What Does the UN Have Against Israel?

Monthly Report: October 2011
Tishrei - Cheshvan 5772
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1011 - Top, UN Flag


by Shira Sorko-Ram

The United Nations began its life as a group of mostly democratic nations (about 65%). It’s goal was to create a forum to discuss and solve conflicts and bring help to peoples around the world in need.

It has turned into an automatic majority of dictatorial regimes under the leadership of Islamic states that are anti-democratic and most of all anti-Israel.

The human race is fallen and all institutions degenerate when God’s wisdom and order is replaced by man in center stage.

The United Nation is a microcosm of the nations of the world. In fact, it is the world.

So what should we expect? Justice? Morality? Loving our brother as ourselves? Following Biblical values? But to the point: Why is the epicenter of the UN’s rage and indignation focused on Israel?

The answer can only be explained in spiritual terms.

The fact is that God foretold centuries ago of His special purpose for the people of Israel. Naturally, Satan, the god of this world, loathes God, loathes His plans and the object of His plans.

It follows that the world Satan rules likewise despises Israel – and, by the way, that hatred extends to any person or nation being used to bring life and justice to the world.

Think of it! Out of 193 members of the UN, there have been times when only three nations cast a vote in favor of Israel – Israel, the U.S. and the island of Micronesia!

Today, the outcome of any UN General Assembly vote is certain. With a couple of wildly unusual exceptions (as when the UN voted to birth Israel in 1947) the UN General Assembly resolutions against Israel are ratified by an overwhelming supermajority.


It is enlightening and important for us as believers to understand how this United Nations mechanism works. Because it is difficult to find a brief but understandable explanation of this world body, here is a summary that can be saved for reference.

First of all, in the General Assembly, every nation has one vote – whether China with 1.3 billion citizens or the island of Nauru with 10,000 inhabitants.

This structure was selected with the goal of giving equality to all the peoples of the world.

However, in so doing, theoretically, a two-thirds supermajority of nations with only 8% of the world’s population could successfully pass a resolution!

That’s not going to happen. But let us look at what does happen.

What is it that makes the UN General Assembly automatically anti-American and anti-Israel?

First of all there is a block of 21 homogeneous Arab Muslim nations with common ethnicity, religion and culture. Though they often fight among themselves, they rarely have a problem in uniting against Israel. They tightly coordinate their activities through their organization called the Arab League.

Secondly, there is the OIS, Organization of Islamic States which includes the Arab League members and another 35 Islamic nations - making a solid block of 56 Islamic countries.

Next there is a third block of 68 nations under the NAM label - Non-Aligned Movement - which together with the Islamic states that are also a part of NAM, creates a whopping 124 voting block.

NAM is made up of mostly developing nations with a tiny minority having some trappings of democracy. These 20-plus partially democratic countries (characterized as “flawed” in Wikipedia) in the Muslim or NAM orbit are completely under Arab leadership. And the majority of NAM nations is run by brutal anti-American and anti-Israel dictators - e.g., Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia.

In the General Assembly, 97 votes comprise a simple majority needed to pass a resolution. Nothing more needs to be said.

Add in China and Russia and a couple of its satellites together with anti-U.S. megaeconomy Brazil (a democratic socialist country), and you have a supermajority of more than 129 without having to lobby a single democratic member from westernstyle democracies.

It is true there are approximately 63 strong democracies which include the European Union, America and Canada, some island nations and a few other democratic friends. (See third article) But by themselves, they can do virtually nothing in the General Assembly.

In fact, nations in the European Union, cognizant of the critical importance of oil for their countries, often vote with the Arab core. So bottom line, the Arab block controls the UN.

Most GA votes need only a simple majority.

At times for very important resolutions a supermajority is required – but only of those present. And by the time the abstentions are counted, (members of the EU love to abstain on votes concerning Israel), the Muslim nations have nothing to worry about as they push through their anti-Israel agendas.

And their number one agenda is to make Israel disappear.

1011 - UN General Assembly


A 2005 report by the United States Institute of Peace on UN reform said that, contrary to the UN Charter’s principle of equality of rights for all nations, Israel is denied rights enjoyed by all other member-states, and that a level of systematic hostility against it is routinely expressed, organized, and funded within the United Nations system. (

Anne Bayefsky, a Senior Fellow with the Hudson Institute, said: “There has never been a single resolution about the decades-long repression of the civil and political rights of 1.3 billion people in China, or the more than a million female migrant workers in Saudi Arabia being kept as virtual slaves, or the virulent racism which has brought 600,000 people to the brink of starvation in Zimbabwe. Every year, UN bodies are required to produce at least 25 reports on alleged human rights violations by Israel, but not one on an Iranian criminal justice system which mandates punishments like crucifixion, stoning, and cross-amputation. This is not legitimate critique of states with equal or worse human rights records. It is demonization of the Jewish state.” (wikipedia/org/wiki/Israel)

Every year the UN celebrates its Annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

On November 29, 2005 the event was attended by Kofi Annan and other high-ranking diplomats. It was noticed that they were sitting next to a map printed by the PLO. What was significant was that Israel had disappeared from the map.

Then US Ambassador John Bolton wrote to UN Secretary General Annan:

“Of specific and most immediate concern is the signal potentially sent when three top UN officials, yourself and the Presidents of the Security Council and the General Assembly, participated in an event with a ‘map of Palestine’ prominently displayed which erases the state of Israel. It can be construed to suggest that the United Nations tacitly supports the abolition of the state of Israel.” (Ibid.)

In fact, from 1982-89, the Arab states worked relentlessly to expel Israel from the UN altogether. Only a determined U.S. lobbying campaign prevented them from succeeding.


But the delegitimizing and marginalizing incessantly continues.

When the Arab nations launched a surprise attack against Israel in 1973, but in the end lost that war, they turned more determinedly than ever to the UN.

In 1975, the Muslims were able to pass a resolution that “Zionism is racism,” meaning a Jewish state is by definition racist.

The audacity is mindboggling. Twentyone Arab Islamic states, dictatorships with virtually no religious freedom, engineered this resolution. It passed with 72 yes votes, 35 no, with 32 abstentions.

Later, in 1991, when the western nations were trying to put together one of their many peace conferences, Israel stood her ground and declared she would not attend unless the UN racism resolution was revoked.

The miracle happened and the resolution was rescinded.

Except for the resolution to endorse the creation of the state of Israel in 1947, this is the only other positive General Assembly resolution ever passed in Israel’s favor that I have been able to find in UN archives.

However, the legacy of 1975 remains fully intact: UN committees, annual UN resolutions, an entire UN bureaucratic division, permanent UN exhibits in New York and Geneva headquarters – are all dedicated to a relentless and virulent propaganda war against the Jewish state.

Together, they have made the UN into Ground Zero for today’s new anti-Semitism, which is the irrational scapegoating of Israel with the true intended target being Jews.

Not only do these anti-Israel measures incite hatred against Israelis and Jews everywhere, but they have done nothing to help the Palestinian situation.

On the contrary: they give strength and succor to extremists. (

I have not been able to locate anywhere a total list of anti-Israel resolutions in the UN from its beginnings in 1947. However, here are partial stats which paint a very clear picture.

Between 1947-1989, out of 690 resolutions or resolution parts passed, 429 were against Israel!

Words regularly used against Israel were “condemned,” “vigorously condemned,” “strongly condemned,” “deplored,” “strongly deplored,” “censured,” “denounced” by the GA.

Not a single time were these words used against any Arab nation – no matter how many terror attacks or human rights violations were committed on its territory!

But this is only the beginning. Hostile UN resolutions against Israel are promulgated by an unlimited budget through the media, articles, papers, conferences, experts and committees, throughout the world every single day of the year.

Each UN resolution is not just a bureaucratic process that ends up in a drawer, but part of an enormous propaganda machine – created to convince naïve citizens around the world that the UN is a moral organization based on truth and justice and exercising careful judgment, states Danny Ayalon, Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. (

And since the UN member states oversee a variety of worldwide institutions, each one of them is also used with hammer-force to crush Israel.

First there are all kinds of “Palestinian Units,” including committees on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, committees on human rights of the Palestinians, committees on Palestinians of occupied territories, etc., etc., etc.

All of the main institutions of the United Nations have as their bull’s eye, Israel.

The Arabs’ intention is to push through many more resolutions against Israel and then aggressively call on the world to boycott and sanction Israel for not obeying the UN resolutions, leading to her economic and psychological collapse. (Jerusalem Post, 9Sept2011)

Now, to understand the function of the United Nations Security Council see next article.

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United Nations Security Council
and Other Institutions

United Nations Security Council

1011 - UN Security Council

The General Assembly, though powerful, does not have the authority to pass laws considered binding on UN members. It can only make recommendations.

On the other hand, a UN Security Council resolution has the force of international law, as under the UN Charter all member states agree to carry out its decisions.

The UNSC is the only forum in the United Nations where the U.S. has any real clout. That influence
is represented in its ability to veto any resolution presented to this forum.

1011 - UN Security Council members

It is true that all five permanent members can veto any decision. It is also true that the United States strives to keep these five nations on the same page. However, the U.S. has saved Israel in critical times with its veto.

Last February, President Barack Obama faced a proposed resolution to declare all Israeli settlement building “in the occupied territories” illegal, including the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and the Western Wall area.

Of course, the resolution failed to mention Palestinians inciting violence against Jews, firing rockets at civilians, and refusing to recognize Israel as the Homeland for the Jewish people.

The U.S. president vetoed it, though no other leader did. With that veto, he stood alone against the world.

The UNSC is also comprised of 10 nonpermanent members.

Clearly nations want to be elected to these coveted seats. Nine votes pass a binding resolution – as long as one of the Five does not veto it.

The makeup of the 10 non-permanent members is specified as follows:

5 members must come from Africa or Asia, (often Islamic)
1 from Eastern Europe
2 from Latin American
2 from Western European or other state


  • Since the UN first convened in 1946, at least one Arab state sat continually on this Council.

  • Israel is the only state out of 193 countries that is forbidden to sit on the Council.

  • Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a very pro-Israel leader, and since his popular rule began, the Canadian people themselves have become observably more pro-Israel. In October 2010, Canada lost to Portugal in a vote for a seat as one of the 10 UNSC non-permanent members. This loss is generally attributed to the prime minister’s pro-Israel policy.

  • Actually, there is one more powerful tool the U.S. has threatened to use, but never has. The U.S. pays for 22% of the total cost of the UN’s yearly $5 billion budget. That amounts to $1.08 billion. The U.S. congress has warned they may reexamine their contributions because of the UN’s activities against Israel.

United Nations Institutions

1011 - UN donors list


1. The UN IAEA is convening as we speak to demand that Israel join the “Global Anti-Nuclear Weapons Treaty.”

Translation: Demilitarize Israel.

Israel has never admitted to having nuclear weapons but it is widely believed that she does have them. The Israeli government along with its citizens believes this is the ultimate deterrent to countries like Syria and terrorist organizations like Hezbollah to restrain them from using biological weapons or worse against Israel. Iran and now Turkey (not to speak of Egypt) are all threatening Israel’s existence.


2. Known as the “Durban anti-racist” conferences (Durban III took place in New York last month).

They make a mockery of justice by turning the conferences into an Israel-bashing travesty by Muslim countries and their friends.


3. The UNHRC is a kangaroo court – a selfappointed tribunal that violates established legal procedure to deliver sham judgments, predetermined in disregard of the facts and the law, and obsessively strives to put only one defendant – Israel – on trial.

This is the forum that initiated the infamous Goldstone Report which greatly damaged Israel’s diplomatic standing by castigating Israel for going after terrorists in Gaza who had launched 12,000 (yes, 12,000) rockets on Israel’s civilian population in southern Israel. (Editorial, JP, 2 Oct 2010)


4. What else shall we say? When Israel discovered natural gas off her coast in the last number of months, a UN Special Coordinator to Lebanon began his assignment to prevent Israel from exploiting her finds, and announced that the UN will work to make sure that Lebanon is designated as rightful owner to those gas fields.

1011 - UN building


5. UNESCO, the UN body in charge of preserving historical sites, in a 44-1 vote, recently declared the Cave of the Patriarchs (in the area where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were buried according to the Bible) and Rachel’s Tomb, (in the area where Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin) “an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories” and warned Israel “not to violate international law” by claiming those sites as her own. (These have been holy sites for centuries to the Jewish people. In fact, until ten years ago, the Arabs had shown no interest ever in Rachel’s Tomb.)


6. UNRWA is an article by itself. No, it’s a book. UNRWA, staffed by thousands of Palestinians is part of the overall strategy to keep alive the issue of Palestinian refugees until they can return to what is now called Israel.

UNRWA receives half of all the money spent on refugees worldwide. The Palestinians are the only “refugees” in the world whose offspring, though not born in the Holy Land, are also certified as true refugees and approved to receive all the benefits given by the UN.

These Palestinians, together with UNRWA await the day that the 5,000,000 recorded “refugees” can destroy the hated Jewish state and take over what they believe is occupied territory.

The Palestinians are certain that the UN is the instrument that will bring their goal to fruition.

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193 United Nations Members

 1011 - UN Members Wheel

Arab League

1. Algeria
2. Bahrain
3. Comoros
4. Djibouti
5. Egypt
6. Iraq
7. Jordan
8. Kuwait
9. Lebanon
10. Libya
11. Mauritania
12. Morocco
13. Oman
14. Qatar
15. Saudi Arabia
16. Somalia
17. Sudan
18. Syria
19. Tunisia
20. United Arab Emirates
21. Yemen

Palestine (observer in UN)

Organization of
Islamic States (OIS)

1. Afghanistan
2. Albania
3. Azerbaijan
4. Bangladesh
5. Benin
6. Brunei Darussalam
7. Burkina Faso
8. Cameroon
9. Chad
10. Cote d'Ivoire
11. Gabon
12. Gambia
13. Guinea
14. Guinea-Bissau
15. Guyana
16. Indonesia
17. Iran
18. Kazakhstan
19. Kyrgyzstan
20. Malaysia
21. Maldives 



22. Mali
23. Mozambique
24. Niger
25. Nigeria
26. Pakistan
27. Senegal
28. Sierra Leone
29. Surinam
30. Tajikistan
31. Togo
32. Turkey
33. Turkmenistan
34. Uganda
35. Uzbekistan

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Thailand (observers)

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

Not Including NAM states also in OIS (Org. Islamic States)

1. Angola
2. Bahamas
3. Barbados
4. Belarus
5. Belize
6. Bhutan
7. Bolivia
8.Bosnia & Herzegovina
9. Botswana
10. Burundi
11. Cambodia
12. Cape Verde
13. Central African Republic
14. Chile
15. Colombia
16. Congo
17. Congo, DPR
18. Cuba
19. Cyprus
20. Dominican Republic
21. Ecuador
22. Equatorial Guinea
23. Eritrea





24. Ethiopia
25. Ghana
26. Grenada
27. Guatemala
28. Haiti
29. Honduras
30. India
31. Jamaica
32. Kenya
33. Korea, DPR (N. Korea)
34. Lao People's DR
35. Lesotho
36. Liberia
37. Madagascar
38. Malawi
39. Malta
40. Mauritius
41. Mongolia
42. Myanmar
43. Namibia
44. Nepal
45. Nicaragua
46. Panama





47. Papua New Guinea
48. Peru
49. Philippines
50. Rwanda
51. Saint Kitts & Nevis
52. Saint Lucia
53. Sao Tome
54. Serbia
55. Seychelles
56. Singapore
57. South Africa
58. Sri Lanka
59. Swaziland
60. Tanzania
61. Thailand
62. Trinidad / Tobago
63. Vanuatu
64. Venezuela
65. Viet Nam
66. Yugoslavia (Montenegro)
67. Zambia
68. Zimbabwe

Former Soviet Union Block & Some Satellites

Dictatorships or Struggling Democracies

1. Russian Federation
2. Armenia
3. Belarus
4. Georgia
5. Ukraine


Other Major Power Players

Independent of other Blocks

1. China
2. Brazil

Europe (Democracic) Block

*In European Union (EU)

1. Andorra
2. Austria*
3. Belgium*
4. Bulgaria*
5. Croatia
6. Czeck Republic*
7. Denmark*
8. Estonia*
9. Finland*
10. France*
11. Germany*
12. Greece*
13. Hungary*
14. Iceland
15. Ireland*
16. Italy*
17. Latvia*
18. Liechtenstein
19. Lithuania*
20. Luxembourg*
21. Macedonia
22. Moldova, Republic of
23. Monaco
24. Montenegro
25. Netherlands*
26. Norway
27. Poland*
28. Portugal*
29. Romania*
30. San Marino
31. Slovak Republic*
32. Slovenia*
33. Spain*
34. Sweden*
35. Switzerland
36. United Kingdom*

(Cyprus* & Malta, Bosnia & Herzegovina counted in NAM group)

"Western" type Democracies (besides EU)

1. Argentina
2. Australia
3. Canada
4. Costa Rica
5. El Salvador
6. Israel
7. Japan
8. Mexico
9. New Zealand
10. Paraguay
11. South Korea
12. South Sudan (New country, 50% Christian)
13. Uruguay
14. U.S.A.

Democratic Islands of South Pacific & Caribbean

1. Fiji
2. Kiribati
3. Marshall Islands
4. Micronesia
5. Nauru
6. Palau
7. Samoa
8. Solomon Islands
9. Antigua & Barbuda
10. Dominica
11. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
12. Timor-Leste

1011 - UN voting blocks  

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An Elder of Congregation Tiferet Yeshua,
Tel Aviv, Tells His Story

Searching for Zion

By Uziel Rosemberg

I grew up in Colombia in a non-religious Jewish family. We did, however, keep some Jewish customs, such as lighting the Shabbat candles to greet the coming Shabbat day of rest.

I remember the large Bible that my parents placed in the middle of our living room and near it was a Star of David, to remind us of our origin, Zion.

At the age of 13, immediately after my Bar-Mitzvah I found myself confused in a world full of opinions, concepts and contradictions. I and my family had community life with many friends who were Jews, Catholic and Protestant Christians. On a few occasions I visited Protestant congregations.

I respected them and their beliefs about salvation, redemption, forgiveness of sins, spiritual healing and other things. But I always thought that Yeshua was no more than a good Rabbi in His time – a man with high moral values, a philosopher and commentator whose aim was to build a utopian world.

I thought Christians had added too many names and titles to one good man, a good Rabbi, but not a Savior.

1011 - Uziel

The years passed by and as a young adult I decided to completely distance myself from all the excessive claims of Christianity and return to my origin and my roots – Zion – in Israel.

In 1996 I immigrated to Israel at the age of 19.

As every Jew who immigrates to Israel, I immediately received my Israeli citizenship, and slowly integrated into the Jewish Israeli society.

My main goals for moving to Israel were:

1. Deepening my knowledge of Judaism, which meant returning to the religious life my parents had lost in the Diaspora.

2. Getting married.

3. Studying law to become a lawyer.

Like all new immigrants, I began to study the Hebrew language, and afterwards I attended two yeshivas (rabbinical schools). One of them was in Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Slowly but surely I sensed that I had begun to return to my origins, to my identity, and to the truth that, in my opinion, every Jewish person could find abundant life within.

A year after my immigration to Israel my parents also left their homeland and came to live in Israel. They purchased an apartment in Ashdod in the Negev area, and I went to live with them.

I was accepted as a student for pre-university studies for new immigrants in one of the best universities in Israel – Bar Ilan – and this harmonized with my desire to return to my Jewish roots. Bar Ilan University is based upon religion, the Jewish tradition, and Bible and Talmudic studies.

In my opinion it was an ideal place to continue studies in the field of law after the preuniversity terms.

However, from the moment of my arrival to Israel until my university studies I found myself struggling with mental problems that continued to grow stronger in my life.

Actually, these problems started during my teen years in my native country. I experienced difficult times of depression, mental distress, loneliness and even a willingness to die. There were moments in which I sensed spiritual abuse that pushed me to sins of the flesh: watching porno, fleshy desires that pull a man to filthy places against morality and faith.

I was pulled towards these things time after time creating a huge conflict inside me.

On the one hand I wanted to keep all the mitzvot (laws) of the Torah, and on the other side live in lust and fleshy desires that were controlling me. I wanted to die.

These problems started to take a heavy toll on my studies. With lack of concentration and low grades, step by step I noticed that I was losing my desire to study and even to live.

About three months before completing the pre-university studies I came down with chicken-pox; my whole body was filled with red spots. The itching was intolerable and I had a high fever.

I left my studies sure that this would soon pass. But it didn’t.

After a couple of days the weight of mental distress, depression and willingness to die got stronger in me and I started to “lose it.”

I had nightmares. I heard voices speaking in my thoughts and I couldn’t sleep for two weeks. In spite of the medical treatment and tranquilizers, not only did I not succeed in sleeping, but I heard a voice speaking into my brain that invited me to kill and destroy my family, and then to commit suicide.

I didn’t attempt to do these things, but my thoughts and the voice in me caused a horrifying fear.

The pressure grew stronger. My parents began to come to the sad conclusion that their little boy needed to be hospitalized for mental illness.

My siblings resisted this idea, especially my brother. He asked that they give me a little more time because he was sure everything would pass if the family provided me with lots of patience and love.

During these days of insanity I remembered the teachings that I had heard from the Protestants as they spoke about salvation, redemption, spiritual healing and forgiveness of sins.

In the beginning of the third week, during one night as I was trying to rest, I succeeded in falling asleep on a carpet in my parents living room.

Suddenly I felt a strong blow on my back. You could say that it was due to my insanity, but it was too strong, too real, and I woke up in a panic. I heard this voice saying “I will kill you, damn you.” In this moment a verse came into my thoughts: “The Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His dwelling place: This is My resting place forever; Here I will dwell, for I have desired it.” (Psalm 132: 13-14)

My parents were at their wits’ end because of my behavior. All they could do was to try to calm me down.

One day I asked them to take me to Jerusalem and so we left early one morning. I had one goal in mind: to find people who spoke about salvation, redemption, spiritual healing and forgiveness of sins.

I simply came to the conclusion that these are the people whom I must find. Religion hadn’t given me anything. I was thirsty for truth and hungry for justice.

But where could I find believers in Yeshua, the kind who lay hands on the sick and pray for spiritual healing?

I asked a taxi driver and he sent me to both religious Jews and religious traditional Christian institutions. But I knew they were not what I needed. I was looking for people full of life who knew a Living God.

After much searching in Jerusalem, going up to the Western Wall and back to the Old City, we sat down to rest.

In this moment I had the most difficult experience in my lifetime. I felt something heavy fall on my back, something that I was unable to see. Whatever it was, it was pulling me down, down, down. A fear of death overcame me.

Electricity shocks went through my whole body and I felt my spirit actually leave my body. I was sinking within myself. I felt like if I had another experience like this I would die. My heartbeat was not stable, but in my heart I began crying out to Him, “Yeshua! Help me!”

When my spirit returned to my body I started to run and run without direction. I felt the power of death behind me chasing me.

I arrived at an open field, and looked up at the sky and cried out with all my strength, like I had never cried in my life, “Yeshua, Yeshua help me!”

1011 - Uziel family

As I walked back into Jerusalem, I saw a sign that said something like “Immanuel.” I pushed the doorbell at the gate and someone approached us.

As I spoke to him in broken English he noted my Spanish accent and pulled out a card of a Spanish-speaking congregation in Tel Aviv.

In desperation my mother contacted the congregational leader in Tel Aviv, and my mother, sister and I went to meet this pastor. They received us with much love.

The leader spoke to us about God’s Good News, of the Blessed Hope, of Yeshua’s victory over death.

That day I received Yeshua into my heart and so did my mother and sister.

The people in this Spanish-speaking congregation were people of prayer and they laid their hands on me and proclaimed life, healing, deliverance and more.

A flame of hope entered into my heart and I learned to use the Name of Yeshua against the enemy.

I started to study the Bible, to memorize verses and proclaim them. My problems began to disappear.

I became passionate to help other people who were suffering as I had. I enrolled in Bible School and finished a two-year program.

At the same time I was recruited into the navy and served there two years, including guard duty in the territories. Most of my tenure I served in Tel Aviv and so was able to continue the discipleship courses on evenings and weekends.

Meanwhile Mariana, a young Jewish lady aged 18, emigrated from Equador. She had come from a difficult family background and wanted to start a new life in Israel.

During her first months in her new country she met a believer in Yeshua who had many discussions with her. This friend invited her to a congregation and Mariana was invited to pray and invite Yeshua into her heart.

It was all new to her but she thought out of curiosity she would pray and see what would happen.

Suddenly she was overwhelmed with the love of God and her life was literally turned around from that moment. She began attending the same discipleship courses where I was studying, and soon we began dating.

Seven months after I was released from the navy we married. A year later, my wife gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Ariel.

After another two years we felt called to join a Hebrew-speaking congregation, and that is when we found Congregation Tiferet Yeshua.

It is here we have been called to reach out to the lost, the sick and the needy. Here, at Tiferet Yeshua in the heart of Tel Aviv, Mariana and I are able to fulfill our passion to serve our hurting nation and lead them to the Rest found in Zion.

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1011-Why Wait


A last will and testament is one of the most important documents an individual will ever prepare. Yet in many cases, estates have not been distributed according to the wishes of the individual simply because the estate plan was out of date.

- Have you moved to another state?
- Have tax laws changed?
- Have your charitable interests changed?
- Has the size of your estate increased markedly?
- Has anything changed in regard to your children's needs or marital status?

Maoz Israel Ministries has a program to help you get a will in place or update your existing will.

You can reap a harvest for years to come.

Did you know 7 out of 10 persons dies without a will? And without a will, did you know that lawyers and even the government will take a large portion of your estate?

Why Have a Will?

  • To nominate an executor (personal representative)
  • To remember people you love
  • To remember Maoz Israel Ministries
  • To name beneficiaries who would not receive benefits without a will

In the U.S. and Canada call Jim Morrison at 800-856-7060
In Great Britain call Dan Delap at 208-692-2831

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 Celebrating the High Holidays

1011 - Happy New Year

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October 2011 

Dear Maoz Partner,

According to a recent Israeli poll, 56% of Jewish Israelis believe “the whole world is against us.” Israel is a spunky nation determined to continue fighting for its life on the one hand, yet feeling helpless to really change anything – especially world opinion.

Our one-time strong ally, Turkey, has now turned fiercely against us. Turkey’s President Erdogan is whipping up greater hostility (if that is possible) among Arab countries wherever he goes, realizing it increases his stature as a power-broker and strongman among all the Arab nations and the Middle East.

Last month Egyptian mobs ransacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo and nearly succeeded in lynching Israeli embassy personnel. The UN nations sit together, hatching new diplomatic attacks for the purpose of extinguishing Israel’s light.

More and more of our people, seeing the darkness closing in on us, are beginning a real search for truth – just as Uziel did when he had nowhere else to turn.

That is why the Lord called us to build a ministry infrastructure through Maoz so that many Israelis can be equipped to be the hands and feet and mouth of Yeshua to the Israeli people.

Who doesn’t know that it is the collective Body of Messiah that the Lord has chosen to bring the Gospel to Israel. One or two people can do something. Multiplying those numbers greatly multiplies the results.

And with your participation we are taking every opportunity to share the truth to Israelis, evangelizing, discipling and mentoring them so they in turn will bring healing and deliverance to those with no hope.

For this reason, we believe it is critical to keep information coming to you so that you really know what is going on in Israel and the Middle East from every perspective.

It is because of your commitment to pull together with us that we are able to continue what we do. And the Holy Spirit goes before us guiding us to those who are ready to give their lives to the One True God.

In this month of High Holidays, Yom Kippur will be observed by multitudes of our people who will be praying in Synagogues and at the Western Wall, asking God why our enemies are upon us and why God seemingly does not help us.

Believe us when we tell you that your prayers for Israel impact the spiritual climate here. And your prayers for the Body of Israeli believers bring open doors and hungry searching Israelis to our doors.

We are passionately proclaiming The Truth to Israelis. That’s our commitment.

Rejoice with us as we celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles – the “foreshadowing” of the Great Things to Come when Yeshua reigns on this earth!

          We bless you in the Name of our King Yeshua,
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          Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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