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 The Story:
"LORD, Help Israel!"
Praying to impact God's Chosen People

by Jim Morrison

Jim & Barbara Morrison
Jim & Barbara Morrison

A Heritage
My mother was a strong witness to the Jewish people. She went house to house in the Jewish community in Denver, Colorado, telling people that Yeshua is the hope of Israel. She passed on to me her love for all Jewish people. I feel that ministry to God's chosen people is in my DNA.

A Dream
Fast forward to Saturday night, January 23, 2010. I dreamed the same dream several times. I would dream and wake up, dream and wake up. The dream was about impacting Israel with the Good News of the Kingdom of God. Each time I woke up wondering, “How could this come about? Lord, do you have a plan?”

What happened next?
The very next morning a business man approached me. We were both in a meeting together, and he was sitting behind me. He tapped me on the shoulder and asked, “Do you still pray with people?” “Yes,” was my answer. He said, “I want you to pray with me.”

So at the end of the meeting, we met to pray together, and he handed me a sealed envelope he had already prepared. On the front of this envelope and also inside it was something that would change my life: Mark 11:22-24.

Inside the envelope
Inside were several scriptures and 12-36-50 written on a piece of paper. Those numbers represented his faith to believe that God could supply his latest financial need for his business endeavors. A few months before, he had prayed to receive $12 million, and received it. Later he prayed, and received $36 million. He was now beleiving God for $50 million.

I was inspired. If he cuold believe God to answer his prayers concerning financial prosperity in his business, I felt that I too could believe God to prosper us in our ability to reach the people of Israel with the message of salvation in a way that they could comprehend.

I felt I was to do two things:

1. Get people to pray for Israel.

2. Believe God to supply “lots of money” to spread the gospel in Israel.

Mark 11:24 “What things so ever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them.”
Psalm 107
Later Barbara, my wife, and I found in Psalm 107, where four times Israel was in distress and “They cried out, ‘Lord, help’ and the Lord delivered them out of their distress.”

So Psalm 107 birthed in my spirit the desire to establish a daily prayer meeting with the simple, powerful prayer “LORD, Help Israel!”    

Crying Out “Lord, help Israel” and
impacting Israel with resources to spread the Gospel was born with:

A Heritage
A Dream
n Envelope
A Scripture
A Prayer  "LORD, help Israel!"

“So that all Israel shall be saved”

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