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 America: Israel's Last Ally. Or Was.


Monthly Report: May 2010
Iyar - Sivan 5770

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0510-Top - President Obama



By Shira Sorko-Ram

“America has embarked on the European path of economic stagnation and declining influence. Since 1945, Europe has depended on America to defend it, while spending ever smaller percentages of its Gross National Product on defense. The huge budget deficits resulting from Obamacare will push America in the same direction.”

So wrote Jonathan Rosenblum, director of Jewish Media Resources and columnist for the Jerusalem Post. (2Apr10)

Rosenblum reiterates what most other conservative journalists write: “Every major government entitlement program has ended up costing many times more than initially projected, and the proponent’s cost projections on Obamacare do not meet even minimal levels of credibility.”

He adds, “World War II cost Britain its empire, and the huge budget deficits racked up by Obamacare will likely force America to abandon its role as global policeman.” This will leave nations like Iran to take the lead and push the surrounding Islamic nations into making a head-long rush to develop their own nukes.

The “retreat of the Great Satan will only whet the appetite of radical Islam.” One thing is certain: The UN will never protect Israel against the Islamists. And now it appears that America is turning its back on its only democratic ally in the Middle East.

0510 - Obama, Netanyahu, Abbas

Body language seems to be very strong with President Obama. Here he is obviously in command, ordering Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Head Mahmoud Abbas to pose for a nice photo op.


Just what is Obama’s agenda for the future? What else does he want to accomplish during his first term in office? Of course, he would love to pass his Cap and Trade bill, but Rosenblum believes he can only commit suicide once (with Obamacare) and he does not think the president has enough political capital left to get another massively controversial bill through congress.

Therefore, says Rosenblum, he will turn to foreign policy – which, for the most part, is out of reach of congress. He has publicly stated that he will deliver a Palestinian state within two years. (

Most Israelis have come to the conclusion that the Jewish state has no choice but to offer the several million Arabs in the West Bank their own state. Nevertheless, Israel is fearful of the way it appears Obama will make it happen.

From Israel’s perspective, Obama is not really interested in a peace treaty between Arabs and Israel. As Rosenblum notes, “No confidence-building measures are ever requested from the Palestinians. At every stage, new demands are placed on Israel to placate [the Palestinians] and convince them that the U.S. has the power to deliver a state on terms even they cannot refuse.” (Ibid.)

He has asked nothing of the Palestinians – such as recognizing Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation or renouncing terrorism. He has not countered the demands of the Palestinians who plan to send millions of Muslim “refugees” to live in Israel proper and to take Jerusalem away from Israel and make it their Muslim capital.


When Netanyahu visited the White House in late March, Obama demanded that he sign an agreement to stop all building in East Jerusalem’s Jewish areas and consent to 12 other demands. When Netanyahu stalled, according to many press reports, Obama stood up and said, “I’m going to have dinner with Michelle and the girls.” He added, “I’m around. Let me know if there’s anything new.”

“It was awful,” a U.S. congressman who spoke to the Prime Minister said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting “a hazing in stages,” poisoned by such mistrust that the Israeli delegation eventually left rather than risk being eavesdropped on a White House telephone line. He left with no official statement from either side, an unheard of treatment of a close ally. (, 26Mar10)

0510 - Haaretz Story

This headline expresses the mood in Israel –
the awareness of the indifference of the world to threats against Israel’s existence.

Ironically, the Israeli people, after decades of “negotiations,” are convinced that the Palestinians do not really want a Palestinian state – that is, a state living in peace beside Israel. They do not want that. They want one state and one state only – which would extend from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River – in other words, they want the land of Israel as part of their state. They say it this way: One state for both Arabs and Jews with each citizen having a vote.

To gain such a state, they would be ready to submit (at least temporarily) to being the first democratic Arab Muslim state in history because then their Muslim voters would, within a very short time, vote in a Muslim Palestinian prime minister and dominate the Knesset. And that would be the end of the Jewish state.

But that is not all. Israel is falling behind in military capabilities. “According to the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, every Israeli request for upgraded weapons systems has been denied, while the Arab states, most notably Egypt, have been provided with numerous advanced systems on par with Israel’s.” Most recently, bunker busters necessary for any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities were denied. (Ibid.)

We must remember that Obama sat comfortably under Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic invective – including honoring Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam – for nearly 20 years. He is comfortable with Islamic principles and ambitions.

Israel’s only hope is God. As the nations turn increasingly antagonistic toward Israel, Christians and Messianic Jews who know how God feels about the land He promised to the Jewish people must pray for Israel and for their own nation. The promise is still true today. I will bless those that bless you and curse those who curse you.

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The War of the Roses

0510-Roses for NetanyahuJanet Porter, Florida radio host, became so incensed over Obama’s behavior towards Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that she called on her listeners to buy a bouquet of yellow roses at the symbolic price of $19.48 (Israel’s Independence birth year) accompanied by a card with the words, “Be encouraged, Americans stand with you,” along with a quote from a Psalm: “The Lord  builds up Jerusalem.” (

As of the middle of April, 18,000 dozen yellow roses have been purchased by supporters of Israel. But Israel’s government is overcome with anxiety. Netanyahu’s advisors responded that they could not accept the flowers for fear that it might make Obama angry!! However, when Netanyahu had a chance to think about these true Christian friends who were sending him flowers, he decided after all to take them – but without being photographed.

He announced he would give them to hospitals and to Israel’s military camps on Israel’s Independence Day, April 25.

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My Mother

0510-Shira and Freda at 90Freda Lindsay was my mother. She went to her reward on March 25 at the age of 95. I spent a week with her and said goodbye to her five days before she said goodbye to this world.

More than 33,000 students have passed through Christ for the Nations Institute – the Bible school that my mother and father founded in 1970 – and for the last 30 plus years (after my father’s homegoing in 1973) she was known to those students and alumni as “Mom Lindsay.”

Mother did so many things in her long life that I wouldn’t know how to start listing them. But for a moment I’ll focus on her love for Israel. She had a unique way of training the students who came to school there.

During the first week of a new semester, she would stand before the student body and ask them, “Who wants to be blessed by God?” Of course, every single person raised his or her hand.

She then said, “Who wants to be cursed?” Not a hand was raised.

Then she read them God’s promise to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you; and I will curse him who curses you.”

Students came from all over the world, including Arab nations. But by the time they left the school, they knew that God had chosen the Jewish people for a critically important part in the last-day spiritual awakening that will sweep the world before the coming of Judgment Day. (See Joel 2:18-32, Romans 11)

Mother was a doer. She made quick decisions, had state-of-the-art organizational abilities; nothing went by her unobserved. She picked up trash off the sidewalk, took note of any and every malfunction, and would move earth – and sometimes heaven - to help her beloved students in any way possible.

She lived on campus in a two-bedroom apartment, the only place she wanted to be – close to the hubbub of crowds of students coming and going. Some even had the chutzpah (boldness) to stop by for a visit – which she loved!

I used to talk to her a couple of times a week on our internet phone and I will sorely miss her. My husband Ari, and our son Ayal, and daughter and son-inlaw, Shani and Kobi, all greatly loved and honored their Savta (Hebrew for grandma). She was the only grandparent Ayal and Shani ever knew.

But what has occupied my mind more than anything else these past couple of weeks is that in my sorrow, I know where she is – with the God of all creation, our Heavenly Father, and with our Savior, Yeshua the Messiah.

In my introspection, I thought about those believers who see loved ones go into eternity who did not receive salvation in this world. Now that is sorrow.

Mother is in heaven. Just as Job said, “I know my Redeemer lives. And He shall stand at last on the earth; And after my skin is destroyed, this I know, That in my flesh I shall see God...” (Job 19:25-26)

When my mother passed away, I went to the CFN bookstore and got the same two books I had read when my father suddenly passed away in 1973. He had edited and published both of these books – visions of heaven seen by two women living in the 18th century and who never knew each other. The books* give a peek into heaven; each of these ladies saw a tiny piece of the vastness of heaven. However, what has impressed me most while reading, is the fact that in many ways heaven is an  extension of our lives on earth.

We will be greeted by those whom we loved, had relationships with, and to whom we helped bring into the Kingdom of Heaven. We will even meet people who were brought into heaven through our financial investments. Yeshua himself stated this remarkable truth:

I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings. Luke 16:9 (NIV)

 0510-Ari, Shira and Freda dance 0510 - Freda at Tiferet Yeshua
Shira, Freda and Ari dancing in front of a Succah built in Dallas for the Feast of Tabernacles, 1989. Freda speaks to Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv on one of her many visits to Israel. 

Our friend, Cindy Jacobs sent an email to my brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Ginger Lindsay, describing a vision she had of Mother. I quote from her letter:

I am sitting in a hotel in the Philippines and just received word about Mom Lindsay’s going home. Actually, I am really weepy and sad and I am getting ready to speak to a crowd of pastors. However I wanted to write and tell you that I already knew that she had gone home to be with the Lord. The Lord had given me a vision of heaven’s preparation for her to arrive and then what happened when she did step in heaven’s gates.

The Preparations
First of all, I saw Christ for the Nation’s students who were waiting for her arrival. They were so excited to see “Mom” and they could hardly wait. Dances were prepared for her welcome.

A huge choir was ready to sing a welcome song. It was filled with red, brown, yellow, white, and black faces. Their sound was wonderful and filled with love.

The Arrival
The first to greet her was her King and she fell weeping at his feet. She was young and beautiful in a long flowing white robe. Right beside him was Gordon. [My father]

Various groups of people came forward with flowers. Red roses were everywhere. It was so wonderful and she was so happy with it all.

The last thing I saw was her stepping up and beginning to sing a song of adoration to the Lord with the choir of the nations standing behind her in worship.

God gave her an abundant entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven and she loved every moment of it!

I feel like the areas of my life I want to strengthen is to spend more quality time with my brothers and sisters here in the land. Being a pioneer in Israel, I am like others of us who lead congregations and ministries in Israel and have to do the work of several people. In order to get my work done I tend to be project-focused and, if not careful, a workaholic.

Of course, we are to work because the night is coming... But I want to be sure I spend enough time with our team, our congregational members and other leaders in the land. I can’t wait to see my Savior. But I also want to meet a lot of close friends and people I have helped in some way when one day I too join the heavenly throng.

Yes, I want to take as many people with me as I possibly can. All the trials and heartaches, the rejection that we as Messianic Jews in Israel experience... well, it will be worth it all.

Mother leaves behind three children, eight grandchildren, six great-grand children with two more on the way! We’re all pressing towards the mark...

* These books can be purchased through or Scenes Beyond the Grave: Visions of Marietta Davis and Within the Gates: Rebecca Springer’s Remarkable Vision of Paradise. Both editions purchased from were edited by Gordon Lindsay. 

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My Grandmother

by Shani Sorko-Ram Ferguson

0510-Shani, Illit, Freda and Shira

On March 25th I received a phone call. It was my mother letting me know my grandmother, Freda Lindsay, was nearing the end of her time here on earth.

I immediately called my grandmother’s caretakers to get more details. They told me they could sense the air was thick with eternity. I knew even though we humans couldn’t be sure exactly when she was going to go home, heaven was very aware of the timing. And if those from the other side were coming to watch the crossing over, it was time. So I jumped on a plane, and Kobi stayed back with the children. I wanted to see her one last time and kiss her goodbye. The night before I had laid in bed telling God how much I would like it if I could be there when she stepped into eternity.

I never made it. I spent 40 hours bouncing from airport to airport trying to find open flights and landed in Dallas 22 hours too late. There are a few things in life I hope I don’t ever have to do again - mourning in front of thousands of airport passers-by is right at the top of the list.


A prophetic woman who knew nothing about me once came up to me and said, “You come from a line of strong women.” How right she was.

Thousands of people affectionately called Freda “Mom Lindsay”, but there are eight of us who had the privilege of calling her “grandmother.” She was the only grandparent I ever knew, and for only having one, I sure got a good pick. She somehow managed to find time to change the world and still be home in time for dinner.

In 1970, Christ for the Nations Bible Institute was born. The Bible school was my grandfather Gordon’s idea, so naturally he spearheaded the vision. That is, until he died three years into its founding. It was an awkward time for a woman to take the reigns of a ministry, but I think if God’s ways had a middle name, it would be “Awkward.” It was her time.

Growing up, my brother and I referred to Christ for the Nations as “Grandma’s school.” I didn’t really understand the impact that my grandparents had made for the Kingdom until I became an adult and found out that, in some Bible schools, learning about my grandparents was part of the curriculum.


In 1948, when Gordon heard the announcement on the radio that the Jewish state of Israel was formed, he understood its spiritual significance. But little did Gordon know that Freda would live to see two generations of their offspring born, raised and serving God in Israel.

My grandparents traditionally took a tour every year to Israel to encourage the connection between Christians, the land of the Bible, and the Jewish people.

It was on these tours as a young adult that my mother developed a love for Israel and later discovered the Jewish heritage of Freda’s Russian grandmother’s maiden name, Schaklovsky.

In her late twenties, my mother immigrated to Israel and later married my dad. My mom said she would always ask her mom to come early and spend time with her and my dad when she brought over a tour. My grandmother usually explained to her that she simply couldn’t fit the extra days in her schedule. But, miraculously, when my brother and I were born, her schedule cleared up and she found she was always able to come a week early to spend time with her grand-babies.

In turn, in the summer my parents would take us to Dallas to spend time with her and our other relatives. It must have been quite overwhelming for my parents to bring their wild Israeli children into the culture of southern hospitality every year. Nevertheless, I’m sure they forgive us for all we did.

As a child my grandmother told me to sing. She always asked me if I was studying my piano and singing. I thought she was telling me that because every grandmother loves to hear their grandchild sing. I never realized until recently how music would be such an important part of my life and calling.

My grandmother was quite savvy in keeping up with the times. Over the last year or so, our main form of communication with her was through Skype. Using Skype, we showed her how her great-grandbabies were growing up. We talked about everything from the latest political events to how much she loved oatmeal. And it was when we skyped for our daughter Lahav’s thirt birthday that I saw her for the last time.

My grandmother never lived the American dream. Though millions of dollars passed through her hands in her lifetime, she couldn’t seem to get it out of her hands and into the work of the Gospel fast enough. As a family, they owned houses at different times and inevitably always sold them to expand their ability to spread the Gospel.

After Gordon died and the kids were all grown, she continued to live the last 37 years of her life in their small two-bedroom apartment on the CFNI campus among the hustle and bustle of the student life. I think she was able to live like this because she really understood the reward on the other side. And in turn, God always took care of her. Even up to her last days, she was never in need. I can only hope that my mansion in heaven will be as close to Yeshua as hers.

I love that there is no shame in being known as the granddaughter of Freda Lindsay. There was never a scandal that tainted her name. That gift is greater than any earthly inheritance she could’ve left me.


It is hard to get across to modern culture the idea of God fulfilling His calling in your lineage. There is no immediate gratification in this understanding. But if you look through Scripture, there are so many blessings bestowed on the children of the righteous, and shall we say - less blessings - on the children of those who wasted their lives on frivolous things.

And there may be promises spoken over you that will only manifest in the lives of your children - once you’re gone. (“All these people died having faith. They didn’t receive the things that God had promised them, but they saw these things coming in the distant future and rejoiced.” Romans 11:13)

Just as the children of a wealthy person get a jump start on life financially, the children of those who cultivated a rich life in God inherit a spiritual richness they can choose to take advantage of.

Several years ago while Kobi and I were living in Dallas studying music, I was visiting my grandmother. She asked me to pick out anything I wanted from her apartment as a gift. I looked around for a moment. But to me the greatest treasure she had was her special relationship with God. It was something she had cultivated for years, but it was also something that she simply stepped into in the complete sovereignty of God. So I told her that, more than anything, I would like her to pray on me what God had put on her and Gordon. She told me she would really like that, and she blessed me.

I don’t know what was transferred that day, but if God passed on to us even a fraction of the favor that He placed on the lives of my grandparents, then we’re in for quite a ride.

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Distributing Food to the Poor

In Israel there is a tradition to especially bless the poor with gifts of food before two holidays – Passover and the Jewish New Year. It would be sad for any Jew to be unable to celebrate these holidays – equivalent to a family having no Thanksgiving Dinner in America or a Christmas meal in England and Europe.

Every year the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, founded by Messianic leader Calev Myers raises funds to feed 2,000 to 3,000 Israeli families who live below the poverty line – any person who subsists on $400 a month or less. About 20% of Israelis live in poverty – some 1.7 million people, including 850,000 children.

Maoz Israel, through our benevolent outreach, donated food for 200 – 300 families in the city of Maaleh Adumim in cooperation with JIJ. Volunteers from our Congregation Tiferet Yeshua were among those who put together the food packages and gave them to the needy.

0510-Calev 0510-Moti
0510-Thankful immigrants 0510-Moti 2
0510-Checking names 0510-Youngest volunteer
0510-Motti with Mayor 0510-Ladies

1. Calev Myers, founder of the Jerusalem Institute for Justice, checks the progress of the food distribution.

2. & 4. Mott i, the youth leader in our Congregation Tiferet Yeshua works to fill the shopping carts with fresh produce.

3. Thankful immigrants from Russia wait in line for their food carts donated by

5. Thankful immigrants from Russia receive a food packages for Passover. Their IDs are checked to see if they are on the city’s list of most needy families, eligible to receive the food packages.

6. Ashley was our youngest volunteer to prepare packages for the poor.

7. From Left: Motti, our youth director, works beside the Mayor of Maaleh Adumim and other JIJ volunteers. The Mayor expressed deep gratitude for helping the poor in his city enjoy the Passover Meal.

8. Ladies leave the food distribution center with full shopping carts and grateful hearts.

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The Origins Controversy

Where did this world come from? Who or what created it?

The Origins Controversy
by Dennis Lindsay

0510-Origins BookThree out of four Israeli children are taught that the world evolved by itself. (Only the ultra-Orthodox schools teach the Biblical account.)

Israeli believers in Yeshua the Messiah are hungry to possess resources that describe scientifically how God created the world.

But there is little material available that backs up the Bible’s claim that “In the beginning God created...

Many Israelis know this book is in the works – and are eagerly waiting for it – to read themselves and to give to their children.

Total cost for translation, editing, proofreading, typesetting, printing and distribution is $18,000. Needed yet to finish it is $10,000.

Will you help us give Israelis the tools needed to stand up against the theory of evolution? This book will help remove one more stumbling block for Israelis who wrestle with seemingly scientific “proof” that the Bible is not true.

The fact that God created the world is a foundational core value for our faith in God and His Word.

Your help to publish this book will certainly make an impact on the lives of many Israelis.

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May 2010

Dear Maoz Partner,

As the world grapples with its poor, it is the followers of the Messiah of Israel around the world who are a the forefront of feeding the needy and destitute.

Christians - together with their Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters - are among the most generous people on earth.

Our own experience here at Maoz Israel Ministries shows us that month after month and year after year, our partners bless the poor of Israel through, whether we write about it or not.

but we do want you to know that every month the money you send to is distributed throughout the believing community in Israel to help those in need and who are suffering.

Last year, even though it was a difficult year for charitable organizations across the globe, and especially in Israel where the dollar exchange was very week, we were able to distribute $288,317 to 96 families from 17 different congregations in Israel, as well as help victims of terror and persecution. We blessed so many with housing, food, legal assistance, schooling, medical needs, counseling, job assistance, travel, and special skilled training. And YOU made it happen!

Here is one recipient's letter of thanks:

It is with gratitude here that I thank you for giving me your donation of NIS 10,000 (shekels).

The amount above allowed me to settle my financial conditions that for some period began to be extremely heavy due to a series of circumstances and hardships mainly caused by health problems. Recently I had passed through a major surgery and I am still recovering, but here I have to say, our Lord in His wonderful and amazing way brought me relief and your donation is an important part of it.

I shall say here, with your help, I am able now "to breathe" again and restart to live in a proper way by conducting my life as testimony of our God's love and care for His children in our land.

       With Yeshua's love,

       CP, Jerusalem

Of course we are able to carefully distribute your funds because we already have the infrastructure here in Israel to do so. And that is because you give regularly to support and sustain the many ministry outreaches of Maoz - the congregation in downtown Tel Aviv, outreaches to the lost, teaching enw believers, helping other congregations and mentoring future leaders.

And we continue to press forward with our passion to see faith-building books published in Hebrew - especially for the young generation of believers born in Israel. Many of them only read Hebrew.

"The Origins Controversy: Creation by Design or Chance" by my brother, Dennis Lndsay, a foremost authority on creation, covers a subject which is absolutely necessary for modern-day Israelis. We stress again: such material is almost non-existent in Israel.

So whether your heart desires to give to the multitude of outreaches and ministries we maintain, or specifically for the poor believers in Israel, or for the publishing of Biblically-based books in Hebrew, you are participating in the prophets' promises that in the last days, God would again visit His people, and bring them back to Him by forgiving their sins and granting them salvation.

May God answer your prayers and give you the desire of your heart as you invest in the people of Israel.

        From His Land,
A&S signature

        Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram


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