An "80's Report"

  Monthly Report: 12/1/1989  



Happy Hanukkah as we honor the Light of the World during this Blessed Season!

Since we began regularly sending out the Maoz Newsletter from Israel in 1981, our readers, through their prayers and donations and encouraging letters, have worked along side us to accomplish many things in Israel during this decade.

Because of your part, we desire that you take a moment to rejoice with us to see what great things God has done!
Through our Maoz team effort, we have been able to:

* Witness to hundreds upon hundreds of unsaved Israelis of which many have come to know their Messiah.

* Pray for hundreds of physically sick and/or emotionally bruised and wounded Israelis of which we have seen many healed and delivered.

* Raise up a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Ramat Hasharon with over a hundred in attendance at the time it was entrusted into the hands of two elders.

* Counsel and pray hundreds of hours with new believers, members of our congregation, and those not yet in the Kingdom.

* Create a program for the children in our congregation, where many children have given their hearts to God.

* Visit those in jail.

* Hold Bible classes for new believers in Hebrew and English.

* Hold Bible classes for congregational members in Hebrew and English.

* Open a library of Hebrew and English language books and tapes for Israelis throughout the country to use.

* Develop a team to lead praise and worship in Hebrew. Many people came literally from allover the country to visit our congregation because of the spirit of praise that God granted us.

* Funnel over one half million dollars to believers throughout Israel besides the projects reported in this letter.

* Help over 50 Messianic Jewish immigrants attend Hebrew language school in Israel, preparing them to be an active part in
what God is doing in Israel today. Scholarships have been from $1200 to $6000 per year.

* Help a Messianic Jewish farmer become established in Israel with the purchase of sixty-four goats at $250 apiece, and $15,000 towards the purchase of sheep.

* Plant 504 olive trees on the same farm.

* Build a Messianic Jewish Center in Ramat HaSharon where the Maoz offices are located.

* Initiate four major court cases, two of which are in the Israeli Supreme Court, calling for justice to be given to born-again Israelis and Jews wishing to immigrate to the land of Israel as believers. These court cases have cost between $5,000 to $20,000 apiece. We have also participated financially in a fifth court case.

* Conduct several local seminars, two nationwide, bringing the truths of the Spirit-filled Messianic walk with God to the Israeli believers.

* Organize the Shavuot 1988 conference in Jerusalem, with the cooperation of six other Israeli congregations. 800 delegates from Israel, together with 600 from North and South America, Europe, and Asia celebrated the Feast of Weeks in the largest gathering of Messianic Jews since the First Century.

* Translate 48 books of 32-45 pages into Hebrew costing approximately $25,000, and 5 books of 150-300 pages.

* Publish 37 of the above books costing over $100,000.

* Help three Messianic Jewish workers in Israel to buy used automobiles.

* Help Israeli believers start small businesses.

* Help another pastor start a new congregation by paying his rent for two years.

* Support regularly a number of Israelis with $100 to $700 a month, who are faithfully ministering in Israel.

* Enter our Messianic Jewish books in the National Israeli Book fair allowing many to peruse for the first time in their lives, material concerning Yeshua the Messiah.

* Disciple young Israelis beginning their walk with the Lord.

* Speak to numbers of newspaper journalists.

* Suffer with the other believers in Israel the persecution that comes with preaching the Word of God in Israel.

This is what you and we have accomplished through His grace, as team members working together in Israel.
But we have not only ministered in Israel. Usually one to two months of each year we have spent in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Germany, on behalf of Israel. During this time we have been:

* Holding one to three day seminars in many churches proclaiming the words of the prophets:
"Hear the word of the Lord, O nations, And declare in the coastlands afar off, And say, “He who scattered Israel will gather him, And keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock." Jer. 31:

* Explaining to our Christian co-laborers God’s plan of grace for the Jewish people, and how this plan will benefit the whole world.

* Visiting churches to give opportunity to those who wish to participate in Israel's salvation.

* Writing 108 newsletters to keep our team members acquainted with what is currently significant in Israel both politically, spiritually, and prophetically.

* Speaking on radio and TV programs to explain how the media is giving a very twisted view of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

* Speaking to Christian conventions, meetings, and tour groups, explaining the Church's indebtedness to those faithful Jews who brought us the Word of God and the Messiah Himself! Showing how Paul himself explains that Christianity's roots are in Judaism! (Rom 11:18)

* Giving seminars in Canada, Mexico, and Germany to open God's Word as to what is the Gentile's unique roll today in bringing Israel back to God.

* Challenging Messianic Jewish congregations to consider God's calling for Jewish people, especially those born-again, to return to the land of Israel, in order to fulfill God's purpose for the Jewish nation. (Deut. 30)

* Building important bridges between the Messianic Jews in the Diaspora and those in Israel.

Many of these activities and achievements have been done with minimum finances. God's Spirit has led the way, done the impossible, given us the increase.

Now the biggest challenge of our life and of Maoz's "team members" is before us.

A Yeshiva, a Messianic Jewish Institute of Learning for Israeli believers, is the next weapon needed in God's arsenal against the forces of evil poised against revival in Israel.

We can then train Israeli believers in order to supply the great shortage of leadership all the congregations are feeling in Israel.
But to build a Bible School-there is no way around it-we have to have land! Even a small area of land...but enough for classrooms, dormitories, cafeteria, and ultimately an auditorium for conferences, seminars and evangelistic outreach.

For those of you, who want to pray for specific needs in Israel, pray for the right piece of land for this school.

We are returning to Israel in the summer to begin the school. In Israel, there is no such thing as bank loans for buying land or buildings. Everything is cash! (There may be a few months’ grace to pay the whole amount.)

For you who wish to help build this school with a special final gift in 1989, may God bless you and return it to you multiplied and running over. Not so you can live in the lap of luxury! I do not believe that is God's will for you, or us, or any believer.

But so you can reinvest over and over in the bank of heaven, and lay up your treasures there.

Your co-workers in Messiah's team,
Ari and Shira Sorko- Ram




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