Happy Hanukkah!

  Monthly Report: 12/1/1988  



Happy Hanukkah!

Art, together with Sid Roth, is leaving for Israel this month. They are going to be holding an Israeli Hanukkah revival meeting in a Tel Aviv hotel from the 7th to the 10th with possibly an extension to the 15th. Several Messianic congregations from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are cooperating. Except for Sid, everyone working on the program will be Israeli.

Thousands of dollars of advertising will be done in the leading Hebrew newspapers. Handbills will be passed out, and many believers will be on the streets calling the lost, the sick and the lame to come to the meetings.

Teams from the different Israeli congregations will be there to reach out to those who will receive salvation, in order to establish them in the local congregations nearest their homes.

Who will labor with Art and Sid by praying as if the lives of the people of Tel Aviv depended on them and their prayers? There is an army of people praying in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Israel. We believe every prayer counts to God who records them and answers them.

Beresford's Supreme Court Case In Israel

We had thought that the Supreme Court in Jerusalem would have already given their decision on the Beresford Case.
As most of you know, Gary and Shirley Beresford, Jewish on both sides of their family, found the Hope of Israel, Yeshua the Messiah, in their native Zimbabwe. When they became born-again Jewish believers, they read in the Bible that the Jews were being called back to the land of Israel (Deut. 30).

They decided to leave everything and immigrate to Israel. Although they were quite well off in Zimbabwe, they could not take money out of the country with them. Zimbabwe, a Marxist country, makes it illegal to do so.

When they reached Israel, with little but the clothes on their back, a family member reported to the religious authorities in Israel that Gary and Shirley believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and King of the Jews. The religious authorities then refused the Beresfords the right to immigrate and receive Israeli citizenship as Jews. They claimed that the Beresfords had converted to another religion.

The Beresfords then, with the financial backing of Maoz, challenged the Interior Department of the Israeli government in the Supreme Court for the right to receive citizenship as Israeli citizens. The Israeli law states that every Jew has the right to immigrate to Israel if he has not changed his religion.

The Beresfords, as do all Messianic Jews, maintain that Messianic Judaism is true Biblical Judaism, and therefore a Messianic Jew is truly Jewish. They believe you don't have to be a Gentile or a Christian to believe in Yeshua! Yeshua died to atone for the sins of both Jew and Gentile.

The case has been pending for two years and is extremely important to believers throughout the world. Will Israel deny Messianic Jews the right to immigrate and live in Israel?

According to Deuteronomy 30, Jews who have been given new hearts by Almighty God will be moving back to Israel in the last days.

We are convinced that God wants the doors of Israel open to those who love Him and love His commandments and His land, and desire to live as Jews among our people.

This Court Case Is A Wrestling Match

Rabbi Shaul (Paul) said that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against evil principalities in high places.

A wrestling match may go on for a number of rounds, but one thing is sure, it will end only when one of the opponents goes down.

We feel that in this case we are wrestling eyeball to eyeball, not with judges and lawyers, but with the prince of this world, who would do most anything to keep Jewish believers out of Israel.

But it is our prayer and belief that the opposite will happen: That the gates of Israel will open up to Jews who, through the Messiah of Israel, have come to understand why they are Jewish, and who now want to come HOME to Israel.

If you realize the importance in the Kingdom of Heaven of this court case, please pray and intercede for the Beresfords until we write that this case has been won, and that God has given us the victory.

21 Goats To Go

We thank all of you for the 39 goats which our readers have given to the Messianic farm of the Israelis Tal and Adi Ellis. We thank the prayer groups, Messianic congregations and individuals who have seen the significance of giving a goat to a believing Jewish family established in Galilee. We believe they will reach their quota of 50,000 liters of milk which they need to make their goat operation economically viable. They have until December 31 when the Israeli government has said it will not allow them to produce any more milk than they are producing at that moment. In order to reach their quota they need 21 more goats at $250 each.

We Go Forward With Plans for Yeshiva & Conference Center

One of the main reasons we have come to the States is to raise funds for a much needed Yeshiva (Bible School) and Conference Center in Israel, whose initial cost will be around 2 million dollars. Our family will return to Israel as soon as we have reached this goal.

God has given us a plan, which excites our spirits. We believe that 200 people will give birth to this Yeshiva. Each of these 200 that God calls upon will give $10,000 apiece or commit to raise that sum. Our good friend Bob Weiner of Maranatha gave the first $10,000, and we will be contacting those whom we believe will desire to work with us on this tremendous project. It is of great importance to the growth of Israeli leadership and discipling in Israel.

If you are interested in giving or raising $10,000 by June 1989 for this Yeshiva, please write or call us at (214) 374-7622.
When Ari is not in Israel, he will be visiting as many U.S. and Canadian congregations as possible for the next six months. We must find many more saints to work with us in this task, for even when we have the $2 million, we will need continual monthly support in this expanded ministry in Israel.

At this Hanukkah season when Messianic Jews remember Yeshua, the Light of the World, we need to encourage each other by reminding ourselves:

"Work while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work."

Already there is much forecasting in TV news analyses about what may happen to the United States economic condition in the immediate months or years to come.

We ourselves do not know about tomorrow, but this one thing we do know. We have today. Today is God's acceptable time to work, to give and to pray.

Maoz has many outreaches in Israel. The tremendous cost of the Beresford case, the Hanukkah revival this month, helping the Ellises with their goat milk quota, and preparing to build a Yeshiva and Messianic Conference Center are a few examples. The more you share in this ministry, the greater the outreach to our people Israel.

In Our Messiah's Service,
Art & Shira Sorko- Ram




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