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Monthly Report: August 2006
Av-Elul 5766

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August 2006 Maoz Israel Report



By Shira Sorko-Ram 
On Wednesday, July 12, frustrated world powers finally agreed to refer Iran to the UN Security Council for possible punishment, concluding that Tehran had given no indication that any concessions would be made in regard to containing their nuclear ambitions.

At the end of that crucial meeting, Ali Larijani, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, left for the airport and boarded a plane, not for Tehran, but for Damascus - Hizbullah’s co-patron and Iran’s co-sponsor of terror.

Syria finances, trains and supplies arms for Hizbullah. Damascus also acts as the pipeline that implements and enables Iran’s provision of massive financial assistance and long range missiles/armaments to both Hizbullah and Hamas


Iran reportedly retains direct control over the deadly, longer-range missiles that are part of Hizbullah’s military arsenal.

That same day of July 12, Hizbullah terrorists crossed the Lebanese-Israeli border (which had been officially recognized as an international border certified by the UN), staged an ambush, killed eight Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two.  And suddenly northern Israel found herself under a massive barrage of rockets coming from Hizbullah terrorist strongholds along the Lebanese border. 

It does not take a seasoned diplomat to perceive that Iran’s war is against the West.  On their chess board, they opted to foment a crisis through Hizbullah in order to divert the UN’s attention from their determination to produce nuclear weapons.  Iran’s immediate purpose for this diversion is to dodge and delay the possibility of international sanctions.

The West as a whole certainly does not fully understand that Islamic extremists have in fact declared war on the West.  Iran’s mullahs have grandiose visions of conquering the entire planet.  The dark spirits in them and their quest for world domination are driving them forward with the malignant goal of one day establishing “One World” that would be totally ruled, governed and controlled under Islamic Shia law.

Crossing into Lebanon searching for terrorists

Hizbullah is a state-of-the-art world terrorism organization.  Before 9/11, Hizbullah had killed more Americans than any other terrorist organization.  Today, their tentacles reach into every continent and U.S. agencies are becoming increasingly concerned with the possibility of Hizbullah cells in America.

For now, Iran has ample reason to continue its proxy war against Israel through this terrorist organization.  Making the destruction of Israel and the hated Jews a central plank on its agenda, Iran is successfully raising its stature among the Muslim masses as the leader of the Muslim world.  Iran’s agenda against Israel enables it to hold other Arab nations at bay that might also be afraid of their nuclear ambitions. How can these Arab nations condemn Iran that is carrying out the policies of hatred for Israel that they themselves have instilled in their own citizens from birth?
With the growing aggressiveness of Iran, Syria and their various proxy terrorist organizations, the Western powers have seemingly found themselves in an immobilized stupor because they do not fully comprehend the seriousness of the agenda of hate and world domination by the Islamic mullahs. For example, on September 2, 2004, the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 1559 calling “for the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias;” i.e. Hizbullah.  So much for that.

Yet, it is public information that the Hizbullah group has only one main purpose and reason for existing - destruction of Israel and global jihad.   Its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, “sees the destruction of Israel as the central battle in the global jihad.”  (Jerusalem Post 18July06)

If Israel is forced to negotiate a cease fire without destroying the roots of Hizbullah, they will certainly come back to fight another day more powerful, more cunning and with all the high-tech missiles and weapons that Iran continually provides for them.  Why, in the future, would Iran itself launch a nuclear weapon against Israel when they can provide the nuclear bomb to Hizbullah and let them do it? 

As a Jerusalem Post editorial sums it up:
“The war against militant Islamism…does not generally pitch armies against each other.  But it is no less of a war; the jihadist seek to subjugate both Muslim nations and the West, and the West is fighting to defend its freedom and security.

“What is strange about this war, almost five years after 9/11 and after numerous follow-on attacks, is that unlike World War II the West is still confused about who the enemy is, how to fight it, and even over whether it is at war at all. . .

“What is plain to see, again, is the seamlessness of jihad.  Whether or not we stand together in defending ourselves, our attackers do not make great distinctions between their jihads to destroy the “Great Satan” and the “Little Satan,” as the mullahs call America and Israel.” (Ibid.,14July06)

Since Hizbullah is possessed with one goal, one ambition, one purpose and one objective - as long as there is breath, they will not be deterred.  Hizbullah operatives have no other interest than war against Israel and the West and there is nothing they are not willing to sacrifice in order to win.  They do not care about anything other than their goal of world conquest and their fellow jihadists.  They have hidden their caches of weapons in the homes and garages of Lebanese families throughout the country. 

 August 2006 Maoz Israel ReportAugust 2006 Maoz Israel Report
Homes bombed in northern Israel

Hizbullah purposely stays close to hospitals and schools and particularly areas where children are present. Their strongest weapon in shaping world opinion is to show dead civilians and especially innocent children as victims from Israel’s response.  In fact, a high rate of civilian casualties in Lebanon is almost certainly the only way Hizbullah could win this battle - by garnering world opinion to force Israel to stop responding to their attacks.

Therefore, it is truly remarkable that the G8 group of world leaders led by the U.S. has agreed to give Israel a window of opportunity to weaken Hizbullah with the aim that they can no longer threaten Israel.  God’s mercy and the prayers of His people pull us back from the brink.  It is clear that for a very short season, the eyes of the U.S. and West have been opened enough to allow Israel freedom to defend itself.  

If the world powers act to close the window quickly, Israel will be headed towards a sustained period of existential danger; and Iran will find itself closer than she thought to destroying the Jewish state by the double attacks from the north and from the south.  Additionally, the weaker that Israel appears, the more Hamas, whose ambitions are identical to Hizbullah, feels empowered to attack from the south, from Gaza.

Will Israel actually succeed to completely destroy the threat from Lebanon?  Alas, it is very doubtful.  Hizbullah operatives are themselves Lebanese who have so utterly woven themselves into the fiber of Lebanese society that is would seem impossible to tear them out of the woof and warp of the fabric of that nation.  Israel can destroy their weapons, but how to get rid of the terrorists themselves all of whom are Lebanese “civilians?” 

At least half of the army and half of the population are strong sympathizers and allies with Hizbullah.  The continuing source of terrorist power is Iran and Syria; they will immediately begin to rearm their Islamic warriors. It would be a miracle of Biblical proportions (like David and Goliath) if Israel is actually able to dismantle this satanic giant.
Yet, Israel, as God’s people know, cannot disappear from the map because of God’s promises to Abraham, the apostles and the prophets.  The New Testament speaks many times about the future of an Israel that has spiritually risen from the dead, not one that has been destroyed or bombed into extinction.

August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

God is so clearly holding back the demonic forces and the prideful ambitions of men; so that we have yet a little time to get the Gospel to the Jewish people and the nations of the world.

Let us refresh ourselves with a few of those great promises:

If this fixed order [of the sun, moon and stars] departs from My presence…then also Israel’s descendants will cease to be a nation before Me forever.  Jeremiah 31:36

For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle…then the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights on a day of battle.  Zachariah 14:2-3

And I will put My Spirit in you, and you will come to life, and I will place you on your own land.  Ezekiel 37:14
For if their rejection be the reconciliation of the world, what will their ACCEPTANCE be but life from the dead [FOR THE NATIONS]?  Romans 11:15

Because of the mercy shown to you [the Gentiles who have believed] they [the Jews]  also may now be shown mercy.  Romans 11:31

And thus all Israel will be saved; just as it is written.  Romans 11:26



August 2006 Maoz Israel Report USA

Twenty-eight Israelis from Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv were given the awesome opportunity to attend Messiah Conference near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this July. 

The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America paid for all conference costs including food and lodging for that week, while the contributors of Maoz Ministries sponsored their trip, including airfare, transportation, hotels and food during the second week.

The seven-day conference was an amazing experience both for the Israelis and their new American and Canadian friends.  We also traveled to Philadelphia where we were hosted by Beit Yeshua Congregation.

We spread out through the shopping malls to witness to Israelis who work in kiosks there. At the end of our trip we joined the Jews for Jesus campaign one afternoon in New York, witnessing to Israelis and New Yorkers.

On the next pages you will read about the wonderful work God did in the hearts and lives of our Israeli members. (Two of our 28 came from other congregations.)

Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram


August 2006 Maoz Israel Report
Half of the 2,000 strong participants of the Messiah Conference


August 2006 Maoz Israel Report
Ari and Shira introduce the Israeli group to the conference on Israel Night

August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

August 2006 Maoz Israel Report 



My vision strengthened
August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

Taking part in the trip to the Messiah Conference that was made possible by Maoz Ministries and the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, was really a God-given gift and a big miracle. God strengthened the vision He has given me. He opened my eyes to see the vital calling the Messianic Jews in Israel have, along with our sisters and brothers abroad, in preparing for the coming of Yeshua our Messiah. I am thankful to our Heavenly Father who put on many people’s hearts to donate and provide financial support for our trip. For me, it was truly a miracle, as I was given time off from my current intensive army duty in Israel in order to attend the conference. I want to thank the Maoz Ministry contributors and the MJAA that made this trip possible.
-- Tamar


 The Purpose of the Messianic Jew
August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

As a young person who will soon be enlisted in the army, the Maoz Ministries sponsored trip to the USA for the Messsiah Conference had a significant impact on me.

The conference influenced and strengthened me spiritually. I was surprised to see so many Messianic Jews abroad. I met many leaders who sat with me and explained to me how important is my position in God’s purpose and plan as a Messianic Jew in Israel.
-- Daniel


Established Trust and Relationships
August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

 It was a blessing to get to know Jewish believers from America and Canada, and

I hope to continue to stay in touch and see them again next year in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv or Haifa.-
- Kira


Renewal of Vision
August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

The Lord put a new vision into our own hearts - courage, renewal, love and confirmation of our calling. We sensed the abundant love at the Messiah Conference. This love is what touched us - the hearts of the people, their love and care. It was simply a fulfillment of everything that we had prayed to receive from the Lord!
-- Beni and Keren


Blessed by Israeli Believers
August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

 The fact that we were a group who had traveled from Israel to attend the Messiah Conference seemed to be such an encouragement for the American Jewish bellievers. Some people who we met had tears in their eyes when they learned that we were from Israel.
-- Elena

Joined with American Believers August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

I believe that the connection of new Messianic Jewiish friends that was born is a connection that God wants to strengthen, and I believe that I will see them again, hopefully in Israel!
-- Liat

Blessed by Solidarity with Israel
 August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

I was in awe on the first evening of the Messiah Conference when I found myself together with 2000 Jews and lovers of Israel, who believe in Yeshua just as I do. I am very thankful to God that He used our group to be a blessing and encouragement to our brothers and sisters in the USA that they could see with their own eyes that there is fruit from their prayers for the Israeli nation and that we are a strong and living testimony and that the body of Yeshua is alive and growing in Israel.
-- Motti

Spiritual Direction
 August 2006 MaozIsrael Report

The excitement and happiness at the conference, as a result of our group, inspired and encouraged us as to the spiritual direction of our own lives.
-- Rechelit

Insight & Revelation
 August 2006 MaozIsrael Report

I understood Israel’s place and importance in the world and the importance of Jewish aliyah (immigration) to Israel from the Diaspora.
-- Hadas

Love of Yeshua
 August 2006 Maoz Israel Report

I had heard of such love but to experience it in such sincerity was a mighty blessing! What can be seen from America cannot be seen from Israel. I thank God that He sent His Son, Yeshua HaMashiach, the Bond that unites the Jews with the Gentiles.
-- Shlomi Hazan


August 2006 MaozIsrael Report  


August 2006

Dear Maoz Partner,
Two days before we left on what turned out to be a wonderfully successful trip to the Messiah Conference, all the electricity went out in our Maoz Ministries offices in Israel. And there was a smell of burning.
The electrical company came to investigate and they told us that the building (the Maoz Center) was not built to house 15 computers, various printers plus advanced digital printing equipment.  In short, we had over time, burned out the electrical infrastructure in the walls.  The center will have to be emptied and basic repairs taking some weeks made to replace the electrical wires in the cement block walls.
In other words, the Maoz offices in Israel will have to be moved out of the center. This may be hard to believe, but in our hearts we felt God was literally pushing us out of this house. It has served us well for so many functions since 1980: We began two different congregations here and had our offices in every corner of the building for years. But we have long since outgrown it. We have been held back from increasing our activities because of lack of room.
The reason we have not already moved is because of the phenomenal price of renting office space in Tel Aviv. But now we must move. Our growth has actually burned out the electricity in our center!
Moving will give us an exciting new possibility to increase our outreach, to publish, to minister and disciple, and even to create a room dedicated to prayer a luxury we have not had until now. But moving will cost us an added $10,000 a month. Yes that is correct. $10,000 a month. In a tiny country fighting for its life, that’s what rent, taxes and utilities will cost us for what we need.
And we will need this added support every single month! But we will also see more people come to faith, and many more people discipled and trained. We will be able to increase our publishing and media output. We will be growing according to God’s plan for us.
As our nation struggles to fight off her killers, we who have the key to Israel’s victory over death have much work to do.  We cannot stand still. We must grow and expand now.
This will be our first step in five years to physically stretch our tent pegs. It is a need that has existed, but now has become an essential. There is only one way for us and that is forward!
Even though God has promised to protect and bless Israel, believers must be in fervent prayer and support for this nation that is so under attack from all sides. God’s promises are also conditional and the intervention of believers all over the world are needed in this emergency crisis for Israel. Your participation to help us preach and publish the Gospel is a part of God’s plan to bring salvation and deliverance to the Israeli people.
In this crisis time, if ever there was a time to “stand with Israel,” it is right now as the enemy encompasses the land. What happens to Israel will affect us all as God’s prophecies are fulfilled and even manifested before our very eyes - “when you see Jerusalem compassed with armies...”( Luke 21:20)
Your prayers and support are needed on behalf of Israel right now. Our ministry and congregation in Tel Aviv needs your prayerful support. Every believer has a crucial part in God’s plan and God has promised to bless every believer who answers His call!
You are appreciated, loved and considered a vital part of our team. We pray every single day at our office staff meeting for you, our partner. We thank you for doing all you can.
All Israel shall be saved,
Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram
P.S.  Together with you, we will accomplish the work He has given us to do!


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