Monthly Report: December 2011
Kislev - Tevet 5772
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HAPPY HANUKKAH from the Sorko-Ram Family!

1211 Top - Sorko-Ram Family
From left: Ari, Kobi, Nevaeh, Lahav, Illit, Sela, Shani, Shira, Ayal


Towards the end of each year, we love to reflect on exactly what God has accomplished through you, our Maoz Family – our intercessors, donors, volunteers, staff, and our international team around the world.

Truly it takes ALL of us together with the blessings of God to accomplish anything for the Kingdom, and we could not do it without YOU.

Many of you are aware that in 2002, was founded as a way to touch the wounded souls of the Messianic Jewish community of Israel – terror victims, widows, orphans, and those who were hurting.

As the years passed, we also used these funds to improve the lives of the believers living in the Land – with language skills, job training, university education, medical needs, and sometimes just help to get them back on their feet again with food and shelter.

Through the generosity of our faithful partners, we have distributed $3,127,000! What can we say but THANKS!!!

This month, we are delighted to share a few stories, plus letters and emails of thanksgiving from those who received your help.

Also we had to include letters from our intercessors and donors. After all, (may we say it again?) you are Maoz Israel Ministries!

So sit back, get a cup of hot coffee, and enjoy the following pages filled with just a sample of how the family of God has blessed and been blessed. Some will make you laugh or cry, but all will make you rejoice in the goodness of God and His faithfulness.

* Because there are many powerful enemies of the Messianic Jews and born-again Christians in Israel’s Interior Ministry, we will not reveal the last names of those who receive help from, and sometimes not even their first names. In fact, we have only given first names throughout this Report...

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Thank You for Praying for Israel!

0711 - iPhone App


You can download our free "LORD help Israel!” app that will remind you every day at 12:00 NOON to pray for Israel.

If you don’t have an iPhone, just set your alarm for 12:00 NOON and pray with us!

Intercessors from over 50 countries are praying for Israel at 12:00 NOON wherever they are in the world!

Here are some responses from our intercessors:

I have been praying daily for the physical “Iron Dome” [against missiles launched from Gaza to Israel] since reading about its development by Israelis. But spiritually I can see that our constant prayers expressed to God, according to the prayer letters, are also an “Iron Dome” fighting with God’s angels in the heavenlies to assure Israel’s overall protection.

Each day at noon, as my cell phone reminds me to stop and pray, I can envision millions upon millions of people one day sending covering prayers to God for Israel and her people. And though I am only one, when joined with millions of others, God hears and will answer at His perfect time and all Israel will be saved!

     Joan R

My husband and I have been praying for Maoz Israel for many years and have recently subscribed to the “LORD, help Israel!” at noon each day. ...We both have a deep-seated love of Israel, God’s Chosen People and the “Land of THE BOOK.”

Thank you for your well-presented email Prayer Letters, which are a great help in organizing our prayers.

     Colin and Freya C


(Our Maoz Israel Report is now in Chinese! Ed.)

I come from Beijing, China, and have lived in Tokyo, Japan, for 12 years.

Our team was established last year and we gather twice every week to worship, pray and listen to His Word. We pray for Israel. Our hearts’ desire and prayer to God for the Israelis is that they may be saved.

We receive very important information and updates of Israel from Maoz Israel so we can know how to
pray specifically for their needs.



We want you and all Israel to know that we, Christian youth here in the Philippines are continuously praying for all of you there. God is true to His promise that He will always be there for His people. Please be assured that our support and prayers will always be with you and your nation. And even if there are many enemies around, we know and we believe that Adonai [LORD] will continuously protect and be with His people.


It does not surprise me that 56% of Jewish Israelis believe the whole world is against them. It would appear so many times. But not every person is against them! There are many who are for them and praying for Israel!

Every day at noon, “your alarm” sings forth on my iPhone and I pray for Israel. One Saturday, my grandson, Levi, age 7 and his sister, Emma, age 3 1/2 were visiting when my phone sang. I stopped, asked the children to pray with me and we did.

They asked what was Israel, where was Israel, why were so many people and countries against Israel? So we talked. I read scripture. Levi, Emma and I looked all through the pictures and listened to the song.

He asks every time he comes over to look again. I have a prayer map on the wall so I showed them where Israel is and where we are (Atlanta, GA, USA). Emma, especially, asks to go out to my sitting room and touch the map where Israel is located. Emma created a song that we all sing. It’s words are simple, “Lord help Israel, Lord help Israel, Lord help Israel” over and over.

All this is to say, be encouraged. Please know that we are standing in prayer for Israel. And surely, there must be other stories and others standing as well!

     Bettina M

We have a small prayer group that has been faithful to meet every Friday night. Your needs and the Nation of Israel is lifted before G-d every week and daily. We are in prayer that you all will have great success in reaching the lost for His Sake!

We are all praying here to be able to stand unwavering as we are lead into a time of warfare, chaos and violence. We in the west are not accustomed to this, but we can see things changing daily. Our ability to preach and declare the Word of the Lord is rapidly being removed. Sharia Law is already being considered as a viable addition to our court system! We pray to be able to stand strong in the face of anything.

     Pam P
     San Diego, CA, USA

1211 - London pro-Israel rally
Our British Maoz representatives participated in “The Stand” for Israel outside Westminster Abby in London. The demonstrators, numbering 800-1000, prayed for Israel, sang and declared Scripture openly.

Many thanks to you for all your news of Israel – which is my heartbeat always. My family and I are daily praying for this land. The God of Israel has given us a revelation for this land; whenever I’m in any need or pain I always pray for Israel’s need and pain.


While I was visiting Israel in 2009 I believe God touched my heart and showed me his heart for all of Israel. It was a very emotional moment for me.

Before that time, like so many, I fear, I did not have a real world sense of understanding about Israel or its people. God opened my heart and since that time Israel has perpetually been in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers. As a fellow Christian and brother in the Lord I stand with you both and with every Israeli worldwide.

I am a Pastor here in the U.S. I just wanted you to know that no matter what the future holds for Israel, my family and I stand with you.

     Pastor Mike B

Please know that you are not alone. That, of course, is what your enemies want you to believe, but it is not true! The reality is that at this end of the earth you are prayed for by many groups up and down our country.

My own group prays for you on Thursday nights. I visited a Christian friend in Wellington a couple of weeks ago and I joined with her Tuesday morning home group in most emphatic prayer on Israel’s behalf. God could not have failed to hear us! I think one day we will all get such a surprise when we see how outnumbered the enemy is, and how weak.

Strange, isn’t it, how they scoff at you being The Chosen People, then set about proving it to be true!

We watch, though, with an ache in our hearts as your/our enemies plot and plan, as King David wrote in Psalm 2, but mostly we rejoice because we know that the wonderful God of Israel is working out His plans for you all – for us all!

We truly live in heart-stopping days, but definitely the key is Rejoicing.

     Judy L
     New Zealand

Thank you for all that you do in the nation of Israel. I am more than willing to continue to stand and pray for you both!

     Terri L
     Atlanta, GA, USA

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Intercessors, Contributors, Volunteers - in short

Our partners are those who pray for Israel and for Maoz, and who financially support this ministry headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. The number of intercessors is quickly expanding around the world and greatly impacts our ability to bring His Great Light to those who walk in darkness...

We at Maoz are aware that many of our partners themselves suffer hardship. All the more reason that we thank God for their awesome partnership among such circumstances!

The letters I receive from Maoz mean a lot to me, because you all radiate the love of Jesus in every one. My husband left me 15 years ago and I live by myself...

Your letter arrived when I was thinking no one cared!! Please forgive me and praise the Lord with me that He has made it possible that someone even like me is able to give joyfully to the wonderful work of Maoz. I do pray for the salvation of Israel and still believe that they are a specially chosen people. Thank you so much for the love that comes over to such an undeserving sinner.


Every request for prayer that is sent to one of our offices is mailed or emailed to us in Israel and prayed for every working day by our Tel Aviv staff right before our lunch hour.

I am registered with Maoz Israel as a prayer partner and pray frequently for Israel and Maoz Israel. Recently, I received an email from you requesting prayer requests. At first I thought, “My brothers and sisters in Israel have enough to pray for!” But then I became excited thinking about the honor of having believers in the Holy Land praying for what is so close to my heart - my 26-year-old son. Thank you for soliciting prayer requests and for making your prayer requests known too!

     Margaret F

If a partner calls one of our offices for prayer, we agree with them for the answer they have petitioned the Lord.

When I received your prayer for my son it so touched my heart. I burst into tears of gratitude and
expectation. Thank you so much. I love all of you and have lifted up all of the prayers you requested.

     Karen A

Just as there would be no Maoz without intercessors, equally true is that there would be no Maoz without our contributing partners. We are thankful for the smallest gift. We are thankful for our faithful givers who remember us each month. And we are thankful for those who have been blessed with the gift of giving large gifts. Each of you are essential to the outreaches of Maoz Ministries!

I agree One Trillion Percent in everything you have said about the importance of supporting Israel. My husband and I love Israel with our whole heart and the Israeli people as well.

I’ve committed to support with $20 a month the Maoz music youth ministry, for almost a year. So when our pledge is done, please put it where it’s most needed. We’re not the typical American, living the American dream.

You see, we both are deaf, and pastor a small deaf church. This ministry has never been glamorous in paying a good salary, like most hearing pastors get. But we praise God for where He has planted us, to share the powerful Goods News to the deaf people.

     Yamile G

“I am proud I can be a part of your wonderful God-inspired work over there in Israel. My heart bleeds for Israel and its people. Even though things have been rough financially over here in the States, I still am giving more than I can afford. But God has blessed me and continues to bless me as I continue to give. But no matter what, I will stay faithful and committed to helping you in Israel.”

     Ryan A

1211 - Trinidad prays for Israel
Prayer partners with Maoz in Trinidad blow shofars as they pray for Israel’s salvation and protection.

Encouragement from our partners lifts our spirits and reminds us that we have many co-laborers – though far away – working side by side with us.

We all need encouragement, and in particular you, being engaged in a land where secularists, self-enclosed and restricted orthodox Jews, and liberal Jews, whose knowledge about the true God is not on the urgent agenda, yield an enormous influence. The upcoming UN idea of a two state solution with a war dawning on the horizon, urges one to encourage.

Yesterday my friend and I - we always come together on a Thursday for prayer - lifted your situation up to God.

Your absolute belief and assurance that God is working mightily through you must be at all cost your ultimate anchor on which everything is securely moored.

     Anna & Jacqui N

Besides our ministry in Israel, communicating the truth from heaven’s perspective concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of our primary goals. Again, the encouragement is appreciated!

Thank you for your newsletter! We have been reading it for years, and we would say it is the PRIMARY source for us for information and insight into what’s going on in Israel.

The quality of the newsletter is EXCELLENT!

Keep up the good work!

     Tom and Marilyn E
     Whittier, California, USA

Here in Australia, Israel and the Middle East don’t really get much attention. But believe you me, the majority of Australians are not anti-Israel. In fact we are quietly pro-Israel. My father’s uncle was in the Australian Light Brigade in the First World War that freed Beersheba from the Turks [Ottoman Empire] which led to the freeing of Jerusalem from the Turks (Islam) a couple of weeks later. So let me again assure you Australia has fought for Israel before and just quietly still stands by you.

     Dallas M


Thank you for your very informative article about the United Nations. I wrote a letter to our local newspaper in Timaru, New Zealand using some of the information but so far it has not been printed. It has become increasingly difficult to have pro-Israel letters printed. No wonder the general public does not understand what is going on. Thank goodness for the Internet; we must make use of it while we have it.

     Patricia G
     New Zealand

We welcome volunteers to represent Maoz in your church! Just contact the office in your country or mail/email us and we’ll help you get the ball rolling!

As point person representing Maoz to our congregation Sunday, I shared Genesis 12:3 by asking who wanted to be blessed. All raised their hands. Then I asked who wanted to be cursed. No one did. Then we all repeated verse 3 three times together. I shared from the lovely package the Maoz office mailed me about the daily 12:45 prayer in Israel (right before lunch.) Here in Vermont it is 5:45am and we have many strong prayer warriors here. I used a wonderful letter that Shira penned for much of my information and closed my Maoz five minute spot with Psalm 122:6-9 stepping into the presence of God. As they left I handed out the brochures and flags. Our library now has two new books from Maoz and a lovely calendar hangs on the wall. We have joined the Maoz team through our Vernon Union Church Missions.

     Ethel D
     Maoz Israel Representative
     Vernon Union Church
     Florida, USA


1211 - Maoz Israel Team

Our Maoz staff and congregational leadership in Israel is growing as is the work that we are doing. The media outreach department especially is expanding. (Three employees were unavailable for our picture.) All of us thank you for your  partnership with us!

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Helping the Poor in the
Messianic Jewish Community of Israel


The Russian aliya (immigration) of almost 1,000,000 Jews and their families is one of the glorious signs of the faithfulness of God who promised this would happen over
2500 years ago. However, as in any mass movement of people, there is much hardship and even tragedy. Eleyna, a Russian non-Jew was married and divorced from a Jewish man years ago. When Eleyna’s sons wanted to immigrate to Israel, they and Eleyna arrived in Israel in 1998. However, the authorities did not grant Eleyna citizenship even though her children received citizenship and will serve in the army. She needed a lawyer (something she could not afford) to give her rights to be with her children. This is where ISWI came in and helped this mother and her sons who are all Messianic believers.

Thank you very much for your generous donation that helped me to pay the expenses of the court. They confirmed my Israeli citizenship!

     Eleyna M (not her real name)

A single mother of four young children (6,5,4, and 1 year 7 months old), died of cancer in the Ukraine. There were no close relatives in Ukraine who could take care of the children. Oleg, who is uncle to these children, and his wife decided to adopt them and bring them to Israel. In order to do so, the couple had to go through the red tape in both the Ukraine and Israel and pay for the attorneys. They received help from ISWI for the legal costs.

We sincerely thank you for your response to our need, for the financial assistance (10,800 NIS) that you have given us. We are working to adopt our orphaned young nephews in Ukraine, and your help has been very necessary. The process is complex in Israel, but we believe that with God’s help we will finish the job.

     Oleg V and Family


We receive many requests for medical help not included in the National Insurance “basket.” One often repeated request comes from immigrants from the Former Soviet Union – help for dental problems.

I want to hereby thank you from all of my heart for your generous donation and your thoughtfulness for your fellow man.

I can finally get dental treatments. Without you they would’ve been out of my reach! Your donation is a great help for me! May there be many like you in Israel!


     Anna A

Perhaps the community hardest hit financially in Israel are the Ethiopian immigrants. There is a wonderful group of Ethiopian Messianic Jews with an on-fire Ethiopian lady as pastor together with her husband in the central area of the country. The congregation was unable to pay for the rent of their meeting hall and asked help from ISWI.

Just a note to say a big THANK YOU for giving us financial aid, according to our request. As you know as a servant of God, and as a congregational leader, there are lots of holes in the circumstances of our lives. To tell the truth your financial assistance has played a vital role for us as a servant of God.

              R & N

1211 - Michael T family

Michael and his wife have 5 children, the youngest a year old. Due to the birth of the daughter the family had many extra expenses, and they found themselves in debt. One child also needs special education classes. They asked for help to pay their debt to the bank and to get out of the vicious debt cycle.

Thank you very much for your help. We were blessed to receive your generous donation. We are now able to meet our needs. We are excited that our son now has an opportunity to take special education lessons to help him with his difficulties at school. It was God’s answer to our prayers. Thank you very much for your kind hearts.

     Michael T


You can’t imagine the methods that the ultra-Orthodox-dominated Ministry of Interior can devise to harass Jews simply because they believe that Yeshua is God’s Messiah. Here’s a new one: Dror, a Messianic Jewish believer of many years in Israel married a Christian abroad and after some time moved back to Israel. They brought their baby son with them, along with a birth certificate and of course their own marriage certificate. Nevertheless, the Interior Ministry demanded a DNA test to “make sure” the son was really theirs. This test cost over $1100! Of course, the government clerks demanded Dror pay the bill. ISWI made available the funds which proved the baby belonged to Dror and his wife!

Thank you so very much for your timely help towards the DNA checks required for the legalization of our little son Nehemiah. May God bless this ministry and keep making you a great blessing to many.

     Dror and Alessandra L


Andrei underwent a number of surgeries a year and a half ago – after which he was unable to work for seven months. After recovering from the surgeries, he purchased an old car which he used also for congregational needs. The car broke down and had to have expensive repair work done. The family was not able to cover the car repair and the loan which they had from the bank because of his illness.

We thank you very much for the financial help that you gave us! We used the money to pay the bill for the car repairs, and cover other living expenses. In addition, we were able to give a portion of this money to the new prayer house recently opened in K.! You’re doing a great thing for our God in Heaven. We thank you and bless you!

     Andrei M

Six years ago Keren gave birth by Caesarean section. After complication with an epidural anesthesia, Keren became paralyzed in both legs and now uses a wheel chair. This new situation changed the family’s life drastically. The couple had purchased an apartment before the birth. Due to Keren’s disability they couldn’t continue to live in that apartment, which had many steps inside and outside. They and their two children moved to a handicap-friendly apartment. They asked ISWI’s support to purchase a device, by which Keren can stand up. She should have had it years ago. It will prevent shortening of tendons and muscles. The device costs 31,694 NIS. The couple could not afford this machine and asked for ISWI’s help.

We and our family thank you for your donation and help to purchase a special appliance for Karen. We hope that the Lord will continue to bless you for your support in providing help to others. We thank God that He used you to bless us.

     Tsachi & Karen H


Ruhama immigrated seven years ago with her four children as a single parent (divorced), from the USA. She works presently as a manicurist & pedicurist in a beauty salon. She already has taken a course in cosmetic treatments, which the National Insurance paid for her. She now wants to open her own business, and asked for ISWI’s support in furnishing a room in her home for this purpose, and also for purchasing all necessary supplies.

I want to thank you for your donation, to help me to start a business in the field of cosmetics. This will help me significantly to purchase all needed items for a cosmetician.

     Ruhama H


1211 - Yosef Haddad

We also help our Israeli Arab brothers and sisters who are fighting together with the rest of us, the Good Fight of Faith. There are 1,500,000 Arab citizens of Israel that need to hear the Gospel in Arabic. There is no greater witness of the love of God to the Israeli people than seeing Jews and Arabs loving and blessing each other! This Arab Christian needed help after his wife died. His pastor sent us this letter.

I would like to thank you on behalf of brother A.K. and his entire family for extending the arm of help to cover their debt at the bank through the funds of “”

What makes the whole issue very significant is that this Arab Christian family was amazed to know that their rescue came from a Messianic organization such as “Maoz” and “”

Words fail to describe the joy that filled their hearts and their home as I handed over your check to them. Shouts of praise went up to our Messiah Yeshua from their joyful hearts.

Time after time, you prove that your love and concern for the Arab body of Messiah in Israel is not only by words but by deeds and by the Spirit and truth.

May the Lord richly reward you for blessing the Arab body of Messiah in the land of Israel.

     Pastor Joseph Haddad FOR A.K.
     “River of God” Lebanese congregation in Nahariya, Israel

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Scholarships for Students

One of the most exciting aspects of’s endeavors is to help educate the Messianic Jewish movement’s Israeli youth by subsidizing their university studies or career courses. There is no doubt that a well-educated core of committed Messianic Jewish young people will raise the standard of living among believers and increase the opportunities to be a light to the Israeli people. Equally important is to help Jewish immigrants who may or may not already have an education become fluent in Hebrew. Read the stories below and rejoice with us.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous help in covering my study expenses. The stipend which I received from Maoz will allow me to continue my studies, which until now I’ve paid from my own pocket.

Your generous donation of 10,800 NIS will help me to continue to study full time, and allow me to finish the studies in a reasonable time. I praise God that there is such an organization that esteems the value of education within the community of the Messianic Jews in Israel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

               Mati S

A second generation Israeli Messianic Jew, Yair, started a three-year course in college in the field of
graphic design, which will help him in his work for the Lord. Together with school he is working as a video editor. Yair was not able to cover the tuition fees by himself (9,000 NIS for the pre-academic course and 20,000 NIS per year for the college). He asked for ISWI’s support.

I would like to express my deepest thanks for the support you have provided me to help in my studies in the field of digital media. With your support I have been able to pay off most of my first year at an acclaimed media college here in Israel.

I am currently working at a local organization’s media department where I participate in spreading the Good News through the Internet. The skills acquired in my studies have already, with just one semester behind me, benefited me greatly in serving the Lord and getting the Message out there in Israel.

               Yair H

Oleg and Ludmila are a young immigrant couple. Ludmila came to Israel three years ago and began working as a cleaning lady. In order to work in a better profession, she studied civil engineering at the Technion – a top university in Haifa. The couple managed to save enough to pay the first year of her studies through funds granted by the army after Oleg completed his service. They were not able to cover all the payment of Ludmila’s studies for this current year, and asked for an ISWI scholarship.

I and my husband thank you for your donation to our family. With your help we managed to pay a major part of Ludmila’s tuition fee, and it also allowed us to pay for things that we were previously  unable to pay, such as dental care payments.

Moreover, we want to thank all the donors of ISWI for their open heart and for their donation to people who are in financial straits.


               Ludmila & Oleg I

1211 - Ruiz Family

Markus was dismissed from work three months ago due to his company’s policy to reduce its work force. His wife is a housewife, taking care of their three small children. The family lives meanwhile out of Markus’s unemployment allowance, and Markus is continuously searching for a job. He would like to study to become a tour guide, to better support his family, and asked for ISWI’s support to cover the tuition fee.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the blessed help that you gave us. We believe and are certain in the Lord that it is His will for us to have a better future within the profession that Markus can now study with your help. We are praying that the Lord will continue to bless your organization and your work, and that His grace would always be with you in Yeshua.

               Ruiz Rivero Family

Naomi immigrated to Israel in January 2009 and married a widower and together they are raising four children. Their mutual earnings come up to 6,500 NIS, barely enough for a very basic living. Naomi asked for ISWI’S support to study in a special program to get an English teacher’s diploma and thus be better equipped to support the family as a teacher.

I would like to thank you for the gift of 15,000 NIS that I received from you to help me pay for my studies to become an English teacher. My family and I are overwhelmed by your generosity. My husband lost his wife in a car accident six years ago and had been raising his children alone until we got married a year and a half ago. We now live together with four of our five children (the oldest is married). Our budget is therefore tight and we felt the need for me to take a retraining course, so that I can officially work as an English teacher in Israel.

Having a secure career will give us stability as a family. As I will be studying, I will be unable to work full-time, so this gift has taken a burden off our minds as we didn’t want to limit the money available for our children. My husband is involved in a counseling ministry and works with a charity in Jerusalem, so we don’t have a large income. Thank you so much for sowing into our lives in our time of need. We greatly appreciate your kindness and open hearts.

               Naomi & Igor

1211 - Shlomo

And yet another second generation Messianic Jew who is already making an impact on our nation.

I am extremely grateful for all the support from ISWI. The generous contribution I received helped me pay my tuition for school. This is of great assistance to me as I am busy volunteering with ministry work serving the body of Messiah. The donation is also an encouragement, for with it comes the awareness that people believe in me and are willing to give to this vision.

               Shlomo I


Alex is studying interior design in Jerusalem. Both Alex and her husband work and study; the cost of their studies is relatively high, and she asked for ISWI’s help.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generous scholarship that you sent me. This is a huge blessing to me and an investment in professional advancement of Messianic Jews in Israel.

               Alex S

Here is another request for a scholarship to attend the Israel School for Tourism. Being a tour guide is really a good occupation for Messianic Jews as they are so beautifully able to be a bridge between Christian tourists and the Israeli people. However, tour guide school in Israel is expensive and is a very intense learning experience for two years. Even though most students work part time, they still need help to gain this profession.

I want to thank you for the very generous scholarship that you gave me as I start my studies as a tour guide. The scholarship you gave me was much beyond my expectations, and one of the surprising moments that a person can have in his lifetime. It confirms to me that you are for Messianic believers accomplishing higher standards of studies in Israeli society. I will keep your organization in my prayers. Continue to strengthen the believers in the body of Messiah in all the areas that you have a vision and calling according to the Scriptures.

               Sahar S


Is there any more powerful tool on earth to move people’s hearts and minds than music? We at ISWI have felt a deep desire to help the believing children in Messianic Jewish congregations have the privilege of studying music from the earliest age they show interest. We want to see the congregations filled with music-makers and worshipers. At the moment we have given scholarships to approximately 50 children in four congregations – including an Ethiopian congregation. Here are the responses from one of these musicians-in-the-making!

I am 10 years old and this is my third year learning to play violin. I want to thank you for helping me to pay for the violin lessons during the whole year.

I come from a large family of eight. I have five siblings, and your financial help for the lessons are a real help to my parents with all the expenses.

I love to play violin and I hope to be able to continue in the future. I thank you for supporting the future generation of the Messianic  children in the Land of Israel. It is very important. I thank you for loving us here in Israel.


                Eliav M

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Helping Our Country

1211 - Fire Fighters present a plaque
The fire department sent us a letter of thanks and presented Maoz with a plaque
in appreciation for the contribution from

After last year’s worst forest fire in Israel’s history which blazed for days in the Carmel Mountains and which took the lives of over 40 prison guards and Haifa’s Chief of Police, we wanted to present a special gift to the fire department whose firefighters so bravely fought the inferno with a woeful lack of basic equipment.

Our one condition was that the fire department know that the gift was coming from an Israeli Messianic Jewish organization. With the funds donated by ISWI, the fire department was able to purchase an advanced suction system which keeps the fire engines’ exhaust fumes from entering the working and living quarters of the firemen.

Over and over again, the fire chief told us we were saving lives as this new system protects the firemen from respiratory diseases resulting from the cumulative effects of constantly breathing these fumes.

The cost of the new system ($15,000) was donated with a shared contribution by ISWI and Congregation HaCarmel near Haifa. To save the cost of installation, the firemen themselves installed the system and proudly demonstrated to us its efficiency.

Itzhack Cohen, head of the Haifa area fire department, sent us a letter of thanks and presented us with a plaque, and hinted that there were other fire stations which have the same need!

Indeed, we would love to help some of these stations acquire this muchneeded equipment.

1211 - Ari and Shira with fire fighters
Shira and Ari pose with the firemen of the Haifa Area Fire Station.

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December 2011 

Dear Maoz Family,

Happy Hanukkah and Blessings from our Wonderful Messiah!

Can we ask you to do a simple thing? Here goes!

Repeat after me… “I helped make this possible.”

Yes, you DID! As you read all the testimonials in this month’s Maoz Israel Report, and heard with your heart testimony after testimony of thanks and praise, you can’t help but understand how your giving has made an impact on Israelis from all walks of life—believers and non-believers, families, single parents, foster families, students, soldiers—Jews living all over Israel.

If you have prayed
If you have given
If you have written us a note
If you have visited Israel
If you have encouraged others to stand with Israel
If you have interceded on behalf of the lost souls of Israel
If you have given to provide literature in Hebrew
If you have invested in our Hebrew media outreach
If you have undergirded our Tel Aviv congregation
If you have donated to
If you have CARED…

– then you are helping to shape the future of Israel!

So often, we pray for you, our Maoz fellow worker, and ask God to bless you, to pour out His Spirit upon you and your family, to give you supernatural abundance, not only in your finances, but in your relationships, your family, your God-given callings and gifting and talents.

And truly, we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that because you have blessed Israel and her people, the promise is absolute:

“I will bless those who bless thee.” Genesis 12:3

So, we continue to fight the good fight of faith. Some days are more difficult than others in this battlefield where we are serving. But any day we hear from you – through your correspondence, your gifts, your prayers, your commitment to cry out at noon every day, “LORD, help Israel!” – buoys our faith, and strengthens us to continue on in the Land that truly is ripe with possibilities to impact lives for God.

In this coming year, we believe we will make an impact such as we have not yet seen on the next generation. In fact, we are committed to focus our energy, our resources, our time and our talent to reaching this new generation, and mentoring them to become bold leaders of the Faith.

We ask you to travel this road ahead with us, as we engage online with Israeli unbelievers—to reach them with the Gospel. As we develop leaders in our congregation to take new ground for God. As we empower our Israeli staff to set and reach goals they have never thought possible—with our youth, our children, our publishing, our media.

We ask you to pray, to give, to tell others – simply get involved in reaching the Jewish people with the Gospel.

Recently, a well-known pastor said that one of the most anti-Semitic things a person could do was NOT share the Gospel with your Jewish friends. We agree!

With your love, your gifts, your prayers, we will continue to share the Gospel with everyone who will listen. And we will continue to prepare this next generation to stand tall, stand firm, and stand strong – until ALL ISRAEL IS SAVED!

We thank you for coming alongside us – in the past, right now, and in the coming days ahead.

Together, we see it happen!

        For the salvation of Israel,
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          Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram

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