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Monthly Report: April 2009
Nissan - Iyyar  5769

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My Immersion






By Avner Valer

Before you read his story,
watch a short Video where Avner shares in person about his testimony:

0409 - Avner Video

I remember - first cigarette

I can still clearly remember my first cigarette. I was a high school student and my friend Keren came to me at break time and asked, “Want to smoke? I‘ve got some cigarettes.” I went with her to the stairs next to our sports class where I trained with the athletic team.

I held the cigarette like a lifetime smoker, taking puff after puff, hardly choking at all. I pretended
smoking was nothing new to me because I didn’t want Keren to see me looking weak.

For months I had been imagining how I would feel when I smoked my first cigarette. Now I finally had the chance.

I finished that cigarette and immediately took another one. That’s how I am, always trying things, all the way to the very end. I want my entire being to feel the experience.

I remember - first drug

The first time I smoked drugs will be something I will never forget either. Dan, my best friend, smiling with joy as he came toward me, said, “I’ve got pot! Want to smoke?”

I went with him. For months I had imagined how I would feel the first time I used drugs, not wanting to miss a chance of trying something new.

Dan and I drove a four-wheeler to the desert behind our village in the Arava, the southern part of
Israel. As usual there was a deep silence in the desert. I could even hear our steps on the sand.

It was some kind of never ending silence typical to this area that surrounded us. I loved this silence.

0409-Avner BeforeDan took out of his bag a dirty, disgusting thing called a Bong. After he smoked, he handed it over to me. I took it and inhaled a long smoke.

He smoked a lot and started laughing and behaving strangely. I thought he was kidding me because I didn’t feel a thing. I thought perhaps he had given me just a simple cigarette or something.

Suddenly my mouth became really dry, as if I didn’t have water in my body. I lay in the four-wheeler trying to understand what had just happened. I think I lay there for an hour or so on my back, terrified, without knowing what was happening to me and feeling dryer and dryer.

I lifted my head up and I started throwing up like never before in my life. I still remember the pain that coursed through my body.

I thought it was strange that I felt like I had no liquids in my body, yet I kept throwing up. The pain became stronger as I laid back on the four-wheeler. My eyes became watery and liquids were leaking from my nose out of control. I kept thinking, “Where is all this liquid coming from?”

I remember saying: “drugs - that’s my last time”

Dan took me home. My head was dizzy all night and I remember telling myself, “I will never touch drugs again in my life!”

After a few days I wondered how come Dan enjoyed it so much and I suffered. I decided since I had already tried it, maybe I should just keep trying it until I enjoyed it too!

I started spending a lot of time with Dan and some friends. Many times we were going back home telling ourselves, “This is the last time!” but we kept smoking drugs in greater amounts.

I can’t remember the first ecstasy pill

I do remember falling in love with ecstasy. Some people use a yellow smiley as a sign, some kind of a code for ecstasy. I planned on tattooing the smiley sign on my “wedding ring” finger.

Ecstasy is also known as the “love drug”. I took more and more of it. Whoever takes it loves everything - people, nature - everything! When under its influence I really wanted to hug the trees because of their beauty. I thought that if the entire world could only take this pill, everything would be OK!

I found out I could make my mind prolong the “high” feeling of ecstasy longer than just a few hours. Sometimes I was “high” for a day and a half. I had taught myself how to use the pill to its greatest potential.

It was very simple. Inside my head there was this voice that was very similar to mine - yet somehow it was different. Actually I had several voices in my head - I called them “my advisers.”

I began consulting them for almost everything. I learned that the more I obeyed them, the “higher” I felt. I obeyed them in almost every matter, even if it was locking the door three times. Once I planted a tree in my mother’s yard. (Her innocence made her think I was helping with the housework).

I remember - insanity

I think my last “high” lasted for almost two weeks. Each day it became stronger until my touch with reality and people became weaker. I entered the insanity zone.

This insanity I remember clearly. I felt like I had a bubble around me, not a bath bubble but a thick bubble you can’t burst in a simple way. Through the bubble I would see things differently and my hearing had changed. People were saying one thing and I would hear something totally different.

Then the hospitalization in the closed psychiatric institute came - this part I can only partly remember. I do however remember the horrible smells and I remember people whose behavior was radically crazy. So many sad occasions; I could fill books.

One of the toughest experiences I remember is the day, as usual, my parents came to visit - only this time they brought along my younger brother. He was 16 years old. I stared at them with
an empty look and whispered, “I asked you not to bring visitors here!” I didn’t even recognize my own brother.

After the hospitalization I was sent to a half-way house in Hod HaSharon, north of Tel Aviv. People say that I looked like a question mark - my back was always bent because I just couldn’t stand up straight. My hand was constantly shaking and the side of my mouth continually drooled.

I was sure that I’d have to live with this disability for the rest of my life. I would sleep for 12 hours and the other 12 hours I spent watching TV. These were the two “worlds” I escaped to. I just couldn’t handle the outside world anymore.

I once saw on TV a guy that suffered from insanity like me. He explained insanity was like being in a James Bond movie as the lead role and you are the hero.

Then they hospitalize you and burst your bubble. It becomes very difficult to accept reality after living in this wonderful fantasy world and I knew exactly what he was talking about.

During the days I spent in the closed psychiatric institute I was emptied of all pride. My self  identity was taken away when they took my clothes and tied my arms and legs to my hospital bed.

I remember when they were tying me to a bed, it was the first time I called on God out loud. I had no one to turn to. On the straps which tied me to the bed I could see the teeth marks of previous patients who couldn’t escape, and I realized I was not about to escape either.

It is an excruciating feeling when they take away your freedom and your human identity. I called on God with only one word; I can’t even remember what it was, but I think it was “Why?”

All of this time I was surrounded by organizations and family that helped and supported me. My country cared for all of my needs, helping me more than I could have ever imagined and I thank God for that.


0409 - Avner 0409 - Shoo-Shoo

Me and Shoo-Shoo on the day I heard about Yeshua


I remember - finally, hope

One day I went to my cousin’s Bar-Mitzva party. There I found myself sitting at the table with Shahar, another cousin. I heard many people calling him “Shoo-Shoo” because most of them were not Israelis and they found it hard to pronounce his name properly.

Shoo-Shoo started to talk with me, a talk that changed my life. He told me all about the Messiah, not sparing any details. As a person that just stepped out from a closed psychiatric institute, I really didn’t understand about the “sacrifices” or “priests”. They sounded like very distant words to me.

Yet I didn’t want him to stop because while he was talking about the Holy Temple and so on, Shoo-Shoo shared some pearls of wisdom that this Yeshua had said.

This gave me some lines and I drew a picture of him in my imagination - a fuzzy image of this one I did not know, yet had a vague desire to know him. I have no scientific or logical explanation for this emotion I felt - it was something from above, an act of GOD.

I began to feel this man, Yeshua, was the one to whom I wanted to give my life and in Him I would trust to take me safely to shore. He was the one I wanted to follow.

I remember a clear feeling that the puzzle of my life had rearranged itself, in a split second, and it became a beautiful and perfect picture.

I stopped Shoo-Shoo and asked him “Oh, so you don’t believe in some kind of a guru; you believe in some kind of God that came to our earth as a person. And that he is Yeshua the Messiah!” Shoo-Shoo nodded.

“I want to hear every word this God-person had ever said,” I thought to myself.

“Can you find me a copy of the New Testament in Hebrew?” I asked. “Sure,” he responded easily.

Until that very day I was sure this book was the most clandestine book in Israel and you were just not allowed to read it. More than once I had tried to find out about this book but I was afraid of people’s reactions.

I remember how surprised I was to hear that Yeshua was actually Jewish. I thought it was a joke!

I was even more surprised to see verses in Jeremiah that talk about the New Covenant from my other friend Miki.

In high school I learned five units of Bible and actually it was often the only class I bothered to attend. The rest of the day I was usually out in the schoolyard, smoking drugs and hanging out with friends. But I always knew that the Tanach (Old Testament) is a “one of a kind” book and I bothered my teacher, Carmela, with a thousand questions. She would patiently try to explain to me all the hard words and concepts.

Sometimes I dreamed of studying the Tanach all by myself, without Carmela’s help. They were just dreams then.

Now I know!

Today I am 25 years old. Yeshua took me out of the waters about five years ago, and since I met Him, TRUELY, my life has been changed completely. I now study with all my heart the entire Bible - which has shown me the Way of Life.

I never looked back, never missed my old life. I have never for a moment questioned my belief in

My back has straitened and my hands have stopped shaking and I threw away the drugs I had continued to take (even after the hospitalization) on that most amazing day of my life, the day in which Yeshua the Messiah saved me.

0409 - Avner PreachingI do remember how hard it was to give up the disability pension I was entitled to receive from the government because I was used to receiving it. I knew how financially easy my life was because of it, but I knew I had to trust in God to give me the strength to work - and so it was.

It was quite a shock to those around me to see me doing physical work like gardening, washing dishes at a restaurant and even doing renovations! I remember how surprised I was finding that my body was healthy enough to bear all that physically hard work.

Together with all that, I began studying at a graphic arts institute. I had always been interested in art and media and was happy to finally find a subject that included both of them.

I joined an intensive Bible study program for three months and later became a leader there. I also cooperated with some young adults from my former congregation, HaMaayan, and starting with three people, we formed a young adults group for believers from cities all around our area.

These meetings that were geared for young people grew to about 60 with every age group joining in. I began preaching at the meetings and the different congregations and house groups.

In short, God cured me - in front of the eyes of all of the doctors - curing me from every psychiatric pill and treatment I had taken.

Once I had “advisers.” Now I have my “Wonderful Counselor,” the greatest of all! (Isaiah 9:5)

Your testimonies also are my delight and my counselors. Psalms 119:24

I strive to replace the wisdom of man with God’s wisdom every day, and, like Paul, if I am beside myself, it is for God! (2 Corinthians 5:13).

My parents thought I would never be normal again, that I would always be dependent on someone else.

Yeshua took me from where others had already given up. Through patience and never-ending love He took me out from my filthiness and looked at me with honor and love.

I remember - heavenly wisdom

I have wanted to be like the possessed person that Yeshua set free from the legion of demons. The people that came to Yeshua found this man when the demons had left him and he was sitting at Yeshua’s feet, dressed and sane…. Yeshua sent him out, saying: “Go home and tell them about all the things God has done for you.”

I owe Him all of my life, and writing this article is an opportunity to remember Him and thank Him for what great things he has done for me.  

Avner joins the Maoz team

0409 - Avner at WorkAbout a year ago we met a bright young man whom our Maoz media director had just hired. We were struck by his enthusiasm, his obvious entrepreneurial nature together with a humble attitude that enhanced his good social skills.

I say we were struck because one does not easily find in the same person a strong “self starter” and also a great team person.

Avner has many talents. He is an imaginative and sensitive graphic artist - helping our department head, Omer, with the Maoz Israel Report, book covers, DVD and CD covers, to mention a few of Maoz media projects.

Furthermore, Avner is, as you can see from his testimony, a really fine writer. His mother tongue is Hebrew and he writes in Hebrew. There will be many opportunities to use his talents on our Hebrew website and on Hebrew blogs. He has already published a book on Proverbs.

Over this last year Avner has proven to be a great addition to our media department. And we couldn’t be happier that this young Israeli’s greatest desire is to work for the Lord in an organization where he can be a part of a ministry outreach and Congregation Tiferet Yeshua.

Avner gave his testimony in our congregation. All could see he really has a message for young people!

He is a sold out young Israeli Messianic Jew. As Yeshua said, He who has been forgiven much, loves much!

Shira Sorko-Ram


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0409 - NTThankYouBlurb

0409 - Gospel of Matthew CDs"Can you find me a copy of the New Testament in Hebrew?” I asked. “Sure,” he responded easily. Until that very day I was sure this book was the most clandestine book in Israel and you were just not allowed to read it.

Avner Valer

Because of your generous giving we have all the money required to produce 10,000 CDs of the Gospel of Matthew and 1,000 copies of the entire audio New Testament in Hebrew with an original musical score (18 CDs) - a total of $25,000! (£18,150; €19,600)

The 10,000 copies of Matthew will be given away to  interested Israelis and the complete New Testament will be distributed throughout the country to congregations and Bible book stores.


Durban II: The Latest War on Israel

By Shira Sorko-Ram

A few days before 9/11, the United Nations mounted its greatest-ever attack on Israel’s existence. The week-long battle raged in far-off Durban, South Africa. Not a war of physical weapons, but one that was going for the kill - and its target, center stage, was the Jewish state.

These human architects of righteousness and justice titled their crusade the “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.”

They chose two honored guests to greet the delegates - the famed father of modern terrorism, Yasser Arafat, together with the founder of the oldest dictatorship in the western hemisphere, Fidel Castro.

The eight-day conference, pumped up to be an event that would fight such evils as racism and religious intolerance, was nothing more or less than an eight-day hate-fest against Israel - a vicious and racist onslaught against the human rights of the Jewish people.

0409 - Durban demonstration, 2001
Massive Demonstration in Durban, September 2001, orchestrated by Islamists, protesting the existence of Israel.

Their premise: Who is more racist than Israel? And who discriminates racially more than the Jews? And what religion is more intolerant of other religions than Judaism? Who made those judgments? The 7,000 delegates from the nations of the world, guided by the UN’s Islamic nucleus, pronounced the verdict.

The attacks were multi-faceted: Pamphlets were handed out at the NGO (non government organizations) meetings, including vicious caricatures of Jews - reminiscent of Nazi cartoons of Jews in World War II - like Jews with hooked noses who had Palestinian blood on their hands as they sat on their piles of money.

The most infamous anti-Semitic book in existence, The Protocols of Zion, was freely distributed and posters carrying slogans overlapping the Star of David with the swastika greeted the emissaries.

Jewish delegates felt under siege and were hiding their accreditation badges because it identified them as Jewish delegates, again, reminiscent of Europe in World War II.

The aim was very clear: to unite the world to boycott and impose sanctions against Israel - as was done to bring down the South African white government - and destroy Israel economically.

The late Democratic Representative Tom Lantos of California who attended Durban I said, “This was the most sickening and unabashed display of hate for Jews I had seen since the Nazi period.”

Another delegate from the American Jewish Committee said, this is “a well organized effort to use the human rights talk to delegitimize not only the actions of Israel, but its very right to exist.”

Finally, the United States and Israel walked out. Canada stayed on, for the reason that they publically stated, to strongly voice their objection to the vicious attacks on Israel. The Canadian representative warned: “Canada is still here only because we wanted to have our voice decry the attempts at this conference to delegitimize the State of Israel.”

However, when the final report of Durban I was published, Canada’s official objections were mysteriously deleted from the report. In fact, human rights commissioner Navanethem Pillay had no problem informing the world that the report had been unanimously approved - a fact that Canada strenuously denies. She also failed to mention that the U.S and Israel left in the middle.

The conference ended four days before the twin towers were destroyed. The members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, who now dominate most UN events, concluded their deliberations and pronounced Israel the most evil power on earth.


But why bring up something that took place seven and a half years ago?

Because it is about to happen again. From April 20-24, Durban II will convene - this time in Geneva.

A new draft of Islamic demands, much harsher than the last one, has been in the works for many months. Their mantra - a homeland for the Jewish people is racism. Thus Israel is guilty of apartheid. And the Holocaust is subject to question because Iran and Syria have doubts concerning the number of Jews that died. In total, six provisions are dedicated to demonizing Israel as racist. (Daily News, Anne Bayefsky 30Jan09)

Long-term goals are embedded in Durban II’s plan. Already working concurrently in the UN General Assembly, President Miguel d’Escoto Brockman (from Guatemala) avowed that Israeli policies amount to apartheid and “must be outlawed” and met by a “campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions to pressure Israel.” In a word, Brockman and the UN majority want to bring destruction to Israel by economic death.

The intention is clear: the political defeat of Israel, in the same vein as apartheid South Africa, because repeated attempts at a military defeat of Israel have failed. (Ibid.)

Columnist Melanie Phillips warned that “Durban II is shaping up to be a vicious and racist onslaught against the human rights of the Jewish people accusing it of “apartheid, a crime against humanity and a form of genocide.” (theJC. com 30Dec08)


Durban II will be chaired by Libya, with Iran as the vicepresident of the executive committee of the drafting group, and Cuba as the rapporteur (producing the final official draft). Other major human-rights offenders involved are Pakistan - where religious minorities are widely and viciously persecuted, and Russia, which is rediscovering its dictatorial past.

Think about it: Choosing Libya - a country with no political parties and Iran - a state whose President has
threatened to wipe Israel off the map - to lead an anti-racism conference!


There are voices in the West which are sounding the alarm. Florida’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is a ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee warned, “Durban II has nothing to do with anti-racism and everything to do with attacking Israel and the Jewish people.”

“Free nations,” she continued, “should unite against violent radical Islamists and prevent the further manipulation of the UN to legitimize their extremist agenda. The U.S. and other responsible nations must stand up to the dictatorships that have hijacked much of the UN in general and Durban II in particular. Iran, Libya, Cuba, and their fellow repressive regimes at the UN continue to deny the Jewish state’s right to exist, and they aim, through Durban II and other UN efforts, to prevent Israel from defending itself.”


How do Islamists do it ?

How do anti-western and anti-Israel resolutions get passed in the UN? Full democracies are a minority in the UN (about 70). The non-democratic radical Organization of the Islamic Conference (56 Islamic members) dominates the nondemocratic developing world (another 65), and they usually vote as a block. Therefore the democratic nations stand no chance of winning on numbers alone. So the Western diplomats feel their only hope is to encourage a reasonable consensus.

The Islamic nations outmaneuver the West by beginning draft meetings with hysterically anti-Israel positions. The West then softens the position a bit and the “consensus” is presented - still very anti-Israel, but not quite as bad as at the beginning.



One can hardly fail to notice that in the Durban II draft there is no mention of the gross Jew-hatred and mass murder of Israelis by the Palestinians. (Over 1100 Israelis killed in terrorist attacks since the first Durban conference.)

There is no mention of any Arab or Muslim denial of human rights; no mention of the genocide in African nations; no condemnation of Arab states for barring to Jews; no condemnation of the Iranian threat of a second Holocaust. What about China, Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea, to name a few? Or the current Islamic massacres in Sudan?

Think of the human rights abuses in Iran, Pakistan and Syria, the very countries heading up this charade, this travesty of a conference pretending to “bring justice” to the world.


But there is more. This new draft being prepared for the Durban rerun is not a simple “Let’s destroy Israel only” presentation. It is at the same time a major attempt to outlaw all criticism of Islam and Islamic-bred violence.

The draft would brand all discussion of Islamic terrorism as “racism” or “xenophobia” (fear of strangers). The document declares all counter-terrorist surveillance of Islamic institutions to be “defamation of Muslims”.

Their definition of rights and freedoms means that whoever criticizes anything Islamic (but not any other religion) is advocating racial or religious hatred.


Ros-Lehtinen, stated, “Because of the insidious efforts of... outlaw regimes and the inability or unwillingness of the UN system to prevent the enemies of freedom and human rights from hijacking the agenda, the Durban II conference is firmly on track to be an anti-America, anti-Israel and anti-
Semitic hate-fest.”

Melanie Phillips continues with “it is the UN and the architects of Durban II who are the racists and murderous bigots.” She challenges the democratic nations to stand up to Islamic agenda and “denounce this sick farce, and pull out now.” (Melanie Phillips,, 30Dec08)

0409 - Angry Muslim protestorPresident Barack Obama, wanting more diplomatic interaction with the UN, had attempted to work with the Durban II committee to make the attacks against Israel palatable, but finally found that the document was hopelessly irreparable. According to his official press release, “The document being negotiated has gone from bad to worse, and the current text of the draft outcome document is not salvageable.” To his credit, Obama has pulled the United States out of the conference.

The United States, Israel, Canada and Italy so far are the only states who have decided they will not attend Durban II. The question is whether or not Europe will actually pull out of Durban II or just float down the river with the rest of the world.


And here is the irony of the UN’s outrageous perversion of fundamental human values. Without the financial support of the U.S. and a handful of other Western nations, the UN could accomplish exactly zero. The UN’s administrative costs are some $5 billion a year. The U.S. pays 22% of that.

And according to the Heritage Foundation which has done extensive research on U.S. aid to developing countries, the very countries that the U.S. subsidizes, usually vote against U.S. and democratic interests in the UN.

The Heritage Foundation concludes that funding non-democratic countries does not help the cause of freedom. What is even more shocking, is that most of the non-democratic countries that receive regular aid from the U.S. are in worse condition than they were several decades ago. (see

"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?" asks the Psalmist in Psalm 2. For world events to make sense at all, we must look into the spiritual realm. Without this perspective, we can only see nations acting irrationally and incomprehensibly.


So why? Why? Why? Why is Israel the center lightning rod to world rage? Why do evil regimes everywhere do as they please with no one reproving them, while Israel’s every move is condemned by the world?

Understand: It is not Israel they hate. It is the God who promised Israel the land of Israel. It is the Messiah they hate who was born - not in Palestine, but in Bethlehem, Israel. It is the Bible they hate which promises Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the land which today is claimed by Arabs who for a few short decades have given themselves the name “Palestinians”.

Arabs who could find a home in a dozen or more nations - where they speak the same language, eat the same food, have the same religion and culture - were it not that the ruler of this world, Satan, wants the Jewish people destroyed. Period.

He knows the Messiah who defeated him before eternity came from the Jewish people and will return to rule the world from Jerusalem! This infuriates Satan and he is determined to use whatever method possible to checkmate God’s plan.

If the Messiah had been born in Ghana, then there would be no anti-Semitism; there would be anti-
Ghanaism. Since Israel was chosen by God, Satan has searched for willing vessels to annihilate her - whether it be Haman or Hitler.

Our part in these circumstances is to
(1) be aware,
(2) pray diligently for the peace of Jerusalem,
(3) help give the Jewish people the chance to hear the Gospel,
(4) warn others of the ferocious battle over the life of the Jewish nation, and for that matter, all worship of the One True God, the God of Israel. The Messiah will overcome with His saints, but not without a fight to the end.

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Through the Bible Series by Gordon Lindsay

0409 - Through the Bible Series

Before his death in 1973, Gordon Lindsay, founder of Christ for the Nations, authored a Bible course called “Through the Bible” series. Lindsay teaches the personality of God and the way He deals with human beings by analyzing the lives of the men and women of the Old Testament.

Although Rabbinical authorities of course teach from the Bible, they do not usually deal with the deep spiritual relationship between God and man.

For the Israeli reader, this will be a fresh new way of looking at the Bible characters and learning from them what God wants and expects from us today.

This Bible course of 37 booklets was created to give readers a love of the Scriptures.

We wish to translate the series into Hebrew.

Each book will cost $1,750 to translate, edit, proofread, typeset, print and distribute (£1270; €1370)

Your gift will help Israelis mature in their faith - which means they will be strengthened to multiply themselves by reaching new Israelis who are searching for the truth!

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Thank You, Maoz Partners!

0409 - Gift for SoldiersOften Israeli believing soldiers have almost zero time for quiet time with the Lord.

We have printed four small Devotionals by Roy Lessin which fit into the pockets of our soldiers' uniforms.

Each page can be read within a minute.

As a Passover gift for every believing Israeli soldier we have contact with, we are sending these giftwrapped Devotionals along with our latest youth worship CD.




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April 2009

Maoz Stockholders/Shareholders Report

I guess we all at one time or another have noticed that the stock markets across the globe have been on quite a roller coaster ride the last few months…way up, and then, way, way down…and even the experts are predicting that the recovery of Wall Street could be a slow, painful process…

That’s what prompted me to give you, our shareholders, a report on your “stock” in Maoz Israel Ministries.

No, we are not listed on the Dow Jones, the S&P 500, or the NASDAQ.

Maoz Israel Ministries is listed on God’s Kingdom Agenda to win the world to the Lord.

And, let me tell you, our stock is UP!

Your investments are secure, they are growing in size, they are guaranteed, there is an absolute airtight commitment of a return on investment, and there is also a guarantee that the value of your investments will never - that’s right - NEVER lose value!

In fact, your position as a shareholder in Maoz Israel Ministries is one of the safest, securest, most reliable investments you can make.

What has been the return on your investment?

Two more Israelis came to faith in Yeshua this past week. 70 Hebrew titles distributed throughout Israel bringing Israelis to faith, training new believers, helping families raise strong families, and instilling faith in believers to expect miracles in their lives.

Believers have bought homes, started businesses, helped others in their neighborhood, learned the Hebrew language.

Worship, even some original songs in Hebrew, is permeating congregations across Israel, with a sound that is unmistakably Israeli, and unmistakably anointed…a cry from the next generation to pour out themselves in worship to Yeshua.

The children of Israel are being grounded in the Word, preparing them to face the greatest persecution, yet positioning them to be the great purveyors of revival that is promised to the world, when Israel finds their Messiah.

You read in this “Report” the marvelous testimony of Avner finding His Messiah. Now, that’s a return on investment!

You can be sure our CEO’s, Ari and Shira, are not using your investments for airplanes, junkets to Vegas, or extravagant perks. And they are not expecting a “bail out” either. Their trust is in the God of Israel, and the people of God, who understand that to invest in the hope of Israel is the greatest privilege in the world.

Your investments are growing while you work, eat, and sleep. Our teenagers are texting, blogging, and sharing their faith with their friends. Our soldiers who are believers (whom you blessed this month) are excelling in the Israeli army, with a vibrant testimony of trusting in God.

So, in such a shaky, unstable environment, you can rest assured, as shareholders in Maoz Israel Ministries, that your investment is secure, unshakeable, and guaranteed to bring a return of souls for the Kingdom…your gifts are working daily to bring more and more Israeli’s to faith.

Let’s see... Wall Street or Streets of Gold? I think you have made a wise decision!

Signature Christy Wilkerson
             Christy Wilkerson
             International Administrator

P.S. Because of your decision to invest in Israel, and bless the Jewish people, there is no doubt that God is going to bless your socks off - as only He can do. His Word is guarantee enough!,


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