Loving the Muslims, Hating the Spirit of Islam

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Muslims pray facing Mecca


DATELINEAFGHANISTAN: "Our plan to destroy the United States is going ahead and, God willing, is being implemented. We are hopeful for God's help. The real matter is the extinction of America, and God willing, it will fall to the ground." (Mullah Mohammed Omar on BBC, Nov. 15, 01)

DATELINE PALESTINIAN AUTORITY: "Islam as a religion forbids anyone to harm any civilians, any innocent people, around the world. We are against all forms of terrorism, including state-sponsored terrorism." (Palestinian Authority, Chairman, Yassar Arafat, the father of modern terrorism, refering to Israel as a terrorist state.)

DATELINE WHITEHOUSE: "Islam's teachings are good and peaceful. Those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah." (U.S. President George W. Bush)

DATELINEU.S.CONGRESS: "Terrorism is the deliberate attack on innocent civilians. In this, it must be distinguished from legitimate acts of war that target combatants and may unintentionally harm civilians. We must make no distinction between the terrorists and the states that support them. We must dismantle the entire terrorist network." (Former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu testifying to congressional committee)

DATELINE STATE DEPARTMENT: "Some groups sometimes described as terrorist might be seeking to redress grievances, gain rights or achieve freedom from oppressors. These are difficult calls to make… You can be quite challenged in explaining these differences with respect to the Middle East." (Colin Powell in reference to Islamic terrorist attacks on Israel)

DATELINE TEL AVIV: "The U.S. is incapable of endearing itself to the Arab masses. The mere existence of a prosperous and democratic U.S. leader of the Western world, is a painful reminder to the proud Arabs that their societies have been in a state of stagnation for several centuries. The West is hated because it is successful, while the Arabs have failed miserably." (Professor Efraim Inbar, BarIlanUniversity)

DATELINEGAZA: "O brother believers, the criminals, the terrorists are the Jews…they all want to distort truth…we are in possession of truth…they established Israel here, in the beating heart of the Arab world, in Palestine …Allah, deal with the Jews, your enemies of Islam." (Islamic sermon to Palestinians)

"A clear distinction must be placed between Islam and Muslims. Islam is a false religion, while Muslims are lost human beings in need of salvation.

Islam is a pagan religion born of mystical/demonic revelations to one man, its main "prophet" Muhammad, whose personal life was stained with immoral conduct, deception, treachery and violence." (Reuven Doron, Sept. 22, 01,

There is no religion on earth more Anti-Christ in nature than Islam and fundamentalist Islamic nations are in constant life and death battles with its Christian and Jewish citizens. Islam was birthed through jihad - holy war against the infidels.

"Mohammed himself led the first jihad as he fought to convert the pagans in Arabia to Islam by the sword. Jihad continued under his successors with a series of wars that brought the Middle East, including the Holy Land, under Arab Muslim rule and then continued eastward into Asia, westward into Africa, and three times into Europe…The Crusades were part of the European counterattack." (The Wall Street Journal, Sept 28, 01)

"There is no such thing as moderate Islam, only moderate Muslims," says Revuen Doron, Messianic Jewish leader in Jerusalem, referring mostly to non-practicing or religiously uninvolved Muslims. "The Koran is an open book, its doctrines are set forth in full view of any honest researcher, and its oppressive, aggressive and racist nature has been exposed time and again." (Doron, ibid.) 

Reuven makes the hard but necessary point that to truly love Muslims, one must hate Islam and seek its demise. Our prayer is for America to wake up and acknowledge that in the name of humanistic liberties and the culture of tolerance, she has provided nesting places for her enemies, both spiritual and natural.(Ibid.)

How can Americans convince themselves that Islam is a good and peaceful religion when its headline grabbers in this generation are the likes of Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, the late Ayatollah Khomeini, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Why are the nations that harbor and nourish terrorism mostly Islamic?

Islam is based on two books - the Koran, taken as the revealed word of God, and the Sura, which is the life and sayings of Muhammad. But the meaning of the words can and have been interpreted countless ways. Thousands of volumes of interpretation of these books have been written.(Jerusalem Post, Oct. 5, 01)

Its apologists claim that poverty breeds extremist Islam. But the problem is that Islam breeds poverty. There are many poor nations, but hardly any export global terrorism except those steeped in Islam.

Much has been said about the implications of the name "Allah." Whatever the historic semantics of the name, it is used not only by Muslims, but also by Arab Christians throughout the World and the word "Allah" appears in the Arabic Bible read by Arab Christians.

The origins of a word are not so important, as is the idea, i.e., spirit, behind a word. Just as a cult in an English speaking country can use the word "God" but be speaking and praying to a demonic spirit to which they have opened themselves, likewise a Muslim can pray to a demonic spirit using the name, "Allah."

Columnist William Safire of New York Times points out one of the most powerful weapons of radical Islam - its ability to erase from the brains of recruits the basic will to live. The normal survival instinct is replaced with a pseudo-religious fantasy of a killer's self-martyrdom leading to eternity in paradise surrounded by adoring virgins. (, Sept. 24, 01)


So, how do born-again Christians and Jews relate to this demonized, violent religion? We are to love them and be willing to offer our lives, if necessary, for their salvation. When President Bush called for the American children to send a dollar to feed starving Afghan children, he was guided by love.

But when he encouraged American school children to become pen pals with Muslim children, it is our opinion that this would expose the children of America to the spirits of crazed hatred toward Jews, and Christianity. Americans don't understand the demonic and violent, hate-filled mindset of Islam that is taught to its children from the cradle.

Interestingly, when the British government suggested that other Muslim countries send a peacekeeping force to a post-Taliban Afghanistan in order to keep the peace, a number of Muslim nations refused the invitation. Can you imagine why? The rulers of these nations - for one reason or another - are afraid that their troops would go to Afghanistan clean-shaven and return home with beards. In other words, "moderate" or secular Muslims could be infected by the Islamic fanaticism of the Afghan people and return as fanatics, only to stir up trouble in their home countries.

None other than Beirut's "Daily Star" attacked such a plan: "Taliban are Taliban. Their aim is to convert other Muslims to their ideology and export it to the wider Muslim world… Many could be converted into religious adherents of Afghanistan's brand of tribal Islam and become envoys to spread the word to their own deeply conflicted societies.

"Almost all Muslim countries provide fertile ground for seeding the Taliban dragon's teeth. Their societies are characterized by huge inequalities between rich and poor, high unemployment, poor educational and health care systems, corruption and lack of democracy." (Daily Star, Beirut, Lebanon, quoted in Jerusalem Post, Oct 24, 01)

Our job, then, is to boldly witness to the Muslims we know and pray ernestly for their salvation.


Democracy and Islam are implacable enemies. There is not a single Arab Muslim democracy in the world.

"Neither in rich Saudi Arabia nor in poor Egypt, nor in multi-confessional Lebanon nor in monoethnic Kuwait - has there been any attempt at democratization, either from the rulers or from their citizens."(J.P. Oct 22, 01)

This war then is against democracy. In spiritual terms, its goal is to eradicate freedom to live by the Bible and to spread Christianity. The ruling spirits of Islam have come against the God of the Bible and the people who follow the Bible - whether wholeheartedly or nominally. The same demonic spirits that have attacked the United States are those that have continually tried to destroy Israel since her birth.

Rabbi Moshe Feiglin told a radio audience, "The war being waged against Israel is not about territories, but rather about our very existence as a Jewish nation. It is a war against our message and mission." (Sept 28, 01)

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu warned, "The time for action is now. Today, the terrorists have the will to destroy us, but they do not have the power. There is no doubt that we have the power to crush them. Now, we must also show that we have the will. Once any part of the terror network acquires nuclear weapons, this equation will fundamentally change and with it the course of human affairs. This is the historical imperative that now confronts all of us."

Do you feel a call to pray? How are we to pray? We must intercede for the spiritual liberation of the Muslim people and the destruction of the oppressive bondage of Islam. Rabbi Feiglin related a conversation he had with a Christian: "This is a religious war, I told him... they have directed their attack against your God. You have no alternative but to direct your attack against theirs.

When you destroy their god, they will become powerless." (Moshe Feiglin, Arutz Sheva Israel National Radio (Sept. 28, 01)


Dr. David Joseph from a Middle East ministry names four dominant spirits behind the Islamic religion. The predominant spirit is the spirit of murder. A simple look at the Muslim world confirm the activity of this spirit. Where there are no Jews or Christians to kill, you see them killing each other. The greater the degree of Sharia law, the greater the persecution and killing, as in Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Where there are active Islamic fundamentalists, you find civil war: Afghanistan Egypt, Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, Iran, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and so on.

Secondly, the people living in Muslim countries are controlled by the spirit of fear. They live in constant fear of their governments which represent most of the least democratic countries in our world. Muslims are afraid of Allah, whom they believe will send them to the burning fires of hell for cleansing before they will be sent to paradise. Christians and Jews living in those nations are in constant fear for their own safety.

Thirdly, there is a spirit of depression and despair.There is no hope offered by Islam. Only if one dies a martyr, [i.e., suicide terrorist] is he assured of going straight to paradise. The Taliban actually outlawed laughing in public on pain of beating. Also this spirit of depression noticeably hangs over the Christians and Jews in Islamic countries.

Fourthly, Islam brings a spirit of division.Although Muslim countries have abundant human, natural and financial resources, they will never come to agreement and unity, even against their enemies. They cannot because it is the very nature of the spirit of Islam to be divided.

Dr. David Joseph believes that these are the days of Elijah where God's people must stand and declare war against the spirit of Islam. We must discern the demonic spirits in Islam, expose them and defeat them by being bold in faith. Finally, he points out, we must evangelize the Muslims. A key strategy of the spirit of Islam is to fill the hearts of believers with either hate toward Muslims, or fear of them, to stop their evangelization. The spirit of Islam, says Dr. Joseph, is the last major stronghold remaining in the world to be pulled down before the second coming of Yeshua. (Read Dr. David Joseph's entire article at

Truly, the greatest war being fought today is still the war that is being waged over the souls of men and women. This war is the war that we must and we will win.

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