions and government offices which are staffed by Orthodox Jews, openly and aggressively fight the Messianic Jews by attempting to deport believers from Israel or keep Messianic Jews from immigrating to the land. The Messianic believers of Israel come under heavy physical harassment by Yad L’Achim, an Orthodox group funded by the Orthodox political establishment, and there are constant legal and illegal attempts by a variety of Orthodox entities to stifle the work of the Lord in Israel such as calling the place of a believer’s employment and demanding that they fire the employee because he is a Messianic Jew.

Even funds given by Christians to various secular Israeli government agencies will ultimately be inordinately shared with the Orthodox, as their political leaders extract sums way above what their numbers justify because of their political grip on the Israeli government coalition. Again, keep in mind that Israel’s Orthodox religious establishment and political figures are the very people who aggressively harass and obstruct the Israeli believers and do all in their power to keep the Israeli people from hearing the message of salvation.

The Orthodox politicians are constantly attempting to pass ever-stricter laws making it illegal to share one’s faith (unless it is Orthodox), under penalty of a prison sentence for doing so. Some basic anti-faith laws have already been passed, although no one has yet been jailed under such laws. And it is a fact that some of the Orthodox politicians most active in persecuting believers in Israel are also on the boards of organizations which collect many millions of dollars from Christians who remain unaware of this fact.

When Christians donate to Orthodox institutions, it is very doubtful that the average recipient will ever know that the funds came from Christians. For example, if an Orthodox yeshiva receives a donation of Christian origin, the students will never know that the followers of the Jewish Messiah gave them a financial gift. Obviously, it is biblical to bless the poor no matter what their religious beliefs, but we think that if a Christian or Jewish believer is given the choice of blessing Israel with his or her financial resources as a public testimony of unity and love for our Jewish people in the name of the Messiah, we think most Christians and Messianic Jews around the world would say, “YES! That’s my choice!” Ethiopian Jewish immigrants are some of the poorest citizens of Israel. Language and Eduacational deficiences make it very difficult for them to break into the job market.


So we are asking you this month, and every month you can, to give a gift for the poor and oppressed, believers and non-believers in Israel. This humanitarian outreach to help Israel is something that we believe is born out of the heart of God for His chosen people. We ask you to give generously to those who are in such great need. He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, And He will reward him for what he has done. King Solomon, Proverbs 19:17


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