Why Not Investigate?

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Last month, the UN attempted to send in a committee to investigate Israeli actions in Jenin, the Palestinian refugee camp and source of many suicide attacks. Saudi Arabia has proposed a plan where Israel would concede all disputed territory in exchange for a promise from the Arab league of peaceful relations.

Well, why not? - For that matter...

Why not have a committee investigate the nightmarish lynching by the Palestinians of suspected Palestinian "collaborators" with Israel, while they beg for mercy with the crowd cheering in delight as their limbs are ripped apart?

Why not investigate the "Karin A" affair in which Arafat purchased weapons and explosives for terrorists and then lied about it to the whole world?

Why not investigate the terrorist attack on the Greenberg and Shefi families by Palestinian terrorists in Israel (members of the two families with their children who were shot while they were lying in bed sleeping, with the blood pouring out over their beds?)

Why not investigate the hundreds of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians over the past year, including the Dolphinarium disco attack, the Sbarro restaurant bombing, and the Passover Seder massacre?

Why not investigate the murder of Meir Franco, the Israeli tourist killed in Sinai Egypt recently, for the crime of simply being Jewish?

Why not investigate the origins of the new spread of anti-Jewish violence in France?

Why not investigate the Al Qaida bombing attack on a Jewish synagogue in Tunisia where 18 people, mostly Germany tourists, were killed?

Why not investigate the current bombing by Hizbollah on Israel's northern border after Israel pulled out of all Lebanese territory? (After all, the whole idea of the Saudi peace plan is that after Israel would concede territory, there would be peace.)

Why not investigate the fact that the UN withheld video footage taken by them of three Israeli soldiers kidnapped and murdered by Hizbollah terrorists while UN peacekeeping troops did nothing to prevent their capture (again after total withdrawal?)

Why not investigate the fact that the UNRWA building (under UN supervision) in Jenin was being used as a terrorist base?

Why not investigate the lack of democracy, judicial procedure, religious freedom, and human rights in most Islamic countries? (Perhaps George Bush should ask the prince of Saudi Arabia about the religious liberties for Christians in his country.)

Why not investigate the suppression of women, economic oppression, and violence against non-Muslims in most Islamic countries?

Why not investigate the American Air Force bombings in Afghanistan in which innocent civilians were killed?

Why not demand for the U.S. to give money to Al Qaida from the New York banks, so that the terrorists won't have a reason to execute more attacks?

Why not demand for President Bush to meet with bin Laden to come to a peaceful resolution of the differences between them?

Why not have the Arab League decide what concessions the U.S. should make to Iraq in order to stop the "cycle of violence on both sides."

Why not investigate the terrorists who took over the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, holding its priests captives?

Why not investigate the dozens of terrorist hideouts, weapons caches, and explosive laboratories that were uncovered in Jenin?

Why not investigate the documented proof about Arafat's direct control and financing of the terrorist groups?

Why not investigate the connection of terrorist groups all over the world with the PLO over the past thirty years?

Why not investigate Arafat's use of billions of dollars of donations for terrorist infrastructure, instead of the designed purpose - humanitarian aid for improving the education, health, welfare and economy of his people?

Why not investigate the massive indoctrination and brainwashing of Palestinian elementary school children to become suicide terrorists?

Why not investigate the fact that Palestinian terrorists without uniforms or other identifying insignia hid themselves and their weapons among their own civilian population of the West Bank, a direct violation of international law which violates human rights?

Why not investigate how bomb factories and Kasam-2 rocket plants multiplied in Jenin under the very noses of the UNRWA agency employees sent by the UN?

Why not investigate if the UN fact-finders are willing to consider the many hundreds of innocent Israelis killed by terrorists or those maimed and impaired for life or the damage done to Israeli businesses, public buses and industry?

Why not investigate if the Arabs intend to make land concessions to Israel for peace instead of the other way around? (The overwhelming percentage of the land in the Middle East is controlled by Muslims and Arabs.) Only a tiny strip belongs to Israel. [We live in a stretch of land in Israel where the distance between the proposed Palestinian border and the Mediterranean Sea is only TWELVE miles. A car traveling at highway speed could cover that distance in less than TWELVE minutes.]

Why not investigate the payments that are given to the families of Palestinian suicide terrorists by the government of Saudi Arabia (Documents uncovered by Israeli forces show evidence of 102 families of Palestinian terrorists who were killed in terror acts against Israel were given more than $500,000. Financial compensation to their families is an important motivating factor for the young terrorists to execute suicide attacks. Those payments are in addition to documents showing their support for the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups.)

Well, why not?

Doesn't it seem strange that the blame, the investigations, the demands, and the international diplomatic pressure of the UN and of the world are made just toward?

Asher is an elder of our Tel Aviv congregation, Tiferet Yeshua, and heads the Israeli Institute of Messianic Judaism. His Revive Israel Ministries website is now online at http://www.revive-israel.org

THE UN VERSUS ISRAEL: What does Israel have to hide?

Why did Israel refuse to let the UN fact-finding commission enter Jenin, the Palestinian refugee camp, to investigate charges that Israel had committed war crimes?

The Palestinians claim that Israel committed a "massacre" in Jenin of hundreds of Palestinians when Israeli troops entered the refugee camp to dismantle the terrorist beehive. This refugee camp had become the regional terrorist headquarters from which 23 suicide bombers had been bred and dispatched. The UN's response was to prepare a committee to ascertain whether or not the Palestinian charge was true. Israel asked that the UN team include representation of counter-terrorism and military experts - to no avail.

Sen. Joseph R. Biden, the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, gave a speech saying, “It is fair to ask the U.N. what its officials were saying to the Palestinian authority about the use of a U.N. - run camp as a launching pad for terrorism. To many Israelis, it appears as if the U.N. turned a blind eye to Palestinian terrorism, while it seems intent on smearing Israel for its legitimate response to that terror.

To understand what Israel is facing, we must comprehend the difference between a massacre and the unavoidable collateral damage caused in a legitimate military operation. The question is not even how many people died, but how and why they died. The following points are decisive factors in reaching an objective conclusion (for Jenin or any other combat zone in the world.)

1. Did Israel's operation have a valid military objective, or was its purpose merely to cause pain to the enemy population?

2. Was the property damage and curtailment of residents' rights necessary and unavoidable within the needs of Israel's operation, or did its army engage in wanton destruction and repression?

3. In light of the armed resistance coming from the terrorist guerrilla's fortifications (inside civilian homes) was the army's precautions against civilian casualties consistent with reasonable military concern for its own soldiers' safety?

4. Were reasonable precautions taken to minimize civilian casualties, or were civilians considered fair game?

To accurately judge what happened, the UN would have had to commission unbiased observers with specialized military knowledge who would know how to evaluate Israel's actions in face of the facts on the ground - multiplied booby-trapped houses, the terrorists' use of civilians as human shields, gunmen shooting from buildings occupied by civilians, etc.

An observer would have to be able to determine how well the army acted to protect enemy civilians while still being able to achieve its goals of rooting out the terrorist base. Counting bodies is not enough. (Israel lost 23 soldiers, mostly through booby-trapped buildings, while approximately 50 Palestinians were killed, mostly gunmen.

The UN committee appointed by Kofi Annan was made up of three non-military men who possess virtually no military expertise. The first, Cornelio Sommaruga, former head of the International Red Cross, considered to be very anti-Israel, publicly compared the Jewish star to a swastika. The Red Cross under his leadership has denied membership to only one single country in the world - Israel. The other two men are career refugee and relief workers, a profession that has taught them to not consider military strategies in the course of their duties. A refugee agency's care for civilians caught in war must have, as its entire focus, that of bringing relief to a war-torn area, not to differentiate between a civilian and a gunman.

Before the UN finalized preparations to send in this commission to Jenin or had any factual information, its Human Rights Commission passed a resolution condemning Israel for "mass killings" of Palestinians in Jenin. The UN is a politicized organization controlled by Islamic dictatorships in alliance with nations such as the European Union and Japan who are heavily dependent on Arab oil. It became obvious to Israel that the UN's goal for sending the commission was to open another front against her by preparing the ground for trumped-up war crimes’ indictments. Israel had no other choice but to refuse to cooperate. Fortunately, the U.S. quietly concurred and helped Israel escape the UN's noose.

Maj. Avihu Ya'acov, 24, killed in a Nablus operation on the West Bank, May 3, 2002, had also taken part in the fierce combat in the Jenin refugee camp, losing five of his men.

Ya'acov recently told a boyhood friend, "The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] is the most ethical army in the world." He said every entrance into a house in the Jenin camp was accompanied by shouts to make sure there was no one inside, and Israel paid a high price in casualties for this.

"We are Jews and this is our way to fight. We don't just go in and kill everyone," Ya'acov told his friend.

Inverting Right and Wrong


"Jenin Camp Is a Scene of Devastation But Yields No Evidence of a Massacre." - Headline, Front Page,WashingtonPost, April 16

"There is simply no evidence of a massacre" - Peter Bouckaert, senior researcher Human Rights Watch, Jenin.Jerusalem Post April 28

"Holley told Agence France-Presse that he did not see 'any evidence of a massacre. The Israeli army was fighting against some desperate (Palestinian) fighters here.'" - Agence France-Presse, quoting Maj. David Holley, British military adviser to Amnesty International, April 28.

A massacre is the deliberate mass murder of the defenseless. The "Jenin massacre" is more than a fiction. It is a hoax. "Palestinian Authority allegations" reported the Boston Globe (April 29) "…appear to be crumbling under the weight of the eyewitness accounts from the Palestinian fighters who participated in the battle and camp residents who remained in their homes until the final hours of the fighting….All said they were allowed to surrender or evacuate."

And yet for weeks the world has been seized with the question of the "Jenin massacre." The UN Security Council called emergency meetings. The secretary-general appointed a special investigating committee (now disbanded). The European press published the most lurid allegations. To say nothing, of course, of al-Jazeera TV.

All this for a phantom massacre. Yet this same Middle East conflict yields no shortage of real massacres:

April 27: Adora, Palestinian gunmen enter residential quarters shooting everyone, including a 5-year old girl shot through the head in her bed;

April 12: Jerusalem, suicide bombing at a bus stop, 6 murdered

April 10: Yagur, suicide bombing on a bus, 8 murdered;

March 31: Haifa, suicide bombing in a restaurant, 15 murdered;

March 28: Eilon Moreh, shooting attack, 4 murdered;

March 27: Netanya, suicide bombing at a Passover Seder, 29 murdered.

These are massacres - actual, recent massacres. Massacres for which the evidence is hard. Massacres for which the perpetrators claimed credit. Where was the Security Council? Where was the Kofi Annan commission? Where was the world?

The UN's excuse will be that these murders were perpetrated not by states, but by groups. But this is nonsense. The Palestinian Authority is a recognized government. The links of its top leadership to these murders is precisely the kind of question that warrants investigation. Yet, the very idea that the UN would investigate Palestinian massacres is absurd.

The fact that such an undertaking is unimaginable is what has made the last several months so deeply, despairingly troubling. The despair comes from the bewilderment of living in a world of monstrous moral inversion.

Take Jenin. What was the real story? The hand-to-hand, door-to-door combat in an intensely built-up shantytown, among dozens of houses booby-trapped by Palestinian fighters, should have yielded somewhere between seven and 21 scattered civilian casualties is nothing less than astonishing. It testifies to the extraordinary scrupulousness of the Israeli army, which lost 23 soldiers in the battle, precisely because it did not want to cause the civilian casualties that come with aerial bombardment, as has happened everyhwere from Grozny to Kabul. And yet Israel was investigated precisely for defending itself against massacres that warrant no investigation.

Palestinian apologists wave away this double standard with the magic mantra of "occupation." More nonsense. Twenty-one months ago, Israel offered a total end to the occupation, ceding 100 percent of Gaza and 97 percent of the West Bank to the first Palestinian state ever. The Palestinians turned that down and took up the suicide bomb. By the Orwellian logic of today, the Palestinians are justified in perpetrating one massacre after another to end an occupation that Israel offered to remove almost two years ago.

For the "international community," as embodied by the United Nations, such inverted moral logic is the normal. This is what it must have been like living in the false consciousness of Soviet communism, where everyone had to publicly and constantly pretend to believe the official lies, all the while knowing they were lies. This is what it must have been like living in the 1930's, as the necessities of appeasement created a gradual inversion of right and wrong - the Czechs, for example, pilloried by official opinion in Britain and France for selfishly standing in the way of peace at Munich.

Churchill's great gift to civilization was not just that he rallied good against evil, but that he pierced a suffocating fog of self-deception by speaking truth to lies. Where is the Churchill of today, the official of any government, prepared to tell the UN that its frantic hunt for a phantom massacre by Jews - while ignoring massacre after massacre of Jews- is grotesque and perverse?

Printed by permission. (Syndicated Columnist for the Washington Post)

Arabs Coming To the Faith

Well before the withdrawal of the Israeli army in May 2000 from Southern Lebanon, our dear Arab brother, Joseph Hadad, and his Lebanese wife, Ibtissam, had a tremendous burden in their hearts to pray for the Lebanese people, some of whom they knew would be seeking a haven in Israel from Hizbullah terror cells.

As soon as those doors were open and the Lebanese fled to Israel, Joseph, his wife and others came to their temporary camps, bringing food, diapers and other goods to bless them. Along with these practical helps, Joseph began sharing the good news of Messiah with them in their native Arabic.

This began to touch their hearts and so when these Lebanese finally settled in the northern coastal city of Nahariya, one family invited Joseph to begin ministering weekly in their home. In just one month, the place was so packed that they had to move into the garden. Eventually, they were able to rent a permanent facility in the main street in Nahariya where 80-100 people now attend regularly.

Joseph also ministers to the Druse community in Mt.Carmel who are an offshoot of the Muslim religion, and many are coming to faith with approximately 40 -50 attending regularly.



Thanks to our generous Maoz contributors, we are now in the process of translating these books into Hebrew - important additions to the small number of books available to the Hebrew-reading Israeli public. These books will be read:

1. By hungry new believers.

2. By veteran believers who have never had the privilege of a wide variety of Gospel books in their language.

3. By non-believing Israelis who are searching for the truth.


By Oswald Chambers

(375 pages)


By Dr. James Dobson

(276 pages)


By Drs. Henry Cloud & John Townsend

(304 pages)


By Michael L. Brown

(270 pages)


By Jack Hayford

(124 pages)

How very grateful we are to you who have invested in the salvation and discipleship of the people of Israel. Those who are now coming to faith are the first fruits. One day this core group will grow into a nation of believers! The Bible says, "ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED!"

Dear Maoz Partner:

Politicians have failed, diplomats have failed, heads of states have failed, clever compromises have failed. No one and nothing can bring peace to the Middle East - except the Prince of Peace - Yeshua the Messiah!

While the world scratches its head on how to solve the insolvable, we sit here with the answer! In fact, we are living proof and a testimony to God's amazing power, love and reconciliation towards Jew and Arab.

It was just one short year ago, May 2001, that Maoz hosted a Joyce Meyer Ministries conference for over 300 Israeli leaders. Jews and Arabs, sitting side by side in one room, worshipped the God of Israel, exalted His name together and enjoyed sweet fellowship. No walls existed, no boundaries were put up - just two peoples in love with the Messiah and in love with each other as fellow heirs of salvation and one in the Spirit.

This is God's endtime plan - to reveal Himself to all creation - to the Jew first and also to all mankind.We know that it is only God's love, through His Son, Yeshua, which can melt away prejudices, break down the barriers and bring together two nations which have been warring since the births of Isaac and Ishmael.

Maoz is committed to the spreading of this love to the nation of Israel, so they can experience perfect peace in their souls and, in repentance, seek their God and allow Him to return them to their rightful place among the nations as a royal priesthood.

Maoz is also committed to the spreading of this love through its support of Arab believers who are also pouring the message of salvation and hope of Yeshua into the hearts of their people. Our Maoz partners are sending monthly support to our Arab brother and co-laborer, Joseph Hadad, who is doing an amazing work among the Arab people in the northern part of. (See pg. 5)

We have something to show the world - something that the greatest collective minds have not been able to come up with. We have the answer to peace in the Middle East, and your support enables us to reach more and more Israelis with this message. Yeshua is the only hope for an end to terrorism, hatred, violence and cooperation with Satan in his efforts to destroy this land and these two peoples. This is possibly the greatest investment you could ever make in today's world. THERE CAN BE NO UNITED NATIONS WITHOUT UNITED HEARTS.

We bless you from Zion and thank you for standing with us through your prayers and gifts for the sake of Zion, until together we see her righteousness go forth like brightness and her salvation like a torch that is burning!

In our Messiah,

Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram




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