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Seven Deadly Sins that will Bring
Judgment Upon Israel


Monthly Report: April 2006
Nisan-Iyar 5766

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By Shira Sorko-Ram

Israel, the only nation that was given The Truth from the hand of God through His prophets, has lost her moorings.

Wanting to do right and be right, she nevertheless rejected her Rock for the compass of humanism.

And now she finds herself deep in the slime, in the quicksand of human nature gone astray without the heart-changing power of God.

It is without question that Israel and Israelis have many wonderful and remarkable God-given qualities. I believe that as far as morality and justice go, Israel has an army that is on a par with any in this world. Israel maintains a democracy in a sea of dictatorships, fanaticisms and cruelties. Many of the older generation still have a fear, though not knowledge, of God. But Israel as a nation must take responsibility for the following grievances.


This is a story we must repeat, told by Tel Aviv lawyer Nomi Levenkron. Anna, (not her name) a 23 year old girl from Romania, was promised a job to care for the elderly in Tel Aviv. When her plane landed, she thought she was in Israel. Instead, she discovered she was in Egypt, being driven by Bedouin guides to Israel’s border. And she had no idea what was waiting for her when her Israeli trafficker picked her up in Eilat.
Lyubov, a 17-year-old Russian, sex slave,
awaits deportation from Israel as an illegal worker. Six months ago Lyubov left her Russian coal mining city only to be sold unknowingly into prostitution for $9,000.
On the way to her new job, the driver stopped by the Lod airport and left her in the car by the entrance. A guard told her to move the car; but she didn’t speak a word of Hebrew; so she answered in Romanian: “Leave me alone!” The guard answered her back in Romanian, and they started talking. He made her take his phone number because he sensed something was wrong.
The next thing she knew, she was taken to a “public auction,” ordered to strip; and she found herself sold like an animal. Next she was taken to a brothel where a client who always wanted to be first with any new girl came and raped her.
When she refused to work and stayed in her room to pray, her pimp beat her with her own Bible, screaming, “This is not a church!” (; Israel Sex Slavery Thrives)
Between 3,000 and 5,000 women are smuggled into Israel annually, creating a booming sex trade industry that rakes in more than a billion dollars a year, according to Knesset Member Zehava Galon of Israel’s Parliamentary Inquiry Committee. Most of the women come from the former Soviet Union and Romania.
There are some 10,000 women currently residing in Israel’s 300 to 400 brothels, receiving over 1,800,000 Israeli customers a month. reports that about 50,000 men visit a brothel daily! The customers are “regular” Israelis. “Soldiers in uniform get discounts. Orthodox Jews stuff their skullcaps into their pockets when they enter, then replace them when they leave.” (Ibid.)

One costumer to a brothel was interviewed on the Israeli news a few nights ago. When asked why he went, he replied, “For fun.” When the interviewer asked if he saw anything wrong with prostitution, he responded, “Well, if you believe in Adam and Eve, yes. But I don’t,” he continued. “I believe in evolution, and these instincts are natural. There is nothing wrong in indulging in nature’s appetite of a male for a female.” This is the drivel of fallen mankind.

Young victims are enticed with lies that there is a good-paying job waiting for them in Israel. They are then put on a plane to Egypt and handed over to Bedouin who drive them across the desert and guide them over Israel’s borders.
Some of these women go willingly as prostitutes, thinking they will make a lot of money and work in nice conditions. But at least a third have no idea they have been sold into sex slavery until they are raped by the Bedouin drivers or sold in Israel at public auctions for about $8,000 each and handed over to their new owners.

Although Israel’s borders are some of the most carefully guarded in the world, these traffickers seemingly have no problem smuggling hundreds of women over the border every month! Once here, they enter a living hell.
Psychiatrist Wendy Freed, who authored a report for Physicians for Human Rights concerning another country, presented this frightening pattern: Initially there is shock and disbelief. Many young women describe not being able to believe that they had been sold.… Once they realize that they are sold, they fight the brothel owner’s demand that they accept customers. Refusal leads to beatings, being locked in a room, and going without food. This treatment persists until the young woman gives up and realizes that indeed she is trapped and has no options.… At some point, the young woman becomes submissive in order to avoid further beatings and torment; her ‘spirit is broken.’ She surrenders, becomes resigned and accommodates to the circumstances of captivity.” (American Family Association Journal April 2004)

In Israel, the sex slaves work seven days a week, up to 18 hours a day. The pimp takes the money and gives them a few shekels a day for cigarettes. The traffickers confiscate their passports and lock them up in rooms with bars on the windows. In August 2002, Israel Police Major General Moshe Mizrahi admitted that trafficking in women in Israel is run by Israeli-Russian organized crime. “The Russians do quality work in crime…That’s Russian education for you,” says Police Superintendent Gil Kleiman. (, ibid)
In 2001, the United States put Israel on a black list for not combating the trafficking in women. That, plus Nomi Levenkron, the lawyer who has made it her life’s work to force the police and the courts to begin making war on trafficking, has caused some positive movement.
But the fact is that today in Israel, brothels operate openly. The girls are terrified to testify, as the pimps threaten their relatives back in the Former Soviet Union. For any “infraction” they are constantly threatened, abused and beaten. And there is nowhere to escape. To the police? Over 40% of those women who do manage to escape say that policemen regularly visit the brothels as customers. (; ibid.) “Without a doubt, there exists collaboration between the police and the pimps,” says Knesset Member Marina Solodkin.
Far too little is being done. In the 90’s when organized crime began smuggling the women into Israel, the police failed to act. Now, they don’t know where to start. The TV news special I referred to explained that the police are now requiring brothels to take their neon signs down. As long as they do that, the police allow the brothels to continue their business.

There is a brothel next door to our Congregation Tiferet Yeshua about 20 feet away. They had put up a girlie neon sign under the window of our fellowship hall. Many times we asked our landlord to take the sign down, but he was genuinely afraid to do so. Not long ago, there was a newspaper article about this very brothel. The police did raid it and found women locked up inside a wall, with a special hidden trick door. After the raid, the brothel disappeared (and the sign) but a new one appeared a few feet away.
Remember Anna? Her story ended differently. After about three weeks, a Romanian customer came to her and she asked him where exactly she was; she then sneaked a call to the security guard on one of the employee’s unattended cell phones. The guard came immediately, posing as a customer. He then went straight to Tel Aviv’s main police station and insisted on seeing the head of the vice unit.
Within 48 hours, the police stormed the brothel and arrested the traffickers - an all too rare event. And then listen to this! After testifying in court, she and the security guard who rescued her fell in love. “It was worth everything just to meet him!” she said. (ibid.) Sadly, this is one happy ending among thousands of tragedies.

To bring prostitutes from other nations and keep them prisoners in Israel is a serious crime. To kidnap innocent women and make sex slaves out of them is a crime against humanity. God’s heart cries out for these slaves, and His justice will come.

And you shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt…If you afflict him at all, and if he does cry out to Me, I will surely hear his cry; and My anger will be kindled, and I will kill you with the sword; and your wives shall become widows and your children fatherless.” Ex. 22:21-24

Thirty years ago, there were so few homosexuals in Tel Aviv that seeing them on the streets was truly an anomaly. But all that has changed drastically, and Tel Aviv is now considered a haven for gays. Local tourism officials are planning to turn Tel Aviv into the gay capital of the world, according to Israel’s leading newspaper Yediot Aharonot.

They claim Tel Aviv and gay people are a perfect fit.

During the intifada, Israel’s tourism slid into a terrible downturn with the virtual disappearance of foreign visitors. But since 2003, the upturn began and last year Israel hosted 1,589,700 tourists. Now, Tourism Minister Avra-ham Hirschson, together with the Israel Hotel Association Director-General Eli Ziv, have new goals 2,000,000 visitors in 2006 and 3,000,000 in 2007.
Visiting the 2005 World Travel Market exhibition in London, Ziv discovered a new market, an audience that would travel just about anywhere for a good party, even to the Middle East and, he learned, they are loaded with money.
Ziv explains, “We have the beach, sun, culture and nightclubs. To our knowledge, gays are capable of hopping on a plane and traveling to the other side of the world just to participate in parties and events that are related to the gay community.” Ziv is now drafting plans to bring planeloads of gays to Israel.
Israeli tourism officials said they believe the decision would facilitate the travel of thousands of gays to the country. (Ynetnews) One huge event this coming August: gays will be pouring into Jerusalem where the World Pride Festival will be held.
Tourism Ministry Director-General Eli Cohen said he would offer any financial assistance necessary to turn Tel Aviv into the gay capital of the world. Indeed, the Tel Aviv municipality has decided to build a new statutory institution in the city which will serve as a community center for members of the homosexual-lesbian community. Since it will be a municipal building, the next elected mayors will be required to continue its maintenance, regardless of their political views.
Recently Tel Aviv held its seventh annual Gay Pride parade, which drew over 100,000 revelers. One gay journalist said that “Tel Aviv is a place in which I feel like I’m in the majority, even if I’m in the minority…the whole town is like one big homeland…nearly every coffee house, show, club, bar, beach or street is ‘gay friendly.’” (
Israel’s Supreme Court has been largely responsible for many liberal laws. Gays and lesbians who are open about their sexual orientation serve in the army and Tel Aviv recognizes homosexual partnership agreements which affords couples the benefits of a religious marriage under the laws of the Jewish state, including inheritance rights. The government recognizes same-sex couples with children as a family for purposes of receiving housing aid.
Homosexuals from the U.S. say the gay look and atmosphere is similar to that of San Francisco. “This is a golden ghetto,” says one gay who immigrated from the U.S. “Cafes on the side walk…Tel Aviv vibrates 30 hours a day, 10 days a week.” (Ibid.)
I remember a teaching of Derek Prince many years ago. He spoke of the reason God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Every society has always had homosexuals who practice their deeds in the dark. But, maintained Prince, when that sin becomes a public and accepted way of life for a country, supported by citizens and government, then that place becomes ripe for judgment.
If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. Lev. 20:13
Prince quoted Romans 1:32 to demonstrate Paul’s emphasis on God’s accumulative displeasure of public acceptance. “Although they know full well God’s just sentence that those who practice such things (homosexuality, etc.) are worthy of death they not only do them, but even give hearty approval to those who practice them.” (italics mine)
No doubt the all-pervasive access to pornography on the internet has contributed massively to sex trafficking, forced prostitution and moral perversion have covered the earth in a demonic cloud, with Israel sinking into a black hole.

Molech seems to be the name of the spirit that pushes nations and individuals to destroy their children. Israel, who has not escaped this demon, kills about 50,000 children a year a total of some 2,000,000 children since its founding, according to Efrat-C.R.I.B., an Israeli based pro-life center.

According to law passed in 1977, abortions are legal when performed in authorized medical institutions and approved by special abortion committees.
The overwhelming majority of requests are approved. The Israeli army gives abortions on request to its women soldiers.
Rabbinical Orthodoxy is against abortion, but does not have the passion to make such legislation a priority. In 1997 the ultra-Orthodox Shas party tried to pass a law, but it went nowhere. Shas Knesset member Shlomo Ben-Izri said, “I don’t believe for a minute that we can pass such a law in this country. Two-thirds of the abortions done in Israel are already illegal, and we cannot convince the government to enforce existing laws.” ( And the result is that nothing has happened to stop the slaughter of the innocents.
The Messianic Jewish community, as small as it is, operates a pro-life service called Baad Haim (For Life), which is ready to help any woman who is at loss to know what to do with her pregnancy.

A child who has no defense against an adult who wants to kill it is remembered in the Law of God.
Any Israelite… who gives any of his children to Molech must be put to death…I will set my face against that man and I will cut him off from his people for giving his children to Molech. Lev. 20:2-3
All of the above sins and abominations are encouraged and abetted by many of the Israeli government and police. These are not just individuals doing their thing. Because the rulers have made these sins national policy, the offence is even more serious in the eyes of God. I believe judgment will come in some form to our nation. For Israel to one day receive her glory, she must first repent and be cleansed.

But to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness indignation, wrath, tribulation and anguish on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek; but glory, honor, and peace to everyone who works what is good, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For there is no partiality with God. Rom. 2:8-11 (Italics mine)

I do not for a minute think that Israeli is more sinful than other nations. In many ways, Israel is far more enlightened than the majority of nations, especially considering the neighborhood she lives in. Israel’s sin is that it is her desire “to be like all the nations.”
Israel was not meant to be like other nations, but rather a light to the nations. This is her destiny and this is her calling.
This is where the believing remnant, the Messianic Jewish community in Israel comes in. Israeli believers are God’s vessels to bring the message of salvation to our people. These few thousand Jewish (and Arab) believers are extremely significant in God’s plan to return Israel to her high calling.
Indeed, the very presence of the Body of Messiah in Israel gives testimony that one day, all Israel shall be saved!

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Emmi Moses

On February 15, 1998, a CMV IgM test revealed that Lisa Moses had a virus that was extremely dangerous to the development of the fetus’ brain.


Additional tests proved positive, confirming the virus had remained in the blood and doctors in the Tel Aviv hospital were adamant about aborting the child.

A great battle over the next eight months swirled around Lisa and her husband Yossi, as they fought the good fight of faith with our congregation praying constantly with them.


The doctors actually ridiculed them, warning that they would have a vegetable for a baby. Emmi was born, perfect! When Yossi stood up in the congregation with tears of joy on that Saturday morning to announce the birth, he was unable to speak as the congregation shouted, danced and clapped and praised! She is our miracle baby!

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With “Orthodox Rabbi” Ari leading the way, Congregation Tiferet Yeshua celebrated the great deliverance with costumes and with “light and gladness, joy and honor” as Mordechai commanded.
 In attendance were
 special guests such
 as our latest
 new-born and
 even Lazarus
 coming out
 of the grave!

A number of non-believing families attended with their children:
their first exposure to a Messianic Jewish congregation!
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My personal visit to Maoz
and Congregation Tiferet Yeshua

Miriam Beattie - Irish representative of Maoz - Ireland

I took a picture of this women's prayer group in Ireland where I had been invited to speak
about Israel. Miriam Beattie is the second from the left. Gerry Griffin, one of our
British Board Members (from Northern Ireland) is first on the right. ~Shira Sorko-Ram

Shira Sorko-Ram, wife of Pastor Ari Sorko-Ram in Tel Aviv, Israel, traveled to Ireland last June to minister in a number of areas here. The heart of what she had to say touched my heart. Namely, I was touched by their vision to reach the lost and in particular, their God-directed ministry to reach the Sabras (those born in Israel) with the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah.
In joining with them, praying for them and giving to them, we, too, can reach the very heart of the nation of Israel - thus fulfilling our responsibility as Gentile believers¹, receiving our blessing² and moving forward with them as the one new man.³
When I had the opportunity to visit personally their ministry in Israel, their Messianic Jewish congregation, known as Tiferet Yeshua (The Glory of Yeshua) in Tel Aviv, made quite an impact on me for the following reasons:
  • Their Biblical based order of worship and a zeal for evangelism.
  • Their commitment to reaching an unbeliever with the Gospel and following up and nurturing the individual through discipleship and training that would help the progress to ministry and leadership.³
  • Their goal of striving after excellence and creativity.
  • Their remembrance of the Feasts of the Lord³ for their past, present and future prophetic meaning.
  • Their observance of the Sabbath and seriousness in dedicated prayer.
  • Their boldness in faith to spend thousands of dollars for needed professional equipment and resources in order to be professional and competitive with the world’s standards.
  • Their technical ‘know-how’ and use of the computer and internet along with DVD, CD, and video technology.
  • Their business acumen and ability to publish Gospel and ministry books in Hebrew from start to finish (from translation to the published book).
  • Their ability to teach the depths of the riches of the Word of God.
  • Their diligence in research and positive expectations of their fellow workers.
  • Their accountability, especially with money, and reaching out to help others as far away as Africa and as close as their believing Arab neighbors.
  • Their calling to be a light to the Gentile nations (Isaiah 49:6).
As I observed this hub of activity and vibrant Messianic community in Israel which in 10 years has grown from 15 to 250, I had to ask myself; what has enabled them to accomplish so much in that time frame - and I’m not just talking about numbers.

It’s scriptural to say that we grow strong through suffering. Perhaps part of their success is the struggle that they continually have in breaking through “the dividing wall of hostility.” This wall has been firmly built up over a long period of time with the materials of hatred, violence, rejection, suspicion and tradition.

When this suffering and struggle are followed up by a clear and profound revelation of the Gospel of Jesus (Yeshua), it seems to bring a zealousness and energy to everything that they do. And because of this background, they come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures, which some of us in the West lack.

However, it would seem that God, in His graciousness, is bringing this balance back into the Church; for I believe that we are witnessing a restoration to the Hebraic (Jewish) roots of our faith in these days, not seen since the first century after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

1 Romans 11 and Romans 15:27; 2 Genesis 12:3; 3 Ephesians 2:15 For the context read Ephesians Chapter 2:11-22; 4 Matthew 28:20; 5 Leviticus 23

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Hebrew Book of the Month Club 

We have the translators
We have the editors
We have the proofreaders
We have the graphic artists
We have the rights to publish
We have the staff to print
We have the printing equipment
We have the capacity to distribute
to 25 Hebrew-speaking congregations and
outreach centers in Israel....

Praying the Bible
This is our book of the month for April!

We are ready to start the translation and publishing process immediately.

As every believer must know, praying regularly, faithfully and effectively, is perhaps the greatest discipline that exists for the human soul that wants to establish and maintain a deep connection with God.

This inspiring book*, written by outstanding intercessors, is what Israelis need in these trying times! In fact, we recommend this amazing book to everyone who wants to be motivated, inspired and deepened in his or her prayer life.

*The Campbells have pledged to underwrite the cost of translation of Praying the Bible!

A Taste of Congregation Tiferet Yeshua, Tel Aviv

Under Your Wings - Tiferet Yeshua Congregation CDThis CD is the first worship recording by our Tiferet Yeshua (The Glory of Yeshua) Worship Team “Tsevet Yah”!

The songs in Hebrew are all original, written by Israeli believers.

The CD is available for purchase in our online store.

All the songs are translated into English so you can follow the meaning of the worship songs. The Hebrew words are spelled out phonetically (transliteretated) so you can sing along.

The Israeli believers in the land are hungry for worship CD’s and our congregation has been waiting a long time for this one! We believe you will feel a part of our worship as you sing along with us!

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