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Congregation Tiferet Yeshua, Tel Aviv, Israel

Trinidad praying for Israel

Trinidad, West Indies

London, United Kingdom

India prayer for Israel


 I pray for the needs of Maoz every morning between 5 and 6 AM before going to work...
Each day at noon, I have my cell phone alarm programmed to stop and pray, "LORD, help Israel!" 
I have even asked many of my friends to do the same. As intercessors at my church here
in Baton Rouge, LA, we pray for Israel before service. God is mindful of His promise to our
father Abraham, and will help Israel through this dark hour coming upon her - and all the world...
Thank you for the opportunity to join with you in prayer for the people of Israel.  ~ Joan R.

 I have been setting my phone for 12 noon every day since you first said. When it goes off
people who I am with always ask what's that going off for? And I tell them.
  ~Lucy A., Great Britain, UK

I've been somewhat inconsistent with being able to pray at exactly 12pm... but I asked the LORD
to help me and "alert" me to pray according to my commitment... I'm a homeschool mother
and pre-occupied with our school studies here at home... However, GOD is faithful...
As I was plodding along today...I looked down at my watch and it was exactly 12pm -
and I immediately entered into prayer and what a moving time it was...
~Donna, USA

I have been praying for Israel for a year or more... that Israel would be protected.
I purchased a wrist watch that helps me to be able to pray at 12:00 noon every day
for Israel's protection...
~Harry F.

If you want to share your short testimony, photos or videos
of praying for Israel with us,

please send them to staff@maozisrael.org.

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